Ayubowan means Namaste in my home language, Sinhala, in Sri Lanka. Welcome to my astrological home site. Please use my free weekly starscope column to help you make the right decisions for this time of your life.

For knowledge of your potential through analysis of your personalised birth chart (plus 15 harmonic and progressed charts); the timing of events; wealth and fortune; career and success in the outer world; new ventures and auspicious times for all occasions and much more.

This is what my reading of your Jyotish chart can give you.
It is of particular importance for the identification of your spiritual path in this lifetime, your health and well being and the unfolding of your Karma via unique planetary periods broken down to micro levels, transits and aspects.

Over the years I have come to understand how Karma manifests through one's birth chart and I have now dedicated the rest of my life to helping others with this great science as well as researching my current book-in-progress. Coming from Sri Lanka as I do, with its rich historical background and current practice of Jyotish, I bring to my readings an authenticity of experience and knowledge. If you wish to have a Jyotish reading, go to my services page for more information or contact me. Thank you for visiting my website.



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