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New Arrival 2008 - Around Christmas 2007, the neighbor, of all things put a 1949 John Deere B out in front of his house for sale. It was less than on fourth mile from where I live. I stopped several times before I actually drove the tractor. I started great! Drove nice. No problems at all! I really liked it! And was really missing a John Deere from my small collection. So - lo - and behold, my wife bought it for me for Christmas!! Take a "look see"!
By Gary Dougherty

A Web Page Born - Garys Old Tractors has been on the web for over 15 years. I was "talking" by email to a person that was leading me through the steps of changing a snow plow, come to find out he also built web pages, and the rest is history! It has been, in my opinion, very successful for not being a commercial site. I now get about 300 visitors per day!
By Gary Dougherty
Women and Tractors? - I had gone to tractor shows with Gary quite a lot, but was not really into tractors until Gary gave me a 1950 Allis Chalmers for my birthday (what psychology huh?). I am now "hooked" on old tractors. I like to drive my tractor in the parades just as much as Gary!
By Dolores Dougherty
My First Tractor - My first tractor was a 1941 Farmall H. I was really happy to have a tractor. Fortunately it ran good. Just needed paint. So we made a trip to Quality Farm and Fleet and obtained IH red paint and started taking things apart and painting. Take a look at the results by clicking on "My First Tractor"
By Gary Dougherty

My Pride and Joy! My favorite tractor is my John Deere H. Dependable. Small and easy to get to tractor shows. I use it a lot to take inner-city kids on hayrides. Click on "My Pride and Joy" to take a look at the John Deere H!
By Gary Dougherty

Tractor Parts - I am asked (emailed) a lot about tractor parts. So I developed this page to help you find old/antique tractor parts! Click on "Tractor Parts" above!
By Gary Dougherty

Gary isn't the only one who got dirty! - Now I must tell you that Gary isn't the only one who got dirty restoring/painting old tractors. I helped on all them, but probably worked the most on old "Allis". My 1950 Allis Chalmers. Take a look at the way "she" turned out by clicking on "Gary isn't the only one who got dirty"!
By Dolores Dougherty

No Mechanic, now what? - I had felt a little bad that I could not give more information on my web page about "rebuilding an engine" or "changing a transmission". But I have to be honest and say "I am no mechanic"! So I thought "what information can I offer?" Hence the "Garys Power Page" came into being! I could tell about my faith. To take a look at this page click on "No mechanic, now what?"
By Gary Dougherty

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