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Last updated on:August 5,2004
Hi ,welcome to my homepage.My passion lies in making robots and in embedded systems.

I put up this page ,because there arent many from India.There are certain things which are very diffcult to get over here.This page includes and will include places and addresses which may help you in finding these.I hope it will be helpful to you all. Though Robot Kits are'nt available in India, the Materials link contains info on where to get components such as gears,worms,motors etc.
Also there is the Competitions page.It lists all the Competitions that are held in India.

If you have any information which will be helpful ,please mail me, I'll put it up.
There is an E-group for all those interested in robotics in India.Click the button below to join or click the "irobotics" tab on the left pane. If you arrived to this page by clicking a link from another site Click here to load the Main Page
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