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Photoshop Learning Resources

Over the past several months (it's now September 2001, for a point of reference), I have been asked by no fewer than five people either for tutoring in Photoshop or for information on 'how to [something or other] using Photoshop.' Well, I just don't have the time to provide each of you with the in-depth attention you deserve to teach you how it (not to mention the travel funds, for those of you who don't live in the Capital Region of New York State. So, here's the next best thing: a pointer to a collection of Photoshop tutorials, tips, tricks and trainers.

Family History

My sister Marsha paid us a visit the other day and was interested in some web pages I found relating to our family history. I told her I'd put the links on this page, so here they are, in order of usefulness:

Casler Wellenstein Families of Hermimer County

RootsWeb for Casler

RootsWeb: CASLER-L


Digital Photography

In March 2003, I started a class at LVS Online called Digital Photography, to try to learn how to use the camera I got for my birthday. This is the section in which I will post my homework for that class.

My Links

Rather than have a long list of 'favorites' on each machine I use, I've decided to keep my linklist here, so I can get to it from wherever I am. Click here for that.

Art Galleries

I serve my church as websteward of its site. In doing so, I have constructed several topical galleries of artwork. Click here to go to the galleries page.

Writing Sample

The Handbook for Technical Writers is the latest version of a work continually in progress. It provides writers with step-by-step procedures to use in accomplishing various tasks in the publishing process, as well as the usual "terminology/AP Style Guide" material found in most style guides. To get the PDF for this document, click here

Tips and Tricks

This area is currently undergoing substantial reconstruction. However, if you still want to see the old version, click here