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GEAR UP @ King Middle School
GEAR UP is a free service provided by the Portland Public Schools with the goal to insure that all eligible students receive the skills, resources, preparation and encouragement needed to pursue a post-secondary education.

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National GEAR UP Website

Ultra-COOL College stuff @!

Choose a College Major and a Career!!

Get into the CareerZone!!

The key is CareerKey!! ...Career assessments, etc.

Yo, Kid! So you wanna be a Millionaire!
Have fun choosing a Career! I dare ya!
It's never too early to THINK College!

How many years of college do I need?

Do you have a map for your future??

Abiator's Awesome Learning Styles Inventory!

How Do You Learn???

Your personality type? Would you like a Career Assessment?

Do you know your Learning Style??

Do you have multiple intelligences??

More Learning Styles Links for Students and Teachers!

ACTIVE CLASSROOM ~Educational Games, Homework Help and more!~

MATH.COM ~Math help, lessons, games and resources!~

Download a really COOL and InTeRaCtIvE College Awareness Program!

Enter the ArtZart Contest and win a $25 gift certificate!

The Student Literacy MATRIX!

GEAR UP Photos!


LIT~ESOL: A great website for students & teachers!

LitraNet for Teachers

Get a sneak peek at Tomorrow's Jobs!!

Tomorrow's Fastest Growing Jobs!!

So What Does College Really Cost?????!!

Maine Higher Education Website