Miata Polished Chrome Fuel Lids

Welcome to my ebay stuff. I enjoy my Miata and like dressing the car up and the OEM fuel
lid was a nice addition. I have priced aftermarkets ranging from 100+ and that isn't including
shipping and handling so keeping and using mine was a no brainer. I can send you one that is ready to ship
out but would like yours in return. I can not find enough OEM lids to keep up to sell so I need to replenish
the ones I send out. The price of 60.00 is for a polished chrome lid and then I will credit you back 13.85 once
I recieve your fuel lid. So you are really getting the fuel lid for 46.15 and the additional 3.85 is to pay you the s/h to mail me your
fuel lid.

Here is the break down. 60.00 - 13.85(credited to you once I recieve your lid) = 46.15. So basically
I am buying your fuel lid for 10.00 and paying for s/h to me which is what most salvage yards are selling them for.
Some people say that this too low of a bargain price but I do it for the enjoyment like other
Miata owners.

This is a polished chrome OEM Miata fuel lid. Not aftermarket.

Any imperfection/blemishes on the fuel lid is due to the way the factory stamped out the doors from the sheet metal. I polish the fuel doors to a mirror finish as you can tell.

How reflective is it, well, I am saying waving hello to you while takeing the picture.

All I have done to mine is at every car wash, use a chrome polisher like Mothers Chrome Polisher.
Wipe it on with a used cotton T-shirt and buff out.
Just another view of the fuel lid.
The underside of mine is silver metalic but I can paint your primer gray and you can color match it or just leave the orginal color.