~ Taiyou no Ao ~
A Dir en grey Shrine
Well, you guys, this is it. The day we all dread: another DEG site closing down. Yes, yes, I know. However, it needs far too much work, and I have suddenly lost interest (and patience, and time.) Sorry guys~

I just can't keep up with constant updates anymore, competing with the more obsessive DEG fans... it's hard work. And without my own internet-able computer, it's even more hopeless. But I gave it my best shot for a few years, ne?

Anyways, don't be too disappointed, the few people who visit here... there are plenty of other DEG sites! Also, for those more prone to scavenging fan sites and not the actual website, DEG's OFFICIAL site is now in (pretty good) english. Banzai!!!!!

Also, please note that you can still download 'Sangeki no Yoru' and '24ko Cylinder' from the site. Go to Yahoo! Briefcase, and log in under 'WonderlandsFinest', password is 'tranquility'.

Again, Taiyou no Ao is now closed... sorry ya'll.

~ Ishida Rana