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your mail's been a great delight to us, making us smile often. if you have update related questions, though, before sending in your letter please take the time to read through this short FAQ

a. when are you going to update?

on the pain of sounding harsh: never. these pages are now finished and static. they're offered as an archive for team bonet's 1996-2001 fan fiction. the five shrines included will likewise not be updated, and all information will remain as it was in the winter of 2001. view these pages as a historical record.

b. are you ever going to finish fire within or your other unfinished stories?

no. these stories have been unfinished for years now, and it would be too hard for us to go back to them at this point. we'd probably just pen a thoroughly unworthy ending for them, and that would just be too painful.

c. can i finish them for you?

if you'd like to, please feel free. just remember to throw a link to the original [i.e. our URL]. we don't plan on moving them again in quite some while, and if we ever take them down completely we'll post a sign letting you know just that. we will not, however, throw a link to your page from ours. the reasons are explained in the question below.

d. why don't you have any links? will you link my page?

we sincerely apologize for this, but we will not be linking anyone from oki doki. we have no plans to update this page any further, and that includes the time consuming and oftentimes testing task of keeping up with links. we have no intention of leaving a sea of broken links behind us, and so we've decided not to throw any links to begin with. for other pages to visit, please run a search on engines such as google or altavista, or visit the anime web turnpike or fanfiction.net.

thank you.

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