Gemini Lesbian Xena Fan Fiction

The following short stories are based on the TV show, Xena: Warrior Princess. These works are purely for entertainment purposes. No money is being made from them.

All of these stories imply or directly refer to a same sex relationship between two women. Some of them may be graphic, depending on the story. Please read any additional disclaimers on the stories themselves.

I would really, really, REALLY like to get some feedback if you read these stories, so please, email me.

Stories by Lisa S. (aka JD Jenkins/GabTBard)

Power of Two Xena and Gabrielle fight their passion for one another until it is no longer deniable. A horrible event causes them to test their love and their devotion.

Frozen The rift between Gabrielle and Xena is growing, pulling them apart until a helpful god decides that she's had enough! What if Xena could hear every thought of Gabrielle's and vice versa? Would that be enough for them to prove their love to each other?

Power of 2.5 Sequel to Power of Two, Xena and Gabrielle are contacted by Iphigenia, a woman with a mysterious past and an even more mysterious past. They embark on a quest to save Iphigenia's father, Agamemnon. Can they keep Iphigenia's mother from killing Agamemnon?

Hearts Furies This story takes place after the episodes "The Furies". An awakening realization is taking place as Xena and Gabrielle slowly grow into their love for one another. Cyrene is kidnapped, throwing them into yet another hair raising situation in which time is the only factor they can't control.

Aren't You Two... A short, funny story about the assumptions people can make.

Beginnings Gabrielle recounts for Xena when she first realized that her feelings for Xena went beyond that of friendship.

Control Does Xena always want to be in control?

Her Hands Gabrielle tells about the power in a warrior's hands.

Fantasies What does Xena fantasize about?

Fantasies Realized Sequel to Fantasies, Gabrielle fulfills Xena's fantasy.

Road Humor A funny, short story about the trials of travel in ancient Greece.

The Hardest Lessons Learned Gabrielle goes home and tells her parents about her realtionship with Xena and doesn't get the reaction she wants.

Why Gabrielle writes about why she loves the Warrior Princess.

Witness to a Hundred Deaths A compelling story, told by Gabrielle, about Xena's eyes and the things they have seen.

This page and its contents are ęcopywritten to Lisa as of August 2000.
Xena: Warrior Princess belongs to MCA/Universal. The characters are only being borrowed for some enjoyment and have not been harmed or defamed in anyway.

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