40 is cool and the best is yet to come
and all over the web and the whole wide world
people are thinking good thoughts about Adrian Paul
and sending their best wishes for theHAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN
happiest birthday ever.
Being the intuitive types that we are,
we have a few predictions for the future.

We predict that Conan O'Brien will finally call back
and beg Adrian to appear on his show only to have
time run out because Stan went on first.

We predict the "Banana Cookbook" will be boycotted
by Dennis Berry who will picket and carry a sign
that reads, "NO BANANAS ON THE SET!!"
We predict that Adrian will appear in the next Star Wars
movie and using the formula for figuring character names,
along with a little guessing(first 3 letters of first
name + your car + the last meds you took), he will
portray "Jedi Adr Porche from the Planet Vita-Mins".

We predict that after reading the awe-inspiring
"Images Of A Young Adrian Paul", Miramax cuts a two part deal
and produces a biography based on the book and decides to
definitely go ahead with plans for the sequel to "Highlander
World Without End".
We predict "Highlander: The Raven" producers will
get Adrian over to the set on the pretext of visiting
Elizabeth Gracen and then chain him to the director's chair
and "ask" him to direct the episode.

We predict that Adrian and Elizabeth Gracen will co-host
the Miss America Pagent in September!
Adrian in a tux, Elizabeth looking elegant
and Miss Arkansas wins again.

We predict that Rosie O'Donnell's number 1 main man,Tommy,
will suddenly be replaced when Adrian appears on her show
to promote "Highlander: World Without End" and immediately
becomes his number 1 fan, joining him to participate in the
PEACE FUND to *Protect*Educate*Aid*Children*Everywhere*.
They win the Nobel Peace Prize.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN We predict People Magazine will finally come to it's senses
and proclaim Adrian the sexiest man alive and is
pictured on the cover of the magazine playing bongoes.
Dougray Scott comes in a distant second.

We predict that when the media interviews Adrian Paul on his
upcoming movie, "WORLD WITHOUT END", they are touched by
his eloquent and spiritual words of wisdom about Peace.
As a thoughtful silence falls over the land, people realize
that there can be a "World Without End" if we put an end to
violence, destruction, hatred and prejudice and many will
want to join him and work for peace.

We predict that Adrian Paul will always smile
when he hears the word "wench", after learning Adrian/Duncan
has an entire troupe of wenches in the Clan MacWench
at his command who are devoted to the ideals of peace,
service and hospitality. MORE WINE WENCH!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN We predict that Antonio Banderas will hear of the high
praise Adrian Paul had for him in Denver for his swordwork
in Zorro and he will ask to costar with Adrian in a romantic
comedy. Adrian wins the girl from Antonio. Yesssss!!
(If we say it, it will happen. *g*)

We predict that Adrian will become one of the top 10 actors
in Hollywood (Trust us. Your fans know these things. *g*)
and will finally be recognized for his talent because
he is one of the finest actors and human beings around.
The "Walk of Fame" will add one more star with your
name on it. You already have a star in each of our hearts.

We predict that Adrian will be stunned to discover that
his *old* prime pales into insignificance compared to
the exhilirating *Welcome 40* prime he role models for
us all - a joyful, zestful and peaceful celebration of life,
living and loving.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN Happy Birthday from all the Forumlanders at Rysher
A Birthday Toast awaits you at the Tavern

Gemma(webmistress), Lynnette(Adrian sketch), Tori, Karen,
Sevenesa, Rottweiller, Angeleyes, Immortalmortal, Sandra,
Rab, Nim Nam, Hooty, Macsassy, Macaruin, Sailor Mars,
Silver Star Rose, Luna, Diamond, Regis, Carmel,
Danger Woman, Siamsa, Mistress Rose, Imasinr2,
Angela Gabriel, Lovie