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Chapter I:
Deliverance to New Dark Ages

Chapter II:
The Rise of Apocalypse

Chapter III:
Time at Full Circle

Chapter IV:
The Mission

Chapter V:
Post-Apocalyptic Earth

Chapter VI:
The Spread of Askani Thought

Chapter VII:
The M-Day Aftermath



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  Chronological Cable
Updated August 5, 2009
Site Synopsis
Time, for some, is something that once elapsed, is therefore over and done with. In part, this is true of the soldier known as Cable. Raised in a war-torn future, his childhood was spent surviving under regimes of corrupt madmen bent on death and destruction. Cable was never a boy; he was born a warrior. His childhood was one bereft of joy. His youth, Cable realizes, is something that he can never get back.

A unique scenario presents itself with Cable. Unable to change his own past, he finds that he can do the next best thing. He is given the means to rescind his era of darkness, to strike it from the record of linear time, by returning to a point at which the future is still brimming with hope and promise. When Cable embarks on his quest for a better tomorrow, he comes to discover that there may be peace and comfort for him today.

ChronCab attempts to follow Cableís life, his decisions, successes, and failures. And maybe, in the process, to provide some insight into each period of his extended journey.

This is a chronological telling of Nathan Dayspring Summers, the AskaniíSon, but it is necessary to broaden its focus to include all references pertaining to the interplay between Apocalypse, Sinister, and several other characters who are integral parts of Cable. This site can be looked at in one of two ways. The first is that it follows the growth and progression of a man. The second goes beyond this by suggesting that it tells a story, of a grand scale, whose seemingly disparate elements revolve around Cable, who is not only a link between the present and the future, but also the axis upon which lies a great many themes.

The format for this project is seven chapters, each of them separating one course of history from another. Chapter four ends the major plot and, in some ways, it is the conclusion to the battle that Cable has fought all his life. Appearances can be deceiving, however; new twists and turns can hatch at any juncture.


We're now current through CABLE (vol. 2) #9. As an added treat, Chapter III now features an essential reference to X-MEN: ODD MEN OUT.


I went back to Chapter II and filled in some missing entries pertaining to the APOCALYPSE/DRACULA mini-series, which I admit I hadn't bothered to read before now. There is now a reference to NEW EXCALIBUR #9 in Chapter VII as well. I am aware that I am still a year behind; you can expect updates for the first couple issues of CABLE (vol. 2) in the coming weeks.


At last, we're now up to date through MESSIAH COMPLEX.


I apologize for the long break without an update. I have just added relevant entries for ENDANGERED SPECIES, and MESSIAH COMPLEX should appear over the course of the next few days.


An ongoing series, called CABLE, is set to launch in March 2008, to be drawn by Ariel Olivetti. It will replace CABLE & DEADPOOL. The selling point for the new title is the question of when it will take place: the past, the present, or the future. It has yet to be specified whether Cable will be resurrected in the present Marvel Universe, whether his past history will be further explored (after the fashion of ASKANI'SON), or whether he will be resurrected elsewhere in the timestream (resembling the aftermaths of his battles with Stryfe on the Moon and the Skornn in Manhattan).

X-Editor Nick Lowe has also hinted that the subject of the upcoming MESSIAH COMPLEX may be "etc," after mentioning the obvious Xavier, Magneto, Apocalypse, and Sinister. Could Cable be in the running?

For the full story, check here.


I am currently in the process of updating the site, both in terms of format and content. The history section has been updated to include everything up to the start of the "Endangered Species" cross-over. Also, I am undertaking expanding the bare bones of the history to include my own commentary on ongoing themes throughout, both in terms of the story itself and the background politics of the X-Titles that have given rise to and shaped it. Thus, in this age of big-name writers and artists, I am endeavoring to make the site more creator-oriented as well.