Wendel Caldwell Schneider - 11/30/98 19:08:48
My Email:wschneider@IQsolutions.com

I have a Kentucky ancestor (1700s) who emigrated to Indiana. I would love to receive any information on this branch of Caldwells.

Jack Caldwell - 11/27/98 02:02:42
My URL:http://JackCaldwell, Bassist yada yada yada
My Email:jackcaldwelljr@nytoday.com

I'm at the library doin' some research on Human Rights and stuff like that. My folks came from Oglethorpe County, GA; John Miles and Ophelia Jackson Caldwell were my grandparents. I think I may be related to John C.(Caldwell) Calhoun from SC, but I'm not sure, and haven't had the motivation to search too far. I was an education administrator 'til 1996 when I retired. Since then I have been playing music for a living (yeah, living), but I love it. I forgot my URL (at library, not at my own computer) but I think you can find it.....hey, it's under construction, and aren't they all? Born in Orlando, went to LaGrange, GA High, grad. from Fla. State Univ. in Music, married Frances Gillham from Atlanta and moved to NJ in '61. Three kids, Russell, Katherine, Rachel. The Jackson Caldwells have a reunion every year, and have had since 1930's. Next year, north GA. Where are you? Nice chatting, Jack Caldwell

Densie Wood - 11/23/98 16:38:15
My Email:seagull@interpath.com

Hi, I am researching a "Polly" Caldwell who married a Peter McKinney, Jr. either in Halifax County, VA or Caswell County, NC before 1800. Your site is wonderful (I am a history nut) and I learned much HOWEVER I very RARELY visit Geocities websites becau e of the bombardment of those little ads and cookies. Your site requires many flips of the pages and everytime you do, you get hit with two of those blasted things. I appreciate the work you have done but will NOT revisit because of them. Thanks, Denis Wood

Bill Cribbs - 11/22/98 21:32:46
My URL:http://www.cribbs.net/
My Email:bill@cribbs.net

The Obituary Links Page ( http://www.cribbs.net/ ) is a free genealogy research tool for those genealogists who research surnames from a given geographical location. Hundreds of links to online obituary sources such as newspapers, archives, and databases are found here, arranged by state and county. I have visited your genealogy page and am inviting those with quality sites to use this source. Thank you for your interest in genealogy!

Elizabeth M. Thompson - 11/19/98 18:58:06
My Email:emttn@hotmail.com

I was very impressed with your homepage....I have been researching CALDWELL's for 17 years...the line I am searching is Adam Caldwell b 1763 Dublin, Castlefinn, Ireland d 12 July 1819 Nashville, Davidson, TN mar Phoebe Gallion born 17 Aug 1778 Baltimore, D d 23 Mar 1848 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee...their son was a Methodist Circuit Rider who eventually settled in Bastrop Co., TX.... Have you ever seen this line listed??? Again, I really like you page..keep up the good work.. Sincerely, Elizabeth Morris Thompson

Tery Caldwell - 11/19/98 17:21:14
My Email:tmcaldwell@yahoo.com

Hi. Just curious about my family history. I live in Polo, Missouri. My great grandfather, Chanc(e)y Caldwell, who married Susan (Floyd). They were born in the late 1890's I think. As far as I know, they always lived in Missouri. In Ray County and Caldwe l County. I, myself live in Caldwell county. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about any of my ancestors. Also, my grandfather was Leslie Caldwell, and my grandmother, Lena (Bratcher) Caldwell. Also, my father is Charles Franklin Caldwell.

Jason D. Marbut - 11/16/98 03:43:38
My Email:JMarbut@aol.com

Hello Caldwell family members! Myself and Fiance Laura Lynn Caldwell, have just traced her lineage back to a Samuel Caldwell (Rev. Soldier) born 1759 Orange County, NC. Samuel married Elizabeth Gullick and we have great information on many of their descen ants. We would like to find Samuel Caldwell's parents. It must have been a David or Andrew as they are the only two names on Tax list back in 1759 - 1760 in North Carolina. We are young and plan to collect data on this family for many years. Samuel and Elizabeths childrens names were Pinkney Coatsworth, Green Washington, William DeWitt, Samuel Lee, Charlotte McKee, Marshall Lawson, Rufus Frankland, Jay Hamilton, Cyrus Solon Marque Lafayette. Some were Doctors, Lawyers and Congressman and some were good ole' farmes. Best Wishes, Jason & Laura

Robert James Seeley - 11/13/98 18:38:20
My Email:rjseeley@dcccd.edu

I'm glad to find a clearing house for the Caldwells, my wife's surname. I have gathered data about Caldwell's in the Nashville area about 1800. I surmise they came from Mecklenburg Co, NC, so I've also been gathering information about Caldwells there. can't sort out the generations or family groups, due to missing census records for Tennessee, scattered probate records, and husband-name-only on grantor records in Nashville around 1800. Anyone else researching Caldwells in Nashville area around 1800?
Verna Caldwell Martin - 11/11/98 03:29:23
My URL:http://l
My Email:linguisltd@aol.com

I love your web site! As I am just beggining to research my family history, I enjoy reading about the origin of the Caldwell name. I had been told that Caldwell was English, but somehow I knew that I had to be of Scots descent! If you have any info on my family line I would be most appreciative. My father was Clifton, with 4 brothers.....John, James, Denny, Ishmeal.... My grandparents were Effie and Maggie(Collett) from Sayersville, KY. Ggrandparents were Jay and Nancy(?)... Since most of my family are gone research is getting off to a slow start. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Verna

Hollis Davison - 11/08/98 23:20:38
My Email:hollis.davison@prodigy.net

Nice web page work! I am searching for connections to John and Martha GADDIS CALDWELL of Orange Co, NC late 1700s to very early 1800s.

Anne Sanders - 11/03/98 01:23:36
My Email:annies1127@yahoo.com

Interesting information! I'm still looking for my Caldwell link to everyone else's! I can trace back to James Caldwell, born 1784 in County Tyrone (?) Ireland, died 1859 in Mercer County, PA. James had brother John, also born in Ireland, and also died n Mercer County. There are a couple of us looking into this line; one believes that James' parents were Alexander and Rebecca. Most of our information comes from Mercer County's Caldwell Cemetery, as well as Mercer census and county history information. James was married to Pheobe Havens; John married a woman named Mary. I don't know how these Caldwells end up in US/ Mercer County; would love to hear from someone who may know.

john T. Caldwell - 11/02/98 03:29:52

Just starting--learning to surf--have done a lot of g'enealogy in past

Henry Pitts - 10/31/98 03:41:48
My Email:pitts@bellsouth.net

My Caldwells are in the Laurens S.C. area. My Grandmother was Mollie Caldwell,1875-1943. Her father was John Patrick Caldwell, Jan 26 1844-Oct 29 1937. He was with Company 'C' of the 14th S.C. Infantry in the Civil War and was wounded at the battle of Mal ern Hill. His parents were William Thomas Caldwell, Nov 22 1809-Jul 28 1876 and Mary B. Chandler. I'd like to get more information going further back and also I'd like to find the relation to John Caldwell Calhoun. Thanx Henry

Rachel Caldwell - 10/29/98 05:27:51
My Email:Marisol@AOL.com

I am doing my senior project on genealogy. Your site was helpful and informative. If you update it at all, or if you could possibly help me out with this project I would apprediate it if you could email me. Thank You.

Larry E. Caldwell - 10/26/98 22:18:07
My Email:larry_e_caldwell@sd.fisc.navy.mil

Anyone have any leads to Caldwell's from central Indiana. Carl Jesse Caldwell (grandfather) born around 1897, Crawfordsville,IN. Family claims we're Scot/Irish, but there's no record to validate that.

John D. Caldwell - 10/24/98 18:48:37
My URL:http://caldwell@hom.net/~caldwell/genealogy
My Email:caldwell@hom.net

My mother was a SC Caldwell who married a MS Caldwell. Families are not related in America. Mothers people arrived in Charleston, SC from County Antrium, Ireland in 1788. They moved to Fairfield and Chester Counties of SC. Do not know when fathers family arrived or where they came from. The old Caldwell home place in Bay Saint Louis, MS was built in 1755.

Amy Steele - 10/19/98 20:01:48
My Email:steelek@hotmail.com

I am over-whelmed by all the information. My great-grandmother was a Jane (Jeanie) Caldwell from Kilmarnock, Scotland b. Nov. 10, 1868. Her father was John and her mother was Agnes Dunn. As I find more information, I will definitely return to your sit to try and establish a connection.

Laurie (Caldwell) Headley - 10/19/98 01:31:14
My Email:Laurie_Headley@sdsi.com

I, too, am part of this rather large family. My Gr Uncle had completed our genealogy back in 1967 and I am the recipient of his research. The book is typed on a manual typwriter and about 35 pages long. We go back to the John Caldwell mentione born in Scotland and d. 1750, then his 2nd son Thomas m. Betsy Harris,Thomas' 1st son William m. Nancy Robards, William's 1st son George Lewis Caldwell m. 2nd wife Eliza McDowell, George's 2nd son George McDowell Caldwell m., well you get the idea. I hav some tidbits I may be able to share, but you seem to have done a great job. If you need anything that I may have like family stories related to him just email me. Thanks for a lovely couple of hours and invaluable additions to my own genealogy. Especiall , the origin of the Caldwell name. We had some gaps that you helped fill in. My Gr Uncle has also down the Robards, Wiggintons, McDowells, Chrisman. Laurie

10/02/98 13:02:57
Name: Bad Bunny My URL:
My Email: Email Me

Nice page. Very informative. Keep it up.

Bonita Nichols - 09/27/98 05:03:07
My Email:bnichols@gateway.net

I truly enjoyed reading about the Caldwell history. My mother's is a Caldwell. About six years ago we visited Caldwell Castle in Ireland. I do have pictures of the Castle. I would be more than happy to scan the pictures and e-mail them to your site. t is so incredibly beautiful. I felt at home and at peace with my surroundings. No where else in the world have I felt the serenity that I felt there. Thanks so much for enlightening myself and my immediate family on the Caldwell history. I would enjoy hearing from others. Sincerely.

Ken Caldwell - 09/10/98 01:34:21
My Email:KENCALDWELL@prodigy.net

First time at your site, very interesting. I'm researching David Blair Caldwell, my great grandfather, allegedly born Nov 16, 1830, "near Pittsburgh, PA". Have hit dear ends in attempting to confirm this and his line. Any leads would be appreciated.

Linda Raine - 09/07/98 18:20:30
My Email:l.raine@mci2000.com

I am doing a very preliminary geneological check of my maiden name, Caldwell. It was prompted by a vacation we plan to take to England next summer and I thought I would try and trace some of my ancestry, which my father thought to be Welsh. However, it ay appear that we actaully originate in Scotland per the information on your home page. I have not yet fully viewed your webpage, but am enjoying it tremendously. Linda Raine Cedar Rapids IA

Edward Eugene Caldwell - 09/06/98 06:22:05
My URL:http://www.integrityonline1.com
My Email:caldwel1@integrityonline1.com

I am one of the lost CALDWELL'S. My Father was Edward Caldwell JR.(DOB 7/22/1928 at Dayton Ohio DOD 3/21/1990) his Father was Ralph Edward Caldwell (DOB 7/24/1893DOD 8/31/1973born at Athens Ohio) he married Irene Swett(born in Kenton Ohio). Can any tell m about my family? thank you and GOD Bless

Janice (Caldwell) Samuelson - 09/04/98 21:31:45
My Email:dtsamuel@livingonline.com

Thanks for the great fun. I especially like the personal touch of the stories. It makes the people so much more real. I know my sister has a couple of more stories if you are interested.

Gary Caldwell - 09/03/98 21:33:38
My Email:sorry, last day at Corel

My home phone is (801)785-5733 My address is 57 North 800 West Lindon, Utah 84042

Joshua Caldwell - 09/03/98 16:41:26
My Email:jmc98@email.byu.edu

Nice Home Page, I didn't even know they had such pages out there. Interesting, I'll probibly be visting it often.

alice caldwell rushing - 09/01/98 04:58:25
My Email:rlrtr@bayou.com

really liked your works. i,m interested in james walter caldwell and any of his family from tennessee.he had two sons--vernie a. caldwell and loyd a.caldwell(my grandfather). loyd(deceased) moved to louisiana many years ago,where he raised his family.any nfromation will be appreaciated.

Robert K. Caldwell - 08/26/98 22:40:02
My URL:http:///www.familytreemaker.com/users/c/a/l/Robert-K-Caldwell//
My Email:bobsea@GTE.NET

Just updating my E-Mail Address, it is no longer mikebob@GTE.NET... Now USE bobsea@GTE.NET Thanks for any information or comments on the CALDWELL family... BoB

Kay Caldwell Davis - 08/19/98 03:32:39
My Email:kay.davis3@gte.net or kcaldwel@gte.net

Wow, what a collection! I am searching for information on James E. Caldwell; possibly deceased or of age in 80's-90's; last known residence in Ohio. Early military history, possibly Army; possible residence in St. Simons Island, GA in 1940's-50's, where he was married to Virginia. Is my paternal grandfather whom my father, Richard Alford Caldwell, said left one day when he was about 4 years old and never returned. Possible indicators he tried to make contact with my father during childhood but was kept away. I would like to know information on him, particularly if there are/were other children besides my father. I know there's a lot out there, am just starting search. Appreciate if anyone has information. Thanks.

Agnes Ann Caldwell (Brown) - 08/15/98 07:48:37
My Email:browne@yucca.net

I was always under the impression that Caldwell was an Irish Name. My grandmother said that it came form Patty of Cold Well. I was especially taken with the story of Agnes Caldwell,< as you can guess my name being Agnes> As I have it this is my Caldwell Line......... My father was Herbert William Caldwell Born 1 Sept 1891 Cleveland,(Cuahoga co.) Ohio Died 31 Jan. 1954 New Canton, Ill. His father was Herbert William Caldwell Born 13 April 1866 Titusville Pa. Died 12 Jan. 1946 Cleveland Hights, Ohio his wife was Agnes Francis McCormack they were married 18 Oct. 1888 His parents were William Caldwell And Abigail J. Monkiterick Most of this I have gleaned form death records etc. Does any of this ring any bells??? If so please E-mail me. Thanks Agnes

Jane Sutton - 08/13/98 21:36:30
My Email:janes@digitalwavecorp.com

Wonderful information. I'm just starting to research the Caldwell family but have already found some good leads (right geographical area). Will be contacting people soon.

Richard Pender - 08/08/98 04:03:13
My Email:curliboo@gte.net

My grandfather, Sidney John Caldwell, was born in New South Wales. He was the son of John Caldwell and Emily Farey who may have come as "assisted Irish Immigrants" during the potatoe famine. I'm glad to see there is so much interest in the Caldwell name

Stephanie Caldwell - 08/07/98 19:24:43
My Email:SCamethyst@aol.com

I loved you page. I have always wanted to find out some information about the Caldwell history.

John L. Caldwell - 08/05/98 04:45:08
My Email:johnc@acsol.net

Am just starting Caldwell research. Interesting material - there are no doubt some facts among the romance. Will be back another time.

Margaret Hurley - 08/05/98 01:45:23
My Email:MWHurley@aol.com

I am descended from John Dudgeon and Catherine Caldwell. I have visited the Cub Run Cemetery. Would love to exchange info on the Dudgeon and Caldwell families.

Madison Caldwell - 07/30/98 17:38:51
My Email:CaldMat@aol.com

Could prove to be interesting!

Jim Caldwell - 07/29/98 05:15:41
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Area51/Rampart/9210
My Email:grindleader@yahoo.com


Melanie L. Caldwell - 07/27/98 19:33:59
My Email:Mllymarine@aol.com

In addition to the last info, My grandfather Coleman Collis Caldwell was the son of Hezekiah Caldwell and his second wife. He had a half-brother named Bud. Coleman later moved to Marshall, NC and married Pearl Anders. They had 7 children, My father, Ro ert E. Caldwell being the middle child. If anyone knows anything about these Caldwells, send all the info you have.

Melanie Caldwell - 07/27/98 19:15:23
My Email:Mllymarine@aol.com

I'm still trying to find out some info on my grandfather, Coleman Collis Caldwell. We believe he was born in Durham or the sourrounding area of NC in 1906.

Charles Potts - 07/22/98 04:59:14
My URL:http://www.wwics.com/~tsunami
My Email:tsunami@wwics.com

Following below is a bit of my family history as it pertains to the Caldwells. It would appear that General Robert Caldwell, my 14th generation back Grandfather, and John Caldwell of Virginia were of the same generation. I was quite pleased by the lengthy story on the origination of the name and will write to Michael Caldwell or call him tomorrow to get a copy for my archive. From Elizabeth Caldwell, 5th generation of Caldwells discussed below, up to my Great Grandmother, Cora Florence Lewis Jones, the lin age is matrilineal and so the surname changes frequently. My information comes undoubtedly from sources within the LDS church. Cora Florence Lewis married the oldest son of Captain Dan Jones' third wife Mary Matilde Latrielle, or Robert Latrielle Jones. T eir daughter Ethyl, my paternal grandmother and her husband and my name sake, Charles Potts, lived for many years on the spring that was the soruce for the water supply for the city of Mackay, Idaho, Cold Well indeed. I'm sure I'll be spending more timeon your site as I intend to fill inthe blanks in my family history. Sincerely, Charles Potts I'm trying to find information on distant ancestors. All named Caldwell. General Robert Caldwell [British Army] arrived in RI in 1653 from Warwickshire. He married in 1660, Margaret White of Boston. Their son, General Robert A. Caldwell Jr, married a woma named Ann Downing. Together they had a son born 1702 named Robert A. Caldwell III, not a general. Robert the III married Martha Winsor in 1728. Their son, General William Caldwell, was born 10-05-1736. He married a woman named Margarett ?, and she bore a daughter in 1769, Elizabeth Caldwell. I am most concerned about the five generations of Caldwells. If I can find them I can find the others. General Robert Caldwell Jr. may have lived in Bristol & Gloucester. Thank you very much.

David Caldwell - 07/19/98 22:08:19
My Email:dcaldwel@mb.sympatico.ca

We emmigrated to Canada in 1995 from Ayrshire Scotland where the name is mostly found,mainly farmers.The last one of our branch to emmigrate was George Caldwell born 1825 to Lexington??America.The name was old in Scotland before Barbarrosso could even aff rd a row boat.Vis an extract from ''The Scottish Nation.Surnames.Families.Literature and Honours''by William Anderson.Printed the 19th century.:-Caldwell a surname derived from lands in Renfrewshire possessed by an ancient family of that name for some cen uries!!In early 14th century the chiefs line had no male heir.His daughter married Gilchrist Mure and her husband obtained Easter Caldwell [part of Caldwell Estate]through the marriage.In 1753 Wester Caldwell was purchased by Baron Mure of Caldwell[there till exists Caldwell House,the farm Hall of Caldwell,the village and golf course of Caldwell]John Caldwell born Prestwick Ayrshire died 1683 became a wealthy merchant in Ulster and owned Castle Caldwell.His son was created a baronet of Ireland 23 June 168 .Greatgrandson of the latter Sir James Caldwell was created a Count of Milan in the Holy Roman Empire in 1749 the title remains in the family.The 2nd Baronet was a distinguished officer in the Austrian service and the 5th was Treasurer General of Lower Ca ada .My own line I can trace back to 1585 at the moment,all in Ayrshire.It is uncommon for the men to be under 6ft tall.Main male names are George,David,John,James and Robert.I have more info but will close for ''noo''All health and good fortune to bearer of this ancient SCOTS name.yours ae David Caldwell

David Caldwell - 07/06/98 16:14:03
My Email:dcaldwel@mb.sympatico.ca

Some very interesting information,some I don't agree with.The Caldwells were in Ayrshire,Renfrewshire in the 14th century.I will write later with some of my own research,I emmigrated to Canada in 1995,the last member of my branch emmigrated to Lexington U A in the mid 1800s

dorrie - 07/06/98 04:00:08
My Email:dorrie@lincoln.midcoast.com

Will be back again! Am searching for my great grandmother, Catherine Caldwell, born in Collinsville, Conn in 1847.... and, before her, her parents Peter Caldwell, born in Ireland, 1824 Margaret Caldwell, " " " 1822 and have names of some siblings.

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