Fuji GS 645 W GS645 S professional medium format 6x4.5 6 x 4.5 rangefinder bellows camera close up kit lense Kodak 620 Junior Rollei XF 35 XF35 Pentax M series and Tokina, Sigma and Optomax pentax bayonet mount lenses for sale til salg Chinon CP7m Ricoh KR-10 Rollei XF35 XF 35 35s 35 s 35 LED 35LED Minolta Weathermatic AF Fuji GA645Zi Professional Zeiss Ikon for sale til salg

Fuji GS645W Professional 6x4.5cm medium format rangefinder camera with EBC Fujinon W 45mm 1:5.6 lense, lensehood, self timer. Original box, case & manual. Surplus to requirements since I bought a Fuji Zi but in full working order and good condition. Portable, professional photography (wide angle lense perhaps better suited to landscapes than standard model below) without the need to carry around a light meter. £430.

Fuji GS645 Professional 6x4.5cm medium format rangefinder bellows folding camera with "standard" EBC Fujinon S 75mm 1:3.4 lense. Self timer. Original box, case, skylight, manual & close up kit (comprising of finder, lense and instructions). Faults on winder and shutter and some pin holes in bellows (covered with insulating tape) but still takes photos fine. Portable, professional photography without the need to carry around a light meter. Surplus to requirements (apart from close up work) since I bought a Fuji Zi. £430.

Kodak 620 Junior with hard leather, embossed, case. £60.


Rollei 35 S

Rollei 35 LED

Rollei XF 35 35mm rangefinder camera with Sonnar f2.3 40mm lense. Self timer. Made in Singapore. With box, manual, skylight. I have two of these. The lense is obviously beautiful and the metering is accurate. On of the cameras has a loose window for the focussing but if you just want to shoot nice, tight, colour saturated landscapes with Kodachrome 25, who's going to be focussing anyway?

Minolta Weathermatic AF 35mm underwater camera. OK down to about 5m I think. Maybe a bit more. Very impressive results out of water. Use where a normal camera would be wrecked by water, sand, snow, humidity etc. With case, manual and box.

Chinon CP7m 35mm SLR body.

Ricoh KR-10 35mm SLR body. 

Zeiss Ikon

Pentax lenses. Pentax bayonet mount.
SMC PENTAX-M 1:1.7-22 50mm 4572114 ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN.
SMC PENTAX-M 1:1.7-22 50mm 7248467 ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN. 
SMC PENTAX-M 1:3.5-32 135mm 7560667 ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN.

Pentax bayonet mount.
OPTOMAX 1:2.8-22 f=35mm 366926.
RMC TOKINA 17mm 1:3.5 8108334.

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