Book: The Authority
Story: Outer Dark

Issue: #9-12



This is by far the most ambitious story yet for the Authority. Outer Dark is the story of the real creator of our Earth. An alien entity, for all intents and purposes God, who created our Earth millennia ago has returned and is not all that happy at the parasites infesting his planets surface. Yup that’s right, it's the big one, the Authority versus God. The tension rises as we learn that Jenny Sparks may not have long to live, as the millennium is fast approaching, and all hells breaking loose in Africa, Tokyo, and on the moon.

The Baddie:


This whole situation is completely screwed up. God is an alien and he's full of vengeance. His defence screen is crazy and disturbing, large blobs of disgusting black slime, slowly psudopoding their way across the globe killing everything. God is big, powerful and terrifying. The Authority has definitely never been up against anything even remotely like this.

The Good Stuff:

The Not So Good:

The Best Scene:

The Engineer sort of fuses with the ship, in a very cool scene complete with beautiful artwork. Angie melts into the Carrier and bonds with the entity calming and guiding it. Very neat.

Check the scene out HERE.


This is a very big story to tell less than a year into a comic book. I liked it, but felt that the scope was slightly beyond what could reasonably be expected from a neophyte team. Yes they are all very powerful superhumans, but the scale was just too large. I liked that they're fully totally out in the open now, this isn't something small that can be covered up. The Authority are a pretty serious team now. It gets a bit bogged down during issue 11 when the Carrier is just flying through God's bloodstream, but overall it's a solid story with a good resolution.

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