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Irma Nioradze
Irma Nioradze was born in Tbilisi (Georgia).
1987 - the graduation of Tbilisi Choreographic School. Her teachers were Serafima Vekua and Vakhtang Chebukiani.

1987-1988 study on probation at St. Petersburg Choreographic School named after Vaganova. The teacher was Ludmila Safronova.

1989-1990 - the ballet dancer of Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Z.P.Paliashvili. Her repertoire included the leading parts in "Giselle", "Serenade" and one-act ballets of G.Alksidze.

1990 - the prize-winner of the International Ballet Competition in Jackson, the USA. The tutor was Natalia Zolotova.

1991 - private theatrical concern "Nina Ananiashvili and her Friends". Work on probation in Dutch Royal ballet (Copenhagen).

Since 1992 the soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet Company. The teachers are Olga Moiseeva and Ninelle Kurgapkina (since 1994).

Nioradze toured extensively all over the world with the Mariinsky Ballet Company, she danced in Great Britain, the USA, Holland, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Chile, Greece, Cyprus, Austria.

Her repertoire includes the leading roles in "Giselle", "Raymonda", "The Firebird", Odette/Odile in "Swan Lake", Medora in "Le Corsaire", Mekhmene-Banu in "The Legend of Love", Kitri in "Don Quixote", Zarema in "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai", Lilac Fairy in "The Sleeping Beauty", Nikia in "La Bayadere", the soloist in "Symphony in C", the leading part in "Paquita", Zobeide in "Scheherazade", Baja in "Goya Divertissement".

From the very beginning of her career it was evident that Irma Nioradze possesses all qualities to become the classical ballerina in the best meaning of this word. Indeed, her talent was so outstanding that her future was being discussed with great interest even while she was still a student of the Ballet Academy.

As the years passed her technical and artistic development has come up to expectations. Irma Nioradze's technique in such masterly ballets as "Giselle", "Don Quixote", "Symphony in C" is irreproachable. Thus, her talent extends beyond the mere virtuosity and although she is often described as a pure classical ballerina, she is also magnificent both in romantic and dramatic roles. Nioradze's strong, well-shaped legs, fine lines and endurance allow her to possess all the set of modern ballet technique - secure turns, an excellent jump and steadiness. According to the words of many critics, Nioradze has great stamina and extraordinary virtuosity. In romantic ballets, such as, for example, "Giselle", the ballerina's silhouette reminds the lithographs with Maria Taglioni. Irma Nioradze's dances are expressive, laconic and have no vanity at all.