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Atari was best known for it's arcade video games in the 70s and 80s & was also a popular home and business computer manufacturer into the 90s. Much of we see today was because of Atari's development teams and innovation for advanced technologies. even now the Atari name is still active on the gaming market it started so long ago



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Atari IBM-compatible PCs [rare]

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Atari began in 1972 selling simple coin-operated games (PONG and it's predecessors Pong Doubles and Quadrapong) in bars and midways, then dominating a nationwide video gaming craze by 1982. Several spectacular concepts were designed for the 2600,it's predecessor (7800), and the XL computers in the early 80's. The business was then split in 1984, the console/computer business went to a new owner with all new plans and those early concepts became 'history'. The ST is a fantastic mouse-drive point-and-click computer for it's time, but Microsoft Windows' arrival in 1993 meant the end for Atari's computer business, and the Japanese gaming consoles were outselling and NOT SUPPORTING the gaming consoles from Atari. The end was inevitable. Atari Corp became a property of Hasbro in 1998 then purchased by Infogrammes in 2000, surviving only as a software company. I recommend a visit to WWW.ATARI-HISTORY.COM for more info on rare Atari computer prototypes.

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