Descendants of Edward Sawyer

Compiled by George E. Sawyer

March 7, 1999

1. Edward Sawyer born 1608, Lincolnshire, England., (son of John Sawyer and Agnes Sharpe) Occupation: Farmer, married Abt. 1627, in England., Mary Peasley, born Abt. 1610. Edward died 9-Mar-1672, Rowley, Mass., New England. Edward was a farmer of Lincolnshire, England, came to New England in 1636 and settled at Ipswich, Mass., and later removed to Rowley, Massachusetts.


i Mary Sawyer born Abt. 1628, England., married 7-Nov-1648, William Mitchell, born Abt. 1625.

2. ii Henry Sawyer born Abt. 1630.

3. iii James Sawyer born Bef. 1636.

iv Samuel Sawyer born Abt. 1637, Ipswich, Massachusetts.

v Sarah Sawyer born 19-Oct-1645, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 12-Dec-1645, Rowley, Massachusetts.

vi John Sawyer born 17-Sep-1647, Rowley, Massachusetts., died Abt. 1648, Rowley, Massachusetts.

4. vii John Sawyer born 7-Jun-1648.

5. viii Ezekiel Sawyer born Abt. 1650.

Second Generation

2. Henry Sawyer (1.Edward1) born Abt. 1630, England., married Mary Peasley, born Abt. 1632.


6. i James Sayward born Abt. 1667.

3. James Sawyer (1.Edward1) born Bef. 1636, England., Occupation: Weaver, married (1) Abt. 1660, Martha _____, born Abt. 1640, married (2) Abt. 1670, Sarah Bray, born 1651, (daughter of Thomas Bray and Mary Wilson) died 24-Apr-1727, Gloucester, Massachusetts. James died 31-May-1703, Gloucester, Massachusetts. James, son of Edward, was born in England and came to Ipswich with his father. He was a weaver by trade and settled in Gloucester, Massachusetts, where he died. One authority says that he is doubtless son of Edward. The diary of a clergyman tells of meetings held at the house of James, also of his being present at the death of a daughter there.

Children by Sarah Bray:

i Mary Sawyer born Abt. 1672, Ipswich, Massachusetts., married 5-Dec-1699, William Ring, born Abt. 1670. Mary died 18-Dec-1717.

7. ii Thomas Sawyer born Abt. 1674.

8. iii John Sawyer born Abt. 1676.

9. iv Nathaniel Sawyer born 29-Oct-1677.

10. v Abraham Sawyer born 5-Nov-1680.

vi Sarah Sawyer born 19-Jun-1683, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 1-Apr-1708, John Mariner, born Abt. 1680. Sarah died 26-Aug-1724, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

11. vii Isaac Sawyer born 14-Feb-1683/84.

12. viii Jacob Sawyer born 24-Feb-1686/87.

13. ix James Sawyer born 18-Nov-1691.

4. John Sawyer (1.Edward1) born 7-Jun-1648, Rowley, Massachusetts., married Nov 1666, Mary Parrat, born 15-Jul-1647, Rowley, Massachusetts., (daughter of Francis Parrat and Elizabeth (unknown) Parrat) died 28-Sep-1714, Rowley, Massachusetts. John died 2-Apr-1722, Rowley, Massachusetts.


i Edward Sawyer born 17-Mar-1674, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 27-Jun-1675, Rowley, Massachusetts.

ii Mary Sawyer born 18-Oct-1676, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 20-Feb-1693.

14. iii Ezekiel Sawyer born 14-Jan-1678.

iv Elizabeth Sawyer born 19-Aug-1680, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 1-Oct-1732. Never married.

15. v John Sawyer born 5-Aug-1682.

vi Hannah Sawyer born 4-Jun-1684, Rowley, Massachusetts., married 10-May-1715, Samuel Woodbury, born Abt. 1680. Hannah died 27-Sep-1722.

5. Ezekiel Sawyer (1.Edward1) born Abt. 1650, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 18-Sep-1675, Bloody Brook. The story of Bloody Brook can be found in the story of Thomas Sawyer that married Mary Prescott. Ezekiel Sawyer was the cousin of Thomas Sawyer. Ezekiel was killed by Indians at Bloody Brook.


i Mary Sawyer born Abt. 1674, Essex Co., Massachusetts., died 20-Feb-1691/92.

Third Generation

6. James Sayward (2.Henry2, 1.Edward1) born Abt. 1667, York, Maine, married (1) Abty. 1687, Deborah Stover, born 1667, died 13-Jul-1734, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married (2) Aft. 1734, Mary Davis, born Abt. 1670.

Children by Deborah Stover:

i Samuel Sayward born Abt. 1687.

ii Joseph Sayward born Abt. 1688.

iii Elizabeth Sayward born Abt. 1689, married 27-Dec-1722, Elias Weare, born Abt. 1689.

iv Hannah Sayward born Abt. 1690, married John Sanders, born Abt. 1690.

v Mary Sayward born Abt. 1691.

vi Abigail Sayward born Abt. 1692.

vii Deborah Sayward born 14-Jun-1694.

viii James Sayward born 18-Aug-1699, died 30-Nov-1724.

16. ix Henry Sayward born Abt. 1715.

7. Thomas Sawyer (3.James2, 1.Edward1) born Abt. 1674, Ipswich, Massachusetts., married (1) 17-Feb-1689/90, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Hannah Millet, born 9-Mar-1666/67, (daughter of John Millet and Sarah Leach) died 15-Sep-1690, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married (2) 18-Nov-1691, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Hannah (Very) Foster, born 31-Mar-1653, Gloucester, Massachusetts., (daughter of Thomas Very and Hannah Giles). Thomas died Gloucester, Mass.

Children by Hannah Millet:

i John Sawyer born 13-Sep-1690, Gloucester, Massachusetts., died 14-Sep-1690, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Children by Hannah (Very) Foster:

17. ii James Sawyer born 23-Sep-1692.

iii Francis Sawyer born 11-Dec-1694, Gloucester, Massachusetts., died 8-Aug-1695.

8. John Sawyer (3.James2, 1.Edward1) born Abt. 1676, Ipswich, Massachusetts., married 20-Feb-1700/01, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Rebecca Stanford, born 1677, (daughter of Robert Stanford and Mary Williamson) died 23-Aug-1755, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. John died 23-Feb-1760, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. His store at Cape Elizabeth, Maine was standing at a recent date. In 1719 the town granted him the privilege of the ferry on the Cape side and he kept it many years, operating the ferry between Falmouth and Cape Elizabeth, Maine.


i Sarah Sawyer born 26-Nov-1701, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Robert Brooks, born Abt. 1700.

18. ii John Sawyer born 24-Jan-1704.

iii Mary Sawyer born 16-Jul-1707, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Stephan Randall, born Abt. 1705.

19. iv Job Sawyer born 9-Oct-1708.

20. v Joseph Sawyer born 7-May-1711.

21. vi Johathan Sawyer born 18-Sep-1713.

vii Rebecca Sawyer born 21-Mar-1715, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Samuel Skillings, born Abt. 1715.

22. viii Daniel Sawyer born 17-Sep-1718.

ix Bertha Sawyer born Abt. 1722, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

9. Nathaniel Sawyer (3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 29-Oct-1677, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 4-Nov-1706, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Hannah Parker, born Abt. 1680, Gloucester, Massachusetts. Nathaniel died 11-Apr-1741, Gloucester, Massachusetts.


i Hannah Sawyer born 11-Apr-1707, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

23. ii James Sawyer born 1708.

24. iii Sarah Sawyer born 15-Jul-1710.

iv Mary Sawyer born 8-Mar-1711/12, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 6-Jan-1735/36, Jonathan Haskell, born Abt. 1710.

v Abigail Sawyer born 10-Oct-1713, Gloucester, Massachusetts., died 14-Oct-1738.

vi Nathaniel Sawyer born 5-Sep-1715, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

25. vii John Sawyer born 3-Apr-1717.

26. viii Parker Sawyer born 11-Apr-1719.

ix Lydia Sawyer born 5-Apr-1721, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 6-May-1741, Samuel Parsons, born Abt. 1720.

x Marcy Sawyer born 17-Sep-1723, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

xi Dehorah Sawyer born 13-Mar-1725/26, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 29-Nov-1750, Stephen Randall, born Abt. 1725.

10. Abraham Sawyer (3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 5-Nov-1680, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Abt. 1705, Hannah Parker, born Abt. 1685. Abraham died 1751. Abraham Sawyer lived with his mother on the homestead for many years.


i Elizabeth Sawyer born 6-Mar-1713/14, Wells, Maine.

11. Isaac Sawyer (3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 14-Feb-1683/84, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 19-Mar-1704/05, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Martha Bond, born Abt. 1685. Isaac died 13-Feb-1772, Falmouth, Maine.


27. i Isaac Sawyer born 22-Jun-1707.

28. ii Edward Sawyer born 5-Apr-1709.

29. iii Thomas Sawyer born 12-Oct-1711.

iv Martha Sawyer born 5-Jul-1714, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Abt. 1735, Benjamin Stevens, born Abt. 1712.

30. v Abraham Sawyer born 8-Mar-1716/17.

vi Judith Sawyer born 27-Mar-1719, Gloucester, Massachusetts., died 18-May-1722, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

vii Elizabeth Sawyer born 21-Apr-1722, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Abt. 1743, _____ Jenkins, born Abt. 1720.

viii Judith Sawyer born 20-Aug-1724, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Abt. 1744, Zachariah Brackett, born Abt. 1720.

12. Jacob Sawyer (3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 24-Feb-1686/87, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 2-Feb-1715/16, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Sarah Wallis, born Abt. 1694, Beverly, Massachusetts., Baptized: 25-Feb-1693/94, Beverly, Massachusetts., (daughter of Josiah Wallis and Mary Stanford).


i Deborah Sawyer born 7-Jan-1716/17, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 27-Oct-1734, John York, born Abt. 1715.

31. ii Jacob Sawyer born 20-May-1719.

iii Josiah Sawyer born 30-May-1721, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 8-Dec-1743, Phebe Strout, born Abt. 1725.

32. iv Samuel Sawyer born 28-Mar-1723.

v Sarah Sawyer born 23-Apr-1725, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Abt. 1745, Joseph Strout, born Abt. 1725.

vi Jeremiah Sawyer born 14-May-1728, Falmouth, Maine., married 11-Aug-1750, in Falmouth, Maine., Elizabeth Horton, born Abt. 1730.

33. vii Soloman Sawyer born Sep 1730.

viii William Sawyer born 12-Apr-1735, Falmouth, Maine., married 3-Feb-1755, in Falmouth, Maine., Mary Mayo, born Abt. 1735.

13. James Sawyer (3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 18-Nov-1691, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 23-Dec-1714, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Hannah Babson, born 22-Dec-1695, Gloucester, Massachusetts., (daughter of Richard Babson and Mary _____). James died 5-Feb-1776, Will Probated.


34. i James Sawyer born 20-Oct-1715.

ii Hannah Sawyer born 9-Mar-1716/17, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 15-Jul-1739, Michael Webber, born Abt. 1715. Hannah died 7-Feb-1803.

iii Rachel Sawyer born 17-Dec-1718, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 22-Nov-1739, John Parsons, born Abt. 1715.

iv Eunice Sawyer born 28-Mar-1722, Gloucester, Massachusetts., died Aug 1727, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

35. v David Sawyer born 13-Sep-1726.

vi Eunice Sawyer born 11-Oct-1727, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 26-Apr-1748, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., John Andrews, born Abt. 1725.

vii Jemima Sawyer born 1730, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 15-Sep-1763, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Samuel Moreland, born Abt. 1730.

viii Mary Sawyer born 12-Mar-1731/32, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

36. ix Abraham Sawyer born 6-Mar-1736/37.

14. Ezekiel Sawyer (4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 14-Jan-1678, Rowley, Massachusetts., married 27-Dec-1704, in Rowley, Massachusetts., Hannah Stickney, born 23-Jun-1681, Rowley, Massachusetts,, (daughter of John Stickney and Hannah Brocklebank) died 13-Dec-1740, Rowley, Massachusetts. Ezekiel died 13-Apr-1727, Rowley, Massachusetts.


i Mary Sawyer born 25-Sep-1705, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 22-Feb-1726. Never married.

37. ii Ezekiel Sawyer born 16-Jun-1707.

iii Hannah Sawyer born 17-Apr-1709, Rowley, Massachusetts., married 3-Jan-1734, Joshua Jackson, born Abt. 1705. Hannah died 14-Apr-1745.

iv Benjamin Sawyer born 2-Nov-1710, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 25-Jul-1713, Rowley, Massachusetts.

v Jane Sawyer born 16-Oct-1712, Rowley, Massachusetts. died young.

vi Mercy Sawyer born 7-Jun-1714, Rowley, Massachusetts., married 14-Dec-1755, Daniel Goodwin, born Abt. 1710.

vii Mehitable Sawyer born 9-Mar-1719, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 3-Apr-1719, Rowley, Massachusetts. Twin sister.

viii Jane Sawyer born 9-Mar-1719, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 25-Mar-1724, Rowley, Massachusetts. Twin sister.

ix Benjamin Sawyer born 29-Jun-1720, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 8-Jun-1722, Rowley, Massachusetts.

15. John Sawyer (4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 5-Aug-1682, Rowley, Massachusetts., married (1) 23-May-1710, in Rowley, Massachusetts., Elizabeth Tenney, born 23-Apr-1687, (daughter of Thomas Tenney and Margaret Hidden) died 6-Oct-1710, married (2) 19-Nov-1711, in Rowley, Massachusetts., Mary Leighton, born 15-Jun-1690, Christened, Rowley, Massachusetts., (daughter of Ezekiel Leighton and Rebecca Woodman) died 27-Apr-1757. John died 25-Mar-1771, Littleton, Massachusetts. He went to Littleton, Massachuetts in 1726.

Children by Mary Leighton:

i Moses Sawyer born 23-Jul-1712, Rowley, Massachusetts., married 16-May-1739, in Harvard, Massachusetts., Ruth Robens, born Abt. 1715. Moses died 24-Nov-1739, Lancaster, Massachusetts., Buried: Old Common Burial Ground, lancaster,MA.

ii Rebecca Sawyer born 10-Oct-1713, Rowley, Massachusetts.

iii Mary Sawyer born 9-Jul-1715, Rowley, Massachusetts., married 0-Apr-1734, Abraham Patch, born Abt. 1710. Mary died 30-May-1796.

iv Elizabeth Sawyer born 8-Jan-1719, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 24-Sep-1736.

v John Sawyer born 28-Sep-1722, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 17-Aug-1739, Harvard, Massachusetts.

vi Hannah Sawyer born 28-Apr-1727, Rowley, Massachusetts., married 19-Jul-1744, Samuel Hoar, born Abt. 1725.

vii Sarah Sawyer born 8-May-1729, Rowley, Massachusetts., died 9-Jun-1729, Rowley, Massachusetts.

viii Sarah Sawyer born 22-Dec-1730, Rowley, Massachusetts., married 28-Nov-1754, Elias Stone, born Abt. 1725. Sarah died 1806. Elias: He was from Harvard, Massachuetts.

Fourth Generation

16. Henry Sayward (6.James3, 2.Henry2, 1.Edward1) born Abt. 1715, married Abigail _____, born Abt. 1715.


38. i Mary Sayward born 1-Sep-1735.

17. James Sawyer (7.Thomas3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 23-Sep-1692, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 30-Nov-1714, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Eleanor Ellery, born 30-Jun-1691. James died 1-Nov-1730, Gloucester, Massachusetts.


i Thomas Sawyer born 7-Jun-1716, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

ii Mary Sawyer born 28-Jun-1720, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

iii James Sawyer born 26-Aug-1725, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 13-Feb-1742/43, Hannah Williams, born Abt. 1725.

18. John Sawyer (8.John3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 24-Jan-1704, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 4-Jul-1726, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine., Sarah Robinson, born ---Jan-1709, Gloucester, Massachusetts., (daughter of Abraham Robinson and Sarah York). John Sawyer settled in Gorham, ME in 1754.


i John Sawyer born 22-Dec-1726, Falmouth, Maine., died 26-Dec-1728.

ii Sarah Sawyer born 1728, Falmouth, Massachusetts.

iii Mary Sawyer born 8-Sep-1731, Falmouth, Maine., married 6-Apr-1751, Samuel Yeaton, born Abt. 1730.

iv Rebecca Sawyer born 13-Jun-1735, Falmouth, Maine., married 24-Jan-1755, John Phinney, born Abt. 1735.

v Captain Jonathan Sawyer born 22-Oct-1736, Falmouth, Maine., married 17-Oct-1763, Martha Rich, born Abt. 1740. Captain died 1789.

vi David Sawyer born Abt. 1738, Falmouth, Maine.

19. Job Sawyer (8.John3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 9-Oct-1708, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 2-Mar-1734/35, in Portland, Maine., Miriam Hanscom, born Abt. 1712.


i Hannah Sawyer born 18-Dec-1737, Portland, Maine.

20. Joseph Sawyer (8.John3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 7-May-1711, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 1733, Joanna Cobb, born Abt. 1715, (daughter of Ebenezer Cobb and Mary Cobb) died 26-Nov-1784, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Joseph died 31-Mar-1800, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. He went with his parents to Falmouth and Cape Elizabeth, Maine in 1719. The York County records show that he was appointed Special Justice of Superior Court in 1749, and Judge of the Inferior Court on September 11, 1765.


i Ebenezer Sawyer born 27-Jan-1733/34, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 27-Feb-1757, in Falmouth, Maine., Susannah Yeaton, born Abt. 1738, (daughter of Samuel Yeaton and Susanna Lang).

ii Mary Sawyer born 15-Apr-1741, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 1761, Stephen Yeaton, born Abt. 1740.

iii Jabez Sawyer born 31-Dec-1743, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married Mary Pennell, born 1746, Falmouth, Maine., (daughter of Clement Pennell and Ruth Riggs) died 10-Mar-1814. Jabez died 19-Apr-1816, Buxton, Maine.

iv John Sawyer born 24-Dec-1745, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 20-Jan-1768, in Blue Hill, Maine., Isabella Martin, born 1744, (daughter of David Martin and Hannah Brooks) died 6-Dec-1839, Buxton, Maine. John died 30-Dec-1805, Buxton, Maine.

v Rachel Sawyer born 16-Jun-1749, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 22-Nov-1770, Ebenezer Cobb, born Abt. 1745.

vi James Sawyer born 9-Jun-1751, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 2-Jan-1773, Margaret Jordan, born Abt. 1755.

vii Mary (Mercy) Sawyer born 14-Nov-1753, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 14-Oct-1773, Joshua Dyer, born Abt. 1750.

viii Lemuel Sawyer born 23-Feb-1756, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

ix Rebecca Sawyer born 13-Oct-1760, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 25-Jun-1778, John Skillings, born Abt. 1760.

21. Johathan Sawyer (8.John3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 18-Sep-1713, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 25-Dec-1732, Sarah Sawyer, born 15-Jul-1710, Gloucester, Massachusetts., (daughter of Nathaniel Sawyer and Hannah Parker).


i Sarah Sawyer born 30-Nov-1734, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

ii Deborah (Twin) Sawyer born 6-Nov-1749, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 1769, Benjamin Picket, born Abt. 1745.

iii Anna (Twin) Sawyer born 6-Nov-1749, Falmouth, Maine.

22. Daniel Sawyer (8.John3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 17-Sep-1718, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 15-Dec-1739, Sarah Woodbury, born 3-Jul-1722, Beverly, Massachusetts., (daughter of Joshua Woodbury and Sarah _____). Daniel died 7-Jan-1811, Falmouth, Maine. Marriage intentions for Daniel Sawyer and Rebecca were dated December 15, 1739.


i Isaac Sawyer born Abt. 1741, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

ii Daniel J. Sawyer born Abt. 1743, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married (1) 1-May-1766, Miriam Jackson, born Abt. 1745, died Bef. 1772, married (2) 14-Dec-1772, Loring Cushing, born Abt. 1745.

iii Joshua Sawyer born Abt. 1745, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married Abt. 1760, Sarah _____, born Abt. 1745. Joshua and Sarah Sawyer settled in Limmington, Maine.

39. iv John Sawyer born Abt. 1745.

v Nathaniel Sawyer born 4-Jul-1749, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married (1) Abt. 1770, Mary Strout, born Abt. 1745, married (2) Shauh (Small) ______, born Abt. 1750.

vi Sarah Sawyer born Abt. 1751, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married Thomas Kelly, born Abt. 1751, died 1802. Sarah died 1802. Thomas and Sarah (Sawyer) Kelly settled in Jonesport, Maine.

vii Rebecca Sawyer born Abt. 1753, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

viii Anna Sawyer born Abt. 1755, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married Abt. 1775, Isaac Lovett, born Abt. 1755. Isaac and Anna (Sawyer) Lovett settled in Milbridge, Maine.

ix Peter Sawyer born Abt. 1757, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married Abt. 1777, Margaret Fairbanks, born Abt. 1757. Peter and Margaret (Fairbanks) Sawyer lived at Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

23. James Sawyer (9.Nathaniel3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 1708, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Abt. 1730, Unice _____, born 1710.


i Mary Sawyer born 6-Mar-1731/32, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

24. Sarah Sawyer (9.Nathaniel3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) (See marriage to number 21.)

25. John Sawyer (9.Nathaniel3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 3-Apr-1717, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 24-Oct-1745, in Salsbury, Massachusetts., Martha Hubbard, born Abt. 1720. John died 19-Feb-1811, Turner, Massachusetts.


i Martha Sawyer born 3-Nov-1746, Gloucester, Massachusetts., died Bef. 1750, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

ii Mary Sawyer born 30-Aug-1748, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

iii Martha Sawyer born 10-Jul-1750, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Jacob Stevens, born Abt. 1750.

iv Hannah Sawyer born 15-Jun-1753, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 6-May-1775, Jabez Merrill, born Abt. 1750.

v John Sawyer born 17-Sep-1755, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

vi Dorcas Hubbard Sawyer born 31-Dec-1757, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 11-Oct-1777, Benjamin Merrill, born Abt. 1755.

vii Nathaniel Sawyer born 1-May-1759, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 16-Jan-1783, Sarah Morgan, born Abt. 1760.

viii Parker Sawyer born 27-Dec-1763, New Gloucester, Maine., married 11-Nov-1791, Nancy Libby, born Abt. 1765.

26. Parker Sawyer (9.Nathaniel3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 11-Apr-1719, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 10-Nov-1742, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Comfort Haskell, born 28-May-1717, Gloucester, Massachusetts., (daughter of William Haskell and Jemima Hubbard) died 5-Sep-1809.


i William Sawyer born 14-Oct-1743, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Mary _____, born Abt. 1745.

40. ii Jonathan Haskell Sawyer born Aug 1745.

iii Comfort Sawyer born 13-Aug-1747, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 25-Mar-1766, Nathaniel Haskell, born Abt. 1745.

iv Tammy Sawyer born 8-Sep-1749, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 8-Dec-1772, Enos Dodge, born Abt. 1747.

v Parker Sawyer born 15-May-1751, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

27. Isaac Sawyer (11.Isaac3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 22-Jun-1707, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Abt. 1730, Sarah Brackett, born Abt. 1710, Of Falmouth, Maine.


41. i Zachariah Sawyer born 10-Jun-1733.

ii Anthony Sawyer born 1735, Falmouth, Maine., married 7-Nov-1755, Sarah Marston, born Abt. 1735.

iii Amie Sawyer born 1737, Falmouth, Maine.

iv Hannah Brackett Sawyer born 1739, Falmouth, Maine.

v Isaac Sawyer born 1745, Falmouth, Maine.

vi _____ Sawyer born 1747, Falmouth, Maine.

28. Edward Sawyer (11.Isaac3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 5-Apr-1709, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 5-Jan-1733, in Falmouth, Maine., Abigail Pittman, born Abt. 1710, Falmouth, Maine.


i Edward Sawyer born 1735, Falmouth, Maine.

ii Abigail Sawyer born 1738, Falmouth, Maine.

iii Stephen Sawyer born 1740, Falmouth, Maine., married 16-Jul-1761, in Falmouth, Maine., Deliverance Barton, born Abt. 1740.

iv Ezekiel Sawyer born 1742, Falmouth, Maine., married (1) Mary (Marcy) _____, born Abt. 1745, married (2) Margaret Coffee, born Abt. 1745.

29. Thomas Sawyer (11.Isaac3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 12-Oct-1711, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 20-May-1737, Mehitable Blake, born Abt. 1715, (daughter of Jasper Blake and Susan Bracket).


i Mehitable Sawyer born 1738, Baptized: 1738, Falmouth, Massachusetts, married 3-Apr-1756, Henry Knight, born Abt. 1738.

ii Anna Sawyer born 1740, Baptized: 1740, Falsmouth, Massachusetts.

iii Jerusha Sawyer born 1745, Baptized: 1745, Falsmouth, Massachusetts.

iv Isaac Sawyer born 1749, Baptized: 1749, Falsmouth, Massachusetts, married Abt. 1770, Mary _____, born Abt. 1749.

30. Abraham Sawyer (11.Isaac3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 8-Mar-1716/17, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 13-Jan-1742/43, Elizabeth Berry, born Abt. 1720.


i Reuben Sawyer born 1746, Baptized: 1746, Falmouth, Massachusetts.

ii Enoch Sawyer born 1748, Baptized: 1748, Falmouth, Massachusetts.

iii _____ Sawyer born 1752, Baptized: 1752, Falsmouth, Massachusetts.

31. Jacob Sawyer (12.Jacob3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 20-May-1719, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Abt. 1742, Marcy _____, born Abt. 1720.


i Olive Sawyer born 25-Dec-1745, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

ii Marcy Sawyer born 7-Apr-1748, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

iii Lucy Sawyer born 7-Jul-1751, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

42. iv Jacob Sawyer born 4-Jun-1755.

32. Samuel Sawyer (12.Jacob3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 28-Mar-1723, Gloucester, Maine, married 16-Nov-1750, in Falmouth, Maine., Mary Wallis, born 1730, died 18-Jul-1808, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Samuel died 20-Oct-1781, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.


i Mary Sawyer born 28-Jul-1754, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

ii Abigail Sawyer born 27-Dec-1756, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

iii Ephraim Sawyer born 2-May-1761, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 17-Oct-1784, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine., Phebe Dyer, born Abt. 1761, (daughter of James Dyer and Mary Marriner). It is noted with curosity that there are two Ephraim's that have the same birth dates. Both born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine but one married Hannah Sawyer and the other married Phebe Dyer. One has to wonder if someone has made an errer in giving the same birth date to both Ephraim's.

43. iv James Sawyer born 4-Aug-1763.

v Sarah Sawyer born 12-Feb-1766, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

vi William Sawyer born 18-Feb-1768, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

vii Patience Sawyer born 4-Apr-1770, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

viii Hannah Sawyer born 14-Jul-1774, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

33. Soloman Sawyer (12.Jacob3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born Sep 1730, Falmouth, Maine., married (1) 16-Sep-1752, Ruth Bangs, born Abt. 1730, died Abt. 1764, married (2) 17-May-1765, in Falmouth, Maine., Lydia Horn, born Abt. 1730.

Children by Ruth Bangs:

i Soloman Sawyer born Abt. 1754.

ii Ann Sawyer born Abt. 1760, married Abt. 1790, John Hamilton, born Abt. 1760.

iii Ruth Sawyer born Abt. 1762, married Abt. 1785, Ambrose Hamilton, born Abt. 1761.

34. James Sawyer (13.James3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 20-Oct-1715, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 13-Mar-1738/39, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Deborah Webber, born 2-Nov-1717, Gloucester, Massachusetts., (daughter of Michael Webber and Sarah Green). James died 16-Jul-1746, Gloucester, Massachusetts.


44. i James Sawyer born 14-Mar-1739/40.

ii Deborah Sawyer born 10-Nov-1741, Gloucester, Massachusetts., died 17-Jul-1746, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

iii Sarah Sawyer born 15-Apr-1743, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 13-Dec-1763, Stover Sayward, born Abt. 1742. Sarah died 13-Jul-1834.

iv Hannah Sawyer born 26-Aug-1744, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 26-Mar-1764, Ebenezer Marble, born Abt. 1744.

v Benjamin Sawyer born ---Apr-1746, Gloucester, Massachusetts., died 1-May-1746, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

35. David Sawyer (13.James3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 13-Sep-1726, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 16-Aug-1746, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Martha Boynton, born Abt. 1728, died Abt. 1827, A.E. 99 Years. David died 1754.


i Hannah (Twin) Sawyer born 7-May-1747, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

ii Martha (Twin) Sawyer born 7-May-1747, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

iii David Sawyer born 17-May-1749, Gloucester, Massachusetts., died Bef. Sep 1751, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

45. iv David Sawyer born 30-Sep-1751.

46. v James Sawyer born 1-Jul-1753.

36. Abraham Sawyer (13.James3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 6-Mar-1736/37, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 13-Apr-1758, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Mary Sayward, born 1-Sep-1735, Gloucester, Massachusetts., (daughter of Henry Sayward and Abigail _____). Abraham died 1815, New Gloucester, Maine.


i Abraham Sawyer born 19-Feb-1759, died childhood.

ii Abraham Sawyer born 28-Sep-1760.

iii James Sawyer born 12-Jun-1763.

iv Mary (Molly or Polly) Sawyer born 1-Sep-1765.

v Moses Sawyer born 10-Jul-1768.

vi Hannah Sawyer born 6-Oct-1771.

vii Nabby Sawyer born 5-Aug-1774.

viii John Sawyer born 1776.

37. Ezekiel Sawyer (14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 16-Jun-1707, Rowley, Massachusetts, married 10-Dec-1730, in Rowley, Massachusetts, Mehitable Jewett, born Abt. 1705, Baptized: 8-Dec-1706, Rowley, Massachusetts, (daughter of Aquila Jewett and Ann Tenney) died 11-Nov-1774. Ezekiel died 26-Jun-1766, Rowley, Massachusetts.


i Benjamin Sawyer born 28-Dec-1731, Rowley, Massachusetts, died 8-Apr-1736, Rowley, Massachusetts.

ii John Sawyer born 16-Mar-1734, Rowley, Massachusetts, died 28-Apr-1736, Rowley, Massachusetts.

iii Anne Sawyer born 28-Jul-1736, Rowley, Massachusetts, married 7-Dec-1756, James Todd, born Abt. 1735. Anne died 19-Apr-1813.

iv Jane Sawyer born 12-Jul-1738, Rowley, Massachusetts, married 31-Mar-1767, Nathaniel Barker, born Abt. 1738. Jane died 15-Jan-1813.

47. v Moses Sawyer born Abt. 1740.

48. vi Ezekiel Sawyer born 27-Sep-1742.

49. vii John Sawyer born 11-Jun-1745.

viii Aquila Sawyer born Abt. 1748, Rowley, Massachusetts, Baptized: 17-Apr-1748, died 30-Nov-1749, Rowley, Massachusetts.

Fifth Generation

38. Mary Sayward (16.Henry4, 6.James3, 2.Henry2, 1.Edward1) (See marriage to number 36.)

39. John Sawyer (22.Daniel4, 8.John3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born Abt. 1745, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 3-May-1770, in Wiscasset Maine., Mary Jordan, born Abt. 1747, Steuben Township, Maine, (daughter of Ebenezer Jordan and Rebecca Brown) died 1832. John died 7-Aug-1825. John Sawyer served as Corporal in Capt. Reuben Dyer's Co., Col. Benjamin Foster's Regt. in 1777. He moved from Cape Elizabeth, Maine to Jonesport, Maine about 1775 and settled at Sawyers Cove.


i Rebecca Sawyer born Abt. 1771, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married Abt. 1787, Nehemiah Sawyer, born Abt. 1771.

ii Sarah (Sally) Sawyer born Abt. 1773, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 21-Mar-1805, Sewell Larrabee, born Abt. 1772.

50. iii John Sawyer born Abt. 1775.

iv Elizabeth (Betsy) Sawyer born Abt. 1777, Jonesport, Maine., married Abt. 1800, Jesse Brown, born Abt. 1776.

v Dorcas Sawyer born Abt. 1779, Jonesport, Maine., married Abt. 1800, David Kelley, born Abt. 1778.

vi Mary Sawyer born Abt. 1781, Jonesport, Maine., married 15-Feb-1797, Thomas Kelly, born Abt. 1780.

vii Margaret Sawyer born 25-Apr-1783, Jonesport, Maine., married (1) 18-Nov-1800, Amoni (Emmi) Beal, born Abt. 1780, married (2) Jun 1844, Barnabas C. Beal, born Abt. 1782. Margaret died 14-Dec-1871.

51. viii Ebenezer Jordan Sawyer born 1785.

ix Hannah Sawyer born Abt. 1788, Jonesport, Maine., married Abt. 1808, Thomas Oliver, born Abt. 1787.

x Daniel Jordan Sawyer born 1-May-1791, Jonesport, Maine., married (1) Abt. 1810, Lois White, born Abt. 1792, married (2) Aft. 1810, Mary Bayley, born Abt. 1795. Daniel died 6-Dec-1879.

40. Jonathan Haskell Sawyer (26.Parker4, 9.Nathaniel3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born Aug 1745, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 12-Mar-1767, Dorcas Parsons, born Abt. 1745.


52. i George Parsons Sawyer born Abt. 1773.

41. Zachariah Sawyer (27.Isaac4, 11.Isaac3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 10-Jun-1733, Falmouth, Maine., married 9-Apr-1754, in Falmouth, Maine., Sarah Knight, born 1735, (daughter of Henry Knight and Priscilla Merrill).


i Hannah Sawyer born 1755, Falmouth, Maine.

ii Zachariah Sawyer born 1-Nov-1767, Falmouth, Maine., married 13-May-1784, Susanna Skillings, born Abt. 1767.

iii Amos Sawyer born 14-Oct-1770, Falmouth, Maine.

iv Brackett Sawyer born 19-Mar-1775, Falmouth, Maine., married Elizabeth Webb, born Abt. 1775. Brackett died 21-Apr-1851, A.E.76 Years.

42. Jacob Sawyer (31.Jacob4, 12.Jacob3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 4-Jun-1755, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married (1) 18-Apr-1782, Sarah Hatch, born 1755, died 14-Mar-1797, Durham Maine. A.E. 42 YRS, married (2) 12-Mar-1798, in Durham, Maine, Hannah Robards, born Abt. 1755, married (3) 2-Dec-1801, in Durham, Maine., Esther Hibbard, born Abt. 1755. Jacob was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Children by Sarah Hatch:

i Joseph Sawyer born Abt. 1783, Durham, Maine.

ii John Cushing Sawyer born 16-Feb-1791, Durham, Maine.

43. James Sawyer (32.Samuel4, 12.Jacob3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 4-Aug-1763, Cape Elizabeth, Maine., married 1-Jun-1786, in Portland, Maine, Elizabeth Brackett, born Abt. 1765. It is noted that there are quite a few years between the last two children of this family. We have to wonder if the birth date on the last child is incorrect, or if there were other children from this marriage not yet found.


i Jane B. Sawyer born 30-Oct-1787, Portland, Maine.

ii Thomas Brackett Sawyer born 18-Jul-1789, Portland, Maine.

iii Elizabeth Brackett Sawyer born 12-Sep-1809, Portland, Maine.

44. James Sawyer (34.James4, 13.James3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 14-Mar-1739/40, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 26-Oct-1762, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Ann Davis, born Abt. 1740.


53. i James Sawyer born 29-Aug-1763.

ii Anna Sawyer born 20-Sep-1765, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

iii David Sawyer born 23-Jan-1768, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

45. David Sawyer (35.David4, 13.James3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 30-Sep-1751, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 20-Dec-1770, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Sarah Ingersoll, born Abt. 1752.


i Sally Sawyer born 27-Mar-1771.

ii David Sawyer born 20-Jul-1774.

iii Sergeant Sawyer born 1-Feb-1778.

46. James Sawyer (35.David4, 13.James3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 1-Jul-1753, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 1776, Deborah Newman, born Abt. 1753. James died 16-Jun-1817, Gloucester, Massachusetts. He enlisted under Capt. Prince at Canvers early in the war, but being used to the sea, he later served under Capt. Skinner on the three vessels which he commanded during the War.


54. i William Newman Sawyer born Abt. 1780.

47. Moses Sawyer (37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born Abt. 1740, Rowley, Massachusetts, Baptized: 24-Aug-1740, married 21-May-1771, in Rowley, Massachusetts., Elizabeth (Goodhue) Kilbourne, born Abt. 1740. Elizabeth: Widow of Daniel.


55. i Moses Sawyer born 22-Jun-1772.

ii Elizabeth Sawyer born 21-Jun-1778, married 13-Sep-1798, William Garland. William: he was from Gilmanton, New Hampshire.

iii Eunice Sawyer born 8-Oct-1780.

48. Ezekiel Sawyer (37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 27-Sep-1742, Rowley, Massachusetts, Occupation: Rev. War Capt., Farmer, married 1764, Mary Payson, born 11-Mar-1745, Rowley, Massachusetts, (daughter of Eliot Payson and Mary Todd) died 6-Jul-1819, Rowley, Massachusetts. Ezekiel died 13-Jan-1817, Bradford, Vermont., Buried: Upper Plain Cem., Bradford, VT.


56. i Elliot Sawyer born 9-May-1765.

57. ii Ezekiel Sawyer born 13-Jan-1768.

iii Mary Sawyer born 30-Nov-1770, Rowley, Massachusetts, married (1) 18-Feb-1794, in Hopkinton,New Hampshire., Jonathon Gage, born Abt. 1770, married (2) 1803, Joseph Worth.

iv Mehitable Sawyer born 31-Mar-1773, Rowley, Massachusetts, died 22-Jan-1862. Never married.

v Elizabeth Sawyer born 13-Feb-1775, Rowley, Massachusetts, married 19-Mar-1807, Jesse Johnson, born Abt. 1775. Elizabeth died 23-May-1856.

58. vi Joseph Sawyer born 20-Mar-1777.

vii Hannah Sawyer born 26-Apr-1779, Rowley, Massachusetts, married Johathan Johnson.

viii Jane Sawyer born 10-Mar-1782, Rowley, Massachusetts, Baptized: 20-Mar-1782, married 8-Apr-1802, Harris Johnson. Jane died 21-May-1869.

ix Mercy Sawyer born 1-Aug-1784, Rowley, Massachusetts, married 19-Oct-1803, Isaiah Stone. Went to Ohio.

59. x John Sawyer born 27-Oct-1786.

xi Anne Sawyer born 8-Apr-1789, married 8-Mar-1818, Harvey Smith. Anne died 1867.

49. John Sawyer (37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 11-Jun-1745, Rowley, Massachusetts, Occupation: Cordwainer, married (1) 18-May-1769, in Rowley, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Smith, born 7-May-1748, Rowley, Massachusetts, (daughter of Benjamin Smith and Elizabeth Cressey) died 24-Jul-1773, Rowley, Massachusetts, married (2) 22-Jun-1774, in Ipswich, Massachusetts., Abigail Kilbourn, born 12-Oct-1750, Rowley, Massachusetts, (daughter of Ebenezer Kilbourn and Abigail Hovey) died 2-Dec-1817, married (3) 4-Dec-1817, in Rowley, Massachusetts., Hannah Lancaster, born 1-Dec-1754, (daughter of Thomas Lancaster and Priscella Mighill) died 12-May-1851, Rowley, Massachusetts. John died 15-Jun-1821, Scarboro, Maine. In the Revolutionary War he was in Captain Mighill's Company, Baldwin Regiment. John and Abigail both joined the Congregaional Church, Scarboro Maine in September 1792.

Children by Elizabeth Smith:

i Elizabeth Sawyer born 24-Mar-1770, Rowley, Massachusetts, married 4-Apr-1790, Daniel Marr.

ii Benjamin Sawyer born Abt. 1772, Rowley, Massachusetts, Baptized: 23-Feb-1772, Rowley, Massachusetts, died 4-Mar-1772, Rowley, Massachusetts.

iii John Sawyer born Abt. 1773, Rowley, Massachusetts, Baptized: 4-Apr-1773, Rowley, Massachusetts, died 8-Sep-1773, Rowley, Massachusetts.

Children by Abigail Kilbourn:

iv Thomas Sawyer born 13-Jul-1775, Rowley, Massachusetts, died 6-Oct-1798.

v John Sawyer born 26-Sep-1777, Rowley, Massachusetts, died 7-Oct-1799.

vi Nabby Sawyer born 1780, died 1799.

60. vii Ivory Sawyer born 1783.

61. viii Henry Sawyer born 1787.

ix Ezekiel Sawyer born 1790, died 9-Oct-1799.

x Amos Jewett Sawyer born 1793, died 1799.

xi Hannah K. Sawyer born 1795, died 30-Oct-1799.

Sixth Generation

50. John Sawyer (39.John5, 22.Daniel4, 8.John3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born Abt. 1775, Jonesboro, Maine., Occupation: Farmer, married 30-Mar-1800, in Limington, Maine, Mary Sawyer, born Abt. 1775. John died 1854.


i Nathaniel Sawyer born 26-Apr-1801, Jonesboro, Maine.

ii Mary Sawyer born 20-May-1803, Jonesboro, Maine.

iii Margaret (Peggy) Sawyer born 25-May-1808, Jonesboro, Maine.

51. Ebenezer Jordan Sawyer (39.John5, 22.Daniel4, 8.John3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 1785, Jonesboro, Maine., married (1) Abt. 1805, Hannah Strout, born Abt. 1786, married (2) Abt. 1815, Elsie (Eliza or Elsy) Cox, born 1795, Columbia Maine., (daughter of Edward Cox and Sarag Cox).

Children by Hannah Strout:

i Phebe Ann Sawyer born 4-Nov-1807, Jonesboro, Maine., married Abt. 1825, Samuel Thomas Kelley, born Abt. 1805.

ii Jane Sawyer born 29-Apr-1810, Jonesboro, Maine.

iii John Woodbury Sawyer born Abt. 1812, Jonesboro, Maine.

iv Ebenezer Sawyer born Abt. 1814, Jonesboro, Maine.

Children by Elsie (Eliza or Elsy) Cox:

v Hannah Sawyer born 19-Oct-1816, Jonesboro, Maine.

62. vi Ebenezer Sawyer born 20-Mar-1818.

vii Joseph Cutter Sawyer born 11-Jun-1821, Jonesboro, Maine., married Sarah Aldrich, born Abt. 1821, died 24-Aug-1898.

viii Sophia R. Sawyer born 11-Jan-1824, Jonesboro, Maine., married William Charles Wilson, born Abt. 1824.

ix Mary Jane Sawyer born 23-Feb-1826, Jonesboro, Maine., married Eben Robbins, born Abt. 1825.

x Stephen E. Sawyer born 12-Oct-1828, Jonesboro, Maine.

xi Eunice Sawyer born 8-Feb-1830, Jonesboro, Maine.

52. George Parsons Sawyer (40.Jonathan5, 26.Parker4, 9.Nathaniel3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born Abt. 1773, Gloucester, Massachusetts., Baptized: 14-Nov-1773, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married 7-Apr-1797, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Judith Hubbard, born Abt. 1773.


i Eliza Low Sawyer born 5-Apr-1799, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

ii Sarah Hubbard Sawyer born 4-Feb-1804, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

iii George Parsons Sawyer born Abt. 1817, Gloucester, Massachusetts., Baptized: 20-Jan-1817, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

53. James Sawyer (44.James5, 34.James4, 13.James3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 29-Aug-1763, Gloucester, Massachusetts., married Abt. 1787, in Gloucester, Massachusetts., Anna _____, born Abt. 1765.


i James Sawyer born 22-Sep-1788, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

54. William Newman Sawyer (46.James5, 35.David4, 13.James3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born Abt. 1780, married Abt. 1800, Helen Whyte, born Abt. 1780.


63. i Joseph Sawyer born Abt. 1820.

55. Moses Sawyer (47.Moses5, 37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 22-Jun-1772, Rowley, Massachusetts., married 21-Sep-1794, in Rowley, Massachusetts., Hannah Crockett, born Abt. 1773. Hannah: She was from Barnstead, New Hampshire.


i Daughter one Sawyer born Abt 1790-95.

ii Daughter two Sawyer born Abt 1795-1800.

iii Daughter three Sawyer born Abt. 1795-1800.

iv Moses Sawyer born 1800, died 1871.

56. Elliot Sawyer (48.Ezekiel5, 37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 9-May-1765, Rowley, Massachusetts, Occupation: Carpenter, married Lucy Young. He went to Quebec, Canada. He was in Stanstead East Canada in 1804.


i Narcissa Sawyer born 1793, married 10-Feb-1860, Theodore S. Bangs.

ii Lucy Sawyer born 0-Aug-1796, died 3-Apr-1865. Never married.

iii Elliott P. Sawyer born 1798, died 1874.

iv Mary P. Sawyer born Abt. 1800, married 1-Jan-1829, James McDuff, born Abt. 1801.

v Betsey Sawyer born Abt. 1801, married Albert Woodword, born Abt. 1803.

vi Maria Sawyer born Abt. 1803, married Ogden Fox.

vii Ruth Sawyer born Abt. 1804, married Samuel Webster, born Abt. 1804.

viii Joseph Sawyer born Abt. 1806.

ix Jerusha Sawyer born Abt. 1807.

x John Sawyer born Abt. 1809.

57. Ezekiel Sawyer (48.Ezekiel5, 37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 13-Jan-1768, Rowley, Massachusetts, married (1) 18-Feb-1801, in Bradford, Vermont., Ruby Tabor, born 7-Sep-1778, (daughter of Stephen Taber and Comfort Parker) died 24-Mar-1813, married (2) 14-Nov-1813, in West Fairlee, Vermont., Jane Southworth, born 1785, (daughter of Daniel Southworth and Anna Moore) died 25-Dec-1820. Ezekiel died 17-Jul-1842, Bradford, Vermont. Ruby: She was from Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Children by Ruby Tabor:

i Ruby Sawyer born 2-Feb-1802.

ii Almira Sawyer born 3-Jun-1804.

iii Moses Sawyer born 1805, died 16-Apr-1807.

iv Mary Ann Sawyer born 27-Jun-1806.

v Hannah Sawyer born 14-May-1808, died 11-Sep-1887.

vi Jane Sawyer born 0-Jun-1810.

vii Harriett Sawyer born 1812.

Children by Jane Southworth:

viii Ezekiel Sawyer born 1820, died 12-Oct-1823.

58. Joseph Sawyer (48.Ezekiel5, 37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 20-Mar-1777, Rowley, Massachusetts, married 28-Dec-1801, in Newbury, Vermont, Azubah Chamberlain, born 6-Nov-1779, Newbury, Vermont, (daughter of Remembrance Chamberlain and Elizabeth Elliott) died 31-Mar-1830. Joseph died 22-Sep-1818, West Newbury, Vermont., Buried: Upper Plain Cem., W. Newbury, VT. He was a Major in the Militia.


64. i Remembrance Chamberlain Sawyer born Mar 1803.

ii Elizabeth Sawyer born 10-Jan-1805, Newbury, Vermont, married 7-Apr-1828, Hiram Smith, born Abt. 1805. Elizabeth died 16-Apr-1879.

iii Amanda Sawyer born 13-Mar-1807, Newbury, Vermont, married 30-Jan-1834, Clark Chamberlain, born Abt. 1807. Amanda died 13-Nov-1868.

iv Mary Payson Sawyer born 14-Feb-1809, Newbury, Vermont, married 9-Jul-1833, Joseph Hutchins Bailey, born Abt. 1809. Mary died 27-Jun-1850.

v Ezekiel Sawyer born 1811, Newbury, Vermont, married 1838, Eliza Howe, born Abt. 1811. Ezekiel died 9-Feb-1863.

vi Jonathan John Sawyer born 1813, Newbury, Vermont, married 1845, Prudence Brock, born Abt. 1813. Jonathan died 3-May-1865.

vii Hannah J. Sawyer born Abt. 1817, Newbury, Vermont, married 27-May-1839, Enoch Wiggins, born Abt. 1817. Hannah died 10-Mar-1865.

viii Joseph Sawyer born 1819, Newbury, Vermont, married Sarah K. Wallace, born Abt. 1819. Joseph died 13-Sep-1881, Newbury, Vermont. Sarah: She was fromn Newbury, Vermont.

59. John Sawyer (48.Ezekiel5, 37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 27-Oct-1786, Bradford, Vermont., married 19-Mar-1816, Lydia W. Dike, born 1793, died 12-Dec-1842. John died 19-Sep-1847, Bradfort, Vermont. Lydia: She was from Bradford, Vermont.


i Mary Dike Sawyer born 27-Feb-1817, married George Burroughs, born Abt. 1817.

ii John Hiram Sawyer born 22-Nov-1818, Bradford, Vermont., Occupation: Farmer & Deacon, married Sarah Hibbard, born 1824, died 5-Oct-1893. John died 14-Aug-1896, Bradford, Vermont. Sarah: She was from Piermont, New Hampshire.

iii Emily Payson Sawyer born 0-Jan-1822, married 3-Sep-1862, Charles Blanchard, born Abt. 1822.

iv Henry Ezekiel Sawyer born 1824, died 1887.

v Lydia Ann Sawyer born 13-Jun-1826, died 28-Aug-1904.

vi Joseph Sawyer born 1829.

vii Elizabeth Sawyer born 14-Sep-1831, married 30-Nov-1852, Ellis McDuffee, born Abt. 1830. Ellis: He was from Bradford, Vermont.

viii Edward Sawyer born 20-Feb-1837, Bradford, Vermont. Twin brother of Jane.

ix Jane Sawyer born 20-Feb-1837, married 6-Feb-1861, Edward Robie, born Abt. 1837. Twin sister of Edward. Edward: He was from Bradford, Vermont.

60. Ivory Sawyer (49.John5, 37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 1783, Scarboro, Maine., married 29-Jul-1807, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine., Abigail Jordan, born 1783, died 30-Mar-1860, Gardiner, Maine., Buried: Highland Ave. Cem, Gardiner, ME. Ivory died 17-Jun-1871. They lived in Scarboro, ME, Webster ME. and Gardiner, Maine.


i Daughter Sawyer born 1800-1810.

ii Daughter Sawyer born 1810-1820.

iii Daughter Sawyer born 1810-1820.

iv Alvin Sawyer born 1816, died 1892.

v John Sawyer born 31-Oct-1820, Lisbon, Maine. In Webster, Maine.

vi Joan Sawyer born 8-Jun-1823, died 2-Apr-1902.

vii Jane Sawyer born 8-Mar-1826.

viii William Sawyer born 18-Aug-1827, Lisbon, Maine. in Webster, maine.

61. Henry Sawyer (49.John5, 37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 1787, Scarboro, Maine., Occupation: Farmer, married 13-Feb-1812, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine., Lydia Waterhouse, born 1790, died 29-Jan-1861. Henry died 11-Jan-1877. He bought land in Scarboro, Maine in 1816 and 1818. He joined the First Church of Scarboro, Maine November 6, 1831.


65. i John H. Sawyer born 29-Jun-1814.

ii Jane Sawyer born 30-Aug-1815.

iii Francis Osgood Sawyer born 1818, died 1886.

iv Thomas L. Sawyer born 1820, died 1902.

v Joshua Waterhouse Sawyer born 1822.

vi Alexander Sawyer born 27-Mar-1825, died 16-Oct-1847.

vii Eliza A. Sawyer born 28-Sep-1827, married 27-Sep-1853, William Q. Turner, born Abt, 1825.

66. viii Joseph Scott Sawyer born 11-Mar-1830.

ix Mary E. Sawyer born 28-May-1833, married 29-Sep-1911, James Kezer, born Abt. 1833. Mary died 29-Sep-1911.

x Edwin Sawyer born 19-Nov-1835, died 5-Dec-1838.

Seventh Generation

62. Ebenezer Sawyer (51.Ebenezer6, 39.John5, 22.Daniel4, 8.John3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 20-Mar-1818, Jonesboro, Maine., Occupation: Master Mariner, married 27-Jan-1841, Lucinda Sprague, born 1822, Machiasport, Maine., (daughter of Stephen F. Sprague and Mary E. Crocker). Lucinda: Lucinda Sprague was a next door neighbor to her husband, Ebenezer Jones Sawyer. Her father was a sea captain.


i John Fairchild Sawyer born Abt. 1842, Machasport, Maine., Occupation: Sailor. The middle initial for John Sawyer is given as "R". His occupation is given as sailor. Despite the middle name/initial mismatch, this appears to be the same person.

ii George E. Sawyer born Abt. 1844, Machiasport, Maine.

iii Frances A. Sawyer born Abt. 1846, Machiasport, Maine.

iv Stephen E. Sawyer born Abt. 1848, Machiasport, Maine.

v William E. Sawyer born Abt. 1850, Machiasport, Maine.

vi Mary C. Sawyer born Abt. 1852, Machiasport, Maine.

67. vii Charles B. Sawyer born ---Mar-1855.

viii Antoinette Sawyer born Abt. 1860, Machiasport, Maine.

ix Warren E. Sawyer born 1862, Machiasport, Maine.

x Walter B. Sawyer born 1865, Machiasport, Maine.

63. Joseph Sawyer (54.William6, 46.James5, 35.David4, 13.James3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born Abt. 1820, married Abt. 1840, Anne Maria Dillaway, born Abt. 1820.


68. i Joseph Dillaway Sawyer born 16-Nov-1849.

64. Remembrance Chamberlain Sawyer (58.Joseph6, 48.Ezekiel5, 37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born Mar 1803, West Newbury, Vermont, Occupation: farmer, married 29-Aug-1832, Zerniah Sophia Brock, born 6-Nov-1809, (daughter of Thomas R. Brock and Rebecca Carr) died 0-Jun-1888. Remembrance died 19-Aug-1862, Newbury, Vermont., Buried: West Newbury, Vermont. Zerniah: She was from Concord, New Hampshire.


i Azubah Sawyer born 7-May-1833, died 25-Feb-1842.

ii Joseph Sawyer born 5-Aug-1835.

65. John H. Sawyer (61.Henry6, 49.John5, 37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 29-Jun-1814, Scarboro, Maine, married 9-Apr-1836, Phebe H. Dyer, born Abt. 1814. John died 9-Feb-1842, Portland, Maine., Buried: Western Cem., Portland, ME.


i Henrietta E. Sawyer born 21-Aug-1839.

ii John H. Sawyer born 17-Aug-1842, died 31-May-1844.

66. Joseph Scott Sawyer (61.Henry6, 49.John5, 37.Ezekiel4, 14.Ezekiel3, 4.John2, 1.Edward1) born 11-Mar-1830, Scarboro, Maine., married 25-Jul-1852, Mary J. Libby, born 7-Feb-1831, (daughter of John Libby and Jane Milliken) died 8-Nov-1913. Joseph died Scarboro, Maine. He bought land in Scarboro, Maine in 1855. He promised life care of his father for land in 1868.


i Elizabeth Carolyn Sawyer born Abt. 1853. died in teens.

Eighth Generation

67. Charles B. Sawyer (62.Ebenezer7, 51.Ebenezer6, 39.John5, 22.Daniel4, 8.John3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born ---Mar-1855, Machiasport, Maine., Occupation: Stationary Engineer, married Abt. 1880, Anna M. Denham, born ---Dec-1863, died Abt. 1902, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Charles died ---Dec-1920, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


i George Sawyer born ---Feb-1882, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

ii Anna Sawyer born 25-Mar-1885, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania., Occupation: School Teacher.

iii Mary Frances Sawyer born 15-Aug-1891, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania., married William Leo Brell, born Abt. 1900, Occupation: Lawyer, died 13-Oct-1981. Mary died 21-Mar-1975.

iv Charles B. Sawyer born Dec 1893, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

v Eugene Francis Sawyer born 25-Mar-1896, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania., Occupation: Machinist, married 18-Sep-1915, in Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland., Anna M. Speece, born 17-Nov-1895, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania., (daughter of Edward Speece and Josephine Downs) died 17-Sep-1984, Woodbury, New Jersey. Eugene died 9-Oct-1938, Gloucester, New Jersey.

vi William Sawyer born 12-Sep-1899, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania., Occupation: County Detective.

vii John Sawyer born 1902, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania., died 1964.

68. Joseph Dillaway Sawyer (63.Joseph7, 54.William6, 46.James5, 35.David4, 13.James3, 3.James2, 1.Edward1) born 16-Nov-1849, Boston, Massachusetts., Occupation: Merchant, married Abt. 1870, Mary Locke Wiggin, born Abt. 1849, (daughter of Charles Edward Wiggin and Rebecca Crocker Hadaway). Joseph was a dry goods commission merchant. He was a member of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America.


i Joseph Sawyer born 18-Jun-1875, West Newton, Massachusetts, Occupation: Merchant. Joseph, Jr., was a member of Riverside Yacht Club, Lanthorn Club and Princeton Elm Club. He is the great-grandson (maternal) of David Wiggin and Mehitabel Pike; and great-great-grandson of Esquire Simon Wiggin and Hannah Marble.