Descendants of William Sawyer

Compiled by George E. Sawyer

March 7, 1999

1. William Sawyer born Abt. 1613, Lincolnshire, England., (son of John Sawyer and Agnes Sharpe) married (1) Abt. 1638, Sarah Thomas, born Abt. 1614, England., married (2) 1644, in Newbury, Essex, MA, Ruth Bitfield, born 1623, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts., (daughter of William Bitfield and Elizabeth _____). William died 1702, Newbury, Essex, Mass. William came from England and is fist found in Salem, Mass. in 1640; afterwards in Wenham, Mass. in1643 and the next year in Newbury, Mass. where he settled and raised his family. William was one of the founders of the Baptist Church at Newbury in 1682. He lived in or near what is now West Newbury, Massachusetts.

Children by Ruth Bitfield:

2. i John Sawyer born 24-Aug-1645.

3. ii Samuel Sawyer born 22-Nov-1646.

4. iii Ruth Sawyer born 16-Sep-1648.

iv Mary Sawyer born 7-Feb-1649/50, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 24-Jun-1659.

5. v Sarah Sawyer born 20-Nov-1651.

vi Hannah Sawyer born 23-Feb-1653/54, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 25-Jan-1659/60.

6. vii William Sawyer born 1-Feb-1655/56.

viii Francis Sawyer born 24-Mar-1657/58, Newbury, Massachusetts., died 7-Feb-1659/60, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ix Mary Sawyer born 29-Jul-1660, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts., married 13-Jun-1683, in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts., John Emery, born Abt. 1655. Mary died 3-Nov-1699, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.

7. x Stephen A. Sawyer born 25-Apr-1663.

xi Hannah Sawyer born 11-Jan-1664/65, Newbury, Massachusetts., died 28-Aug-1683, Newbury, Massachusetts.

xii Frances Sawyer born 3-Nov-1670, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts., married Thomas Treadwell, born Abt. 1670. Frances died 28-Aug-1683, Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Second Generation

2. John Sawyer (1.William1) born 24-Aug-1645, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 18-Feb-1675/76, in Newbury, Massachusetts., Sarah Poore, born 5-Jun-1655, Newbury, Massachusetts, (daughter of John Poore and Sarah _____) died 1711, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. John died 30-May-1689, Haverhill, Massachusetts.


8. i Ruth Sawyer born 22-Sep-1677.

9. ii William Sawyer born 29-Apr-1679.

iii Sarah Sawyer born 20-May-1681, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 29-Jun-1702, Edward Woodman, born Abt. 1680.

iv John Sawyer born 25-Apr-1683, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 19-Mar-1687/88.

10. v Jonathan Sawyer born 4-Mar-1684/85.

11. vi David Sawyer born 13-Jan-1686/87.

12. vii John Sawyer born 11-Sep-1688.

3. Samuel Sawyer (1.William1) born 22-Nov-1646, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 13-Mar-1670/71, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Mary Emery, born 24-Jun-1652, Newbury, Massachusetts, (daughter of John Emery, Jr. and Mary Webster) died 11-Feb-1718. Samuel died 11-Feb-1717, Newbury, Massachusetts. He is referred to as Lieutenant Samuel Sawyer.


i Mary Sawyer born 20-Jan-1671/72, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 29-Jun-1702, Edward Woodman, born Abt. 1670.

13. ii William Sawyer born Abt. 1673.

14. iii Samuel Sawyer born 5-Jun-1674.

15. iv John Sawyer born 15-Mar-1676.

v Hannah Sawyer born 12-Jan-1678/79, Newbury, Massachusetts.

16. vi Josiah Sawyer born 20-Jan-1680/81.

17. vii Joshua Sawyer born 23-Feb-1682/83.

viii Daughter Sawyer born 7-Mar-1684/85, Newbury, Massachusetts., died 26-Mar-1685, Newbury, Massachusetts.

18. ix Benjamin Sawyer born 27-Oct-1686.

x Baby Girl Sawyer born 15-Nov-1693, Newbury, Massachusetts., died 15-Nov-1693, Newbury, Massachusetts.

4. Ruth Sawyer (1.William1) born 16-Sep-1648, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 27-Aug-1667, in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, Benjamin Morse, born 4-Mar-1640, Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts., (son of Anthony Morse and Mary ______) died Aft. 1707. Ruth died Aft. 1707, Newbury, Massachusetts.


i Benjamin Morse, Jr. born 24-Aug-1668, married Susannah Merrill. Benjamin died 1743.

ii Ruth Morse born 8-Dec-1669, married Caleb Moody.

iii Joseph Morse born ---Feb-1671, married Sarah Merrill.

19. iv William Morse born 23-Jan-1673.

v Sarah Morse born 13-Jan-1675, died 1679.

vi Philip Morse born 19-Oct-1677, married Mary Brown. Philip died 1748.

vii Sarah Morse born 19-Jan-1679, married Caleb Pillsbury.

viii Ann Morse born 27-Mar-1681.

ix Mary Morse born 15-May-1686, married Daniel Merrill.

x Hannah Morse born Abt. 1687, married Samuel Poor.

xi Samuel Morse born 7-Dec-1688, married Elizabeth March.

5. Sarah Sawyer (1.William1) born 20-Nov-1651, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 15-Jan-1668/69, in Newbury, Massachusetts., Joshua Brown, born 10-Apr-1642, Newbury, Massachusetts., (son of Richard Brown) died 20-Mar-1729. Sarah died 2-Aug-1732, Newbury, Massachusetts. Joshua: was generally known in Newbury, Mass., where he lived all his life as Deacon Brown. He was a yeoman. Their homestead in Newbury was known as "Brown's Garden." In 1703 he conveyed his house, barn and land in Newbury to his son-in-law, Thomas Wells, s/o Richard and Edith Wells. Made a freeman in 1673. In 1783 he served as Tithing-man and on March 22, 1685/86 was elected Fence-viewer. He served as Constable in 1688. Also was one of the organizers of the Second Episcopal Church founded in America, with which his son Tristram was also connected. His will dated May 20, 1711, was probated May 9, 1720.


i Joseph Brown born 11-Oct-1669, married Sarah Treadwell. Joseph died 18-Oct-1732.

ii Joshua Brown, Jr. born 18-May-1671, married Elizabeth ______. Joshua died 18-Nov-1742.

20. iii Tristram Brown born 21-Dec-1672.

iv Sara Brown born 5-Dec-1676, married 14-May-1696, Thomas Wells. Sara died 1703, (killed by Indians) Wells, Maine. Indians killed Sarah and her three children in Wells, ME in 1803 right after her father, Joshua conveyed his property to Thomas.

v Ruth Brown born 29-Oct-1678, married 31-Oct-1698, John (Eyer, Eayer) Ayre.

vi Elizabeth Brown born 2-Apr-1682, married 18-Jul-1704, Skipper Lunt. Elizabeth and her husband, Skipper were living in Newbury, Mass., in 1736.

vii Samuel Brown born 4-Sep-1687, married 24-Oct-1712, Dorothy Woodbridge. Samuel graduated from Harvard College in 1705 by one source and in 1709 by the other. He was a clergyman who preached in Haverhill, Mass., in 1710 and settled as the first minister in Abington, Mass., in 1711. They were living in Abington in 1736.

6. William Sawyer (1.William1) born 1-Feb-1655/56, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 2-Nov-1677, in Wells, Maine, Sarah Littlefield, born 16-Nov-1649, (daughter of Francis Littlefield and Rebecca _____) died ---Jan-1735, Wells, Maine. William died 7-Jun-1718, Wells, Maine. William was a soldier in the Narragansett Campaign in 1675. He also served as Deputy Sheriff in 1707, 1716, 1717.


21. i Joseph Sawyer born 14-Aug-1678.

22. ii Francis Sawyer born 3-Nov-1680.

23. iii Daniel Sawyer born 26-May-1683.

iv Hannah Sawyer born 9-Apr-1685, Wells, Maine., married Philip Chesley, born Abt. 1685.

v Ruth Sawyer born 26-May-1687, Wells, Maine., married James Sampson, born Abt. 1685.

7. Stephen A. Sawyer (1.William1) born 25-Apr-1663, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts., married 10-Mar-1686/87, in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts., Ann Bittisfield Titcomb, born 6-Jul-1666, died 1-Aug-1750. Stephen died 8-Jun-1753, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Stephen called Newbury, Massachusetts his place of residence


i Ann Sawyer born 1-Aug-1687, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 15-Oct-1708, Ebenezer Sargent, born Abt. 1685.

24. ii Daniel Sawyer born 28-Jan-1688/89.

25. iii Dr. Enoch Sawyer born 22-Jun-1694.

26. iv Stephen Sawyer born Abt. 1700.

v Elizabeth Sawyer born 26-Jun-1703, Newbury, Massachusetts.

Third Generation

8. Ruth Sawyer (2.John2, 1.William1) born 22-Sep-1677, Newbury, Massachusetts.


i Benjamin Sawyer born 6-Jan-1699/00.

ii _____ Sawyer born 1705, Newbury, Massachusetts. unknown sex.

9. William Sawyer (2.John2, 1.William1) born 29-Apr-1679, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 7-Jan-1701/02, in Newbury, Massachusetts., Lydia Webster, born 20-Dec-1681, (daughter of Israel Webster and Elizabeth Lunt) died Nov 1774, Newbury, Massachusetts. William died 1759, Newbury, Massachusetts.


i Elizabeth Sawyer born 1-Oct-1702, Newbury, Massachusetts., married Thomas Stephens, born Abt. 1700.

ii Sarah Sawyer born 11-Jan-1705/06, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Mary Sawyer born 25-Oct-1708, Newbury, Massachusetts.

27. iv William Sawyer born 12-Aug-1710.

v Lydia Sawyer born 29-May-1719, Newbury, Massachusetts.

vi Abner Sawyer born 6-May-1721, Newbury, Massachusetts.

10. Jonathan Sawyer (2.John2, 1.William1) born 4-Mar-1684/85, Newbury, Massachusetts, married Abt. 1712, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Mary Rawlins, born Abt. 1684, (daughter of Nicholas Rawlins).


28. i Elisha Sawyer born 31-Oct-1714.

29. ii Abel Sawyer born 15-Aug-1718.

iii Moses Sawyer born ---Feb-1721, Newbury, Massachusetts.

11. David Sawyer (2.John2, 1.William1) born 13-Jan-1686/87, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 28-Feb-1711, Elinor/Eleanor Frost, born Abt. 1687, (daughter of Nicholas Frost and Mary Small).


i John Sawyer born 2-Mar-1711/12, Elliot, Kittery, Maine.

30. ii David Sawyer born 18-Dec-1715.

iii Jonathan Sawyer born 6-Apr-1717, Elliot, Kittery, Maine, died 4-Mar-1720/21, Elliot, Kittery, Maine.

iv Mary Sawyer born 13-Jul-1718, Elliot, Kittery, Maine.

v Sarah Sawyer born 26-Jul-1719, Elliot, Kittery, Maine, married Paul Atkins, born Abt. 1719.

31. vi Steven Sawyer born 26-Feb-1720/21.

12. John Sawyer (2.John2, 1.William1) born 11-Sep-1688, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 25-Nov-1714, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Abigail Thirla/Thurlow, born Abt. 1690, died 20-Apr-1776, Newbury, Massachusetts.


32. i Abraham Sawyer born 17-Feb-1716.

ii Mehitable Sawyer born 8-Apr-1719, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Sarah Sawyer born 10-Nov-1721, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv Abigail Sawyer born 9-Mar-1723/24, Newbury, Massachusetts.

33. v John Sawyer born 31-Jul-1726.

vi Mary Sawyer born 2-Mar-1729/30, Newbury, Massachusetts.

13. William Sawyer (3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born Abt. 1673, Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts, married (1) Mar-1696, in Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts, Abigail Lillie, born 15-Aug-1672, Reading, Mass., (daughter of George (Lilley) Lillie and Jane _____) died 1698, married (2) 30-Apr-1700, in Reading, Mass., Dorcas Burnap, born 22-Aug-1679, Reading, Mass., (daughter of Robert Burnap and Sarah Brown). William died 1719.

Children by Abigail Lillie:

34. i Henry Sawyer born 15-Feb-1697.

Children by Dorcas Burnap:

ii Dorcas Sawyer born 22-Feb-1700/01, married Nathaniel Sherman.

iii Rachel Sawyer born 18-Feb-1702/03, Reading, Mass., married 12-Mar-1722/23, Thomas Rich.

iv Lida Sawyer born 12-Sep-1705, Reading, Mass., married 18-Oct-1749, Daniel Townsend. Lida died 30-Apr-1749.

35. v William Sawyer born 28-Jan-1707/08.

vi Isaac Sawyer born 10-Jul-1711, Reading, Mass.

36. vii Jacob Sawyer born Abt.1713.

viii Susannah Sawyer born 20-Oct-1717, Reading, Mass.

ix Bethiah (Bethyah) Sawyer born 15-Jul-1720.

14. Samuel Sawyer (3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 5-Jun-1674, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 17-Dec-1702, in Newbury, Massachusetts., Abigail Goodridge, born Abt. 1674, (daughter of Joseph Goodridge) died 14-Oct-1722. Samuel died 21-Apr-1723.


37. i Samuel Sawyer born 4-Jun-1705.

ii Martha Sawyer born 11-Feb-1706/07, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 16-May-1728, in Newbury, Massachusetts., Edmund Hale, born Abt. 1703, died May 1788.

iii Abigail Sawyer born 26-May-1709, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv Joseph Sawyer born 8-Apr-1711, Newbury, Massachusetts.

v Mary Sawyer born 3-Oct-1712, Newbury, Massachusetts.

38. vi Edmund Sawyer born 6-Nov-1714.

vii Jacob Sawyer born 4-Jun-1716, Newbury, Massachusetts.

15. John Sawyer (3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 15-Mar-1676, Newbury, Massachusetts., married (1) 25-Dec-1700, in Newbury, Massachusetts., Mary Brown Merrill, born Abt. 1678, (daughter of Nathaniel Merrill) died 21-Feb-1707/08, married (2) 1711, Sarah Wells, born Abt. 1675, (daughter of Wells _____). John died 27-Mar-1756. Sarah: She was married first to Samuel Sybley.

Children by Mary Brown Merrill:

i Judith Sawyer born 16-Oct-1701, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii John Sawyer born 5-Apr-1704, Newbury, Massachusetts.

Children by Sarah Wells:

iii Eunice Sawyer born Abt. 1710, Newbury, Massachusetts., married ---Mar-1735, Joshua Woodman, born Abt. 1710.

iv Lydia Sawyer born 29-Mar-1712, Newbury, Massachusetts.

v Lois Sawyer born 21-Jul-1718, Newbury, Massachusetts.

16. Josiah Sawyer (3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 20-Jan-1680/81, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 22-Jan-1707/08, Tirza Bartlett, born 20-Jan-1682/83, (daughter of Thomas Bartlett). Josiah died 4-Apr-1756.


39. i Josiah Sawyer born 12-Apr-1709.

ii Tirza Sawyer born 7-Nov-1713, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Israel Sawyer born 9-Oct-1717, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv Gideon Sawyer born 15-Dec-1719, Newbury, Massachusetts.

v James Sawyer born 12-May-1722, Newbury, Massachusetts.

17. Joshua Sawyer (3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 23-Feb-1682/83, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 1705, Elizabeth Grant, born Abt. 1685. Joshua died 1758.


i Joseph Sawyer born 19-Nov-1706, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii Mary Sawyer born 29-Apr-1709, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Joshua Sawyer born 14-Dec-1711, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv Nathan Sawyer born 7-May-1714, Newbury, Massachusetts.

v Sarah Sawyer born 18-Aug-1716, Newbury, Massachusetts.

vi Anne Sawyer born 3-Mar-1720/21, Newbury, Massachusetts.

18. Benjamin Sawyer (3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 27-Oct-1686, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 3-Feb-1713/14, Elizabeth Johnson, born Abt. 1690. Benjamin died 1725.


i Benjamin Sawyer born 2-Mar-1715/16, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii Elizabeth Sawyer born 2-Sep-1718, Newbury, Massachusetts.

40. iii Capt. John Sawyer born 5-Sep-1721.

19. William Morse (4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 23-Jan-1673, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 1696, Sarah Merrill, born 15-Oct-1677, (daughter of Daniel Merrill and Sarah Clough). William died Abt. 1749. William was a deacon


i Daniel Morse born 1697, Preston, Connecticut., married Elizabeth ______.

ii Ruth Morse born 1698, married Samuel Merrill.

iii Peter Morse born 1701, married Thomasina Hale.

iv Benjamin Morse born 1703, married Margaret Bartlett.

v William Morse, Jr. born 1705, married Judith Hale.

vi Sarah Morse born 1707, married ______ Betchelder.

vii Martha Morse born 1709, married ______ Chase.

viii Anne Morse born 1712, married ______ Adams.

ix Moses Morse born 1714, married Sarah Chase.

x Merriam Morse born 1716, married ______ Bradbury.

41. xi Hannah Morse born 1719.

20. Tristram Brown (5.Sarah2, 1.William1) born 21-Dec-1672, Newbury, Massachusetts., married Mary Tilton. Tristram died Abt. 1756, Norwich, Connecticut.


42. i Abraham Brown born 11-Oct-1707.

21. Joseph Sawyer (6.William2, 1.William1) born 14-Aug-1678, Wells, Maine., married Abt. 1700, Mary Fletcher, born Abt. 1680, (daughter of Pendleton Fletcher and Sarah Hill) died 10-Aug-1703, Killed by Indians. Joseph died 10-Aug-1703, Killed by Indians.


i Mary Sawyer born Abt. 1701, Wells, Maine.

ii (Female) Sawyer born Abt. 1703, Wells, Maine., died 10-Aug-1710, Killed by Indians.

22. Francis Sawyer (6.William2, 1.William1) born 3-Nov-1680, Wells, Maine., married (1) 1705, Elizabeth Dennis, born Abt. 1680, Ipswich, Massachusetts., married (2) Abt. 1725, Susanna Low, born Abt. 1700, Ipswich, Massachusetts., married (3) 1750, Hannah Stanford, born Abt. 1700, married (4) Aft. 1750, Mary Knowlton, born Abt. 1700. Francis died 31-Aug-1756, Ipswich, Massachusetts. Francis and his wife Elizabeth, called Wells Maine their place of residence. He also served as Deputy in 1720 and 1721. He is known to have received land in Narragansett.

Children by Elizabeth Dennis:

i Joseph Sawyer born 8-Dec-1706, Wells, Maine., died 2-Mar-1774.

ii Elizabeth Sawyer born 5-Sep-1709, Wells, Maine., married 1730, Isaac Appleton, born Abt. 1705, Ipswich, Massachusetts. Elizabeth died 29-Apr-1785.

iii Samuel Sawyer born 11-Jun-1712, Wells, Maine.

iv Abigail Sawyer born 1-Mar-1714/15, Wells, Maine., married 23-Sep-1736, Daniel Gilman, born Abt. 1710.

v Mary Sawyer born 25-Mar-1717, Wells, Maine.

43. vi Daniel Sawyer born 25-Jan-1718.

vii Unice Sawyer born 6-Jul-1722, Wells, Maine.

23. Daniel Sawyer (6.William2, 1.William1) born 26-May-1683, Wells, Maine., married Sarah _____, born Abt. 1685. Daniel died 1717, (will probated).


44. i William Sawyer born 6-Feb-1706.

ii Sarah Sawyer born 6-Oct-1708, Wells, Maine.

iii Lydia Sawyer born 14-Aug-1710, Wells, Maine.

iv Daniel Sawyer born 4-Apr-1712, Wells, Maine., died 9-Nov-1713.

v Hannah Sawyer born 29-Mar-1714, Wells, Maine.

24. Daniel Sawyer (7.Stephen2, 1.William1) born 28-Jan-1688/89, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 2-Apr-1714, in Newbury, Massachusetts., Sarah Moodey, born 11-Feb-1694/95. Daniel died 22-Oct-1781, Newbury, Massachusetts.


i Annie Sawyer born Abt. 1715, Newbury, Massachusetts.

25. Dr. Enoch Sawyer (7.Stephen2, 1.William1) born 22-Jun-1694, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 29-Sep-1721, in Reading, Massachusetts, Sarah Pierpont, born 1700, Reading, Massachusetts, (daughter of Rev. Jonathan Pierpont and Elizabeth _____) died 3-Sep-1773, Newbury, Massachusetts. Dr. died 15-Nov-1771, Newburyport, Massachusetts.


i _____ Sawyer born 12-May-1722, Newbury, Massachusetts., died 14-May-1722, Newbury, Massachusetts.

45. ii Dr. Enoch Sawyer born 19-Apr-1723.

iii Mary Sawyer born 11-Sep-1725, Newbury, Massachusetts., died 18-Oct-1756.

iv Anna Sawyer born 15-Sep-1727, Newbury, Massachusetts., died 16-May-1786.

46. v Edmund Sawyer born 28-Apr-1730.

vi Micajah Sawyer born 23-Sep-1733, Newbury, Massachusetts., died Bef. 1737.

vii _____ Sawyer born 18-Oct-1735, Newbury, Massachusetts.

viii Micajah Sawyer born 15-Jul-1737, Newbury, Massachusetts., Occupation: Physician, married 25-Nov-1766, Sibyl Farnham, born Abt. 1737. Micajah died 29-Sep-1815.

ix Sarah Sawyer born 25-Mar-1740, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 18-Jul-1762, Thomas Parsons, born Abt. 1735.

26. Stephen Sawyer (7.Stephen2, 1.William1) born Abt. 1700, Newbury, Massachusetts., married Abt. 1719, Sarah _____, born Abt. 1700.


i Jacob Sawyer born 23-Sep-1719, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii Moses Sawyer born 30-Sep-1721, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Miriam Sawyer born 28-Oct-1723, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv Elizabeth Sawyer born 23-Dec-1725, Newbury, Massachusetts.

v Aaron Sawyer born 30-Jun-1729, Newbury, Massachusetts.

Fourth Generation

27. William Sawyer (9.William3, 2.John2, 1.William1) born 12-Aug-1710, Newbury, Massachusetts, married Abt. 1732, Hannah Follansbee, born Abt. 1712. William died 1756, Newbury, Massachusetts.


i Mary Sawyer born Abt. 1733, Baptized: 28-Jul-1745, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii David Sawyer born Abt. 1735, Baptized: 15-May-1748, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Hannah Sawyer born 11-Mar-1737/38, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv William Sawyer born 27-Mar-1739, Newbury, Massachusetts, Baptized: 18-Mar-1753, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 1749, Newbury, Massachusetts.

v Lydia Sawyer born 1-Feb-1740/41, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 10-Nov-1757, Moses Kelly. Lydia died 11-Mar-1820.

vi Sarah Sawyer born 19-May-1743, Newbury, Massachusetts.

vii Abigail Sawyer born Abt. 1747, Newbury, Massachusetts.

viii Sarah Sawyer born Abt. 1753, Newbury, Massachusetts.

28. Elisha Sawyer (10.Jonathan3, 2.John2, 1.William1) born 31-Oct-1714, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 2-Nov-1736, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Rebecca Pike, born 16-Feb-1713, Newbury, Massachusetts, (daughter of Joseph Pike and Joanna _____).


i Mary Sawyer born 17-Oct-1737, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii Rebecca Sawyer born 24-Jul-1742, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Sarah Sawyer born 13-May-1744, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv Tirzah Sawyer born 15-Mar-1750/51, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 9-Nov-1778, Thomas Webber.

v Bettee Sawyer born 19-May-1757, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 25-Jan-1786, Stephen Davis.

29. Abel Sawyer (10.Jonathan3, 2.John2, 1.William1) born 15-Aug-1718, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 24-Apr-1744, Abigail Ordway, born 15-Nov-1719, Newbury, Massachusetts, (daughter of Stephen Ordway and Abigail Merrich) died 22-Sep-1778, Newbury, Massachusetts.


47. i Abel Sawyer born 9-Jan-1744/45.

ii Abigail Sawyer born 10-Mar-1747/48, Newbury, Massachusetts.

30. David Sawyer (11.David3, 2.John2, 1.William1) born 18-Dec-1715, Elliot, Kittery, Maine, married 25-Feb-1736/37, in Marriage Intentions - Biddeford, Mass., Hephziabah Davis, born Abt. 1715.


i Eleanor Sawyer born 1740, Baptized: 27-Jan-1739/40, First Church, Scarboro, Massachusetts.

ii John Sawyer born 1742, Baptized: 13-Jun-1742, First Church, Scarboro, Massachusetts, married 25-Oct-1781, Elizabeth Taylor, born Abt. 1742.

iii David Sawyer born 1744, Baptized: 29-Apr-1744, First Church, Scarboro, Massachusetts, married 26-Aug-1765, Hannah Pendexter, born Abt. 1744.

iv Josiah Sawyer born 1744, Baptized: 29-Apr-1744, First Church, Scarboro, Massachusetts.

v Hephzibah Sawyer born 1746, Baptized: 20-Mar-1745/46, First Church, Scarboro, Massachusetts.

vi Joel Sawyer born 9-Feb-1745/46, Saco, Maine, Baptized: 13-Mar-1747/48, First Church, Scarboro, Massachusetts, married 21-Jan-1768, Mary Stockpole, born Abt. 1746.

vii Abner Sawyer born Abt. 1754, Saco, Maine, Baptized: First Church, Scarboro, Massachusetts, married 18-Feb-1779, Mary Staples, born Abt. 1755.

31. Steven Sawyer (11.David3, 2.John2, 1.William1) born 26-Feb-1720/21, Elliot, Kittery, Maine, married Abt. 1742, Sarah _____, born Abt. 1721.


i Rhoda Sawyer born 1743, Baptized: 10-Jul-1743, First Parish, Scarborough, Maine, married 12-Apr-1765, Stephen Trip, born Abt. 1743.

ii Mary Sawyer born 1745, Baptized: 7-Apr-1745, First Parish, Scarborough, Maine.

iii Sarah Sawyer born 1748, Baptized: 27-Mar-1748, First Parish, Scarborough, Maine, married 12-May-1767, Abner Trip, born Abt. 1748.

iv Catherine Sawyer born 1750, Baptized: 28-Oct-1750, First Parish, Scarborough, Maine, married 3-Nov-1768, Joseph Weymouth, born Abt. 1750.

v Phebe Sawyer born 1754, Baptized: 8-Sep-1754, First Parish, Scarborough, Maine.

32. Abraham Sawyer (12.John3, 2.John2, 1.William1) born 17-Feb-1716, Newbury, Massachusetts, married (1) 17-Feb-1736/37, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Margaret Fowler, (daughter of Benjamin Fowler) married (2) 7-Nov-1742, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Graffam, born Scarboro, Maine.

Children by Margaret Fowler:

48. i Benjamin Sawyer born 1739.

Children by Elizabeth Graffam:

ii Sarah Sawyer born 1744, Baptized: 27-Jan-1744/45, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Sarah Sawyer born 1748, Baptized: 16-Oct-1748, Newbury, Massachusetts.

49. iv Samuel Sawyer born 1754.

v Mehitable Sawyer born 1742, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 27-Oct-1749, Newbury, Massachusetts.

vi John Sawyer born 1755, Newbury, Massachusetts, Baptized: 19-Sep-1756, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 30-Dec-1775, Newbury, Massachusetts.

33. John Sawyer (12.John3, 2.John2, 1.William1) born 31-Jul-1726, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 23-Jan-1753, in Salisbury, Massachusetts, Mary Bussell, born Salisbury, Massachusetts. John died 27-Mar-1766, Newbury, Massachusetts.


i Anna Sawyer born 1753, Baptized: 29-Jul-1753, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii Sarah Sawyer born 1755, Baptized: 28-Dec-1755, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Abigail Sawyer born Abt. 1757, Newbury, Massachusetts.

34. Henry Sawyer (13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 15-Feb-1697, Reading, Mass., married 18-Apr-1718, in Reading, Mass., Sarah Nurse, born 27-Jan-1697, Salem Village, Mass., (daughter of Francis Nurse and Sarah Tarbell) died 15-Jan-1755.


i Abigail Sawyer born 15-Jul-1719, Reading, Mass., married 25-May-1738, Ebenezer Flint.

50. ii Josiah Sawyer born 10-Aug-1721.

51. iii Reuben (Ruben) Sawyer born 9-Aug-1723.

iv Sarah Sawyer born 31-Mar-1726, Reading, Mass., married Charles Mason.

52. v Francis Sawyer born 21-Feb-1728.

vi Hepsibah Sawyer born 2-Jun-1730, Reading, Mass.

vii Caleb Sawyer born 21-Apr-1732, Reading, Mass., married 4-Oct-1752, Mary Griffin, born Oct 1730, Methuen, Mass., (daughter of John Griffin and Mehitable _____).

viii Bulah Sawyer born 17-May-1734, Andover, Mass.

ix Ebenezer Sawyer born 13-Oct-1736, Reading, Mass.

x Rebecca Sawyer born ABT 1739, Reading, Mass., married 25-Oct-1759, Joseph Griffin.

35. William Sawyer (13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 28-Jan-1707/08, Reading, Mass., married 6-Jan-1729/30, in Reading, Mass., Margaret Wood.


53. i William Sawyer born 18-Nov-1730.

ii Margaret Sawyer born ABT 1732, Reading, Mass.

54. iii Nathaniel Sawyer born 1737.

55. iv Jonathan Sawyer born ABT 1739.

v Amos Sawyer born Abt. 1744, Reading, Mass.

36. Jacob Sawyer (13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born Abt.1713, Reading, Mass., married 23-Jun-1733, in Reading, Mass., Elizabeth Damon, born Abt. 1713.


i Dorcas Sawyer born 1743, Reading, Mass., Baptized: 1743.

ii Elizabeth Sawyer born 7-Nov-1734, Reading, Mass., married 26-May-1761, Jonathan Dix.

iii Rachel Sawyer born 25-Oct-1736, Reading, Mass., married 19-Jul-1759, Ebenezer Jones.

iv Jacob Sawyer born 14-Apr-1748, Reading, Mass., married 24-Nov-1768, Sarah Flint.

v Daniel Sawyer born 26-Jul-1752, Reading, Mass., married 2-May-1775, Hephzibah Hart.

37. Samuel Sawyer (14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 4-Jun-1705, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 9-Jul-1728, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Mary Kelly, born Abt. 1705, (daughter of John Kelly). Samuel died 11-Jun-1783, Newbury, Massachusetts.


i Samuel Sawyer born 13-Aug-1729, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 31-Jul-1737, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii Mary Sawyer born 17-Aug-1732, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 17-Jul-1737, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Judith Sawyer born 17-Jun-1735, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 26-Jul-1737, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv Mary Sawyer born 31-Mar-1739, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 17-May-1764, Joseph Webster.

56. v Samuel Sawyer born 27-Sep-1741.

57. vi Joseph Sawyer born 14-Jul-1744.

vii John Sawyer born 23-Feb-1745/46, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 24-May-1753, Newbury, Massachusetts.

38. Edmund Sawyer (14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 6-Nov-1714, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 1-Jan-1735/36, in Amesbury, Massachusetts, Sarah Rowell, born 4-Oct-1719, Salisbury, Massachusetts, (daughter of Job Rowell and Bethiah Brown). Edmund died 18-Feb-1807.


58. i Joseph Sawyer born 28-Oct-1736.

ii Jacob Sawyer born 4-Oct-1738, Amesbury, Massachusetts, married 26-Nov-1762, Elizabeth Webster, born Abt. 1738.

iii Enoch Sawyer born 27-Dec-1741, Amesbury, Massachusetts, died 1817, Amesbury, Massachusetts.

59. iv Sarah Sawyer born 30-Jan-1743/44.

39. Josiah Sawyer (16.Josiah3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 12-Apr-1709, Newbury, Massachusetts, married (1) 25-Dec-1735, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Mary Ordway, born 2-Nov-1714, (daughter of John Ordway) died 2-Mar-1796, married (2) Abt. 1749, Eunice Batchelder, born Abt. 1710. Josiah died 10-Jun-1792, South Hampton, New Hampshire.

Children by Mary Ordway:

i Josiah Sawyer born 28-Jan-1736/37, Newbury, Massachusetts, Baptized: 10-Apr-1737, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 19-Jun-1812.

ii Israel Sawyer born 19-Sep-1739, Newbury, Massachusetts, Baptized: 18-Nov-1739, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 19-Jul-1821.

iii Miriam Sawyer born 1741, Baptized: 6-Sep-1741, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 4-Sep-1780, Newbury, Massachusetts.

60. iv John Sawyer born 7-Apr-1745.

v Hannah Sawyer born 25-Apr-1746, South Hampton, New Hampshire, Baptized: 1-Jun-1746, South Hampton, New Hampshire, died 24-Sep-1770.

vi Richard Sawyer born 31-May-1748, South Hampton, New Hampshire, Baptized: 4-Jun-1748, South Hampton, New Hampshire, died 22-Jun-1813.

vii Matthias Sawyer born 31-May-1748, South Hampton, New Hampshire, died 22-Jun-1818.

Children by Eunice Batchelder:

61. viii Moses Sawyer born 2-Aug-1750.

40. Capt. John Sawyer (18.Benjamin3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 5-Sep-1721, Amesbury, Massachusetts, married 3-Apr-1746, in Amesbury, Massachusetts, Elizabeth "Hannah" Kelly, born Abt. 1726, Amesbury, Massachusetts, (daughter of Richard Kelly and Hannah Bartlett) died 12-May-1792, Amesbury, Massachusetts. Capt. died 7-Jul-1801, Amesbury, Massachusetts.


i Esther Sawyer born 13-Mar-1746/47, Amesbury, Massachusetts, married Abt. 1770, Enoch Bayly, born Abt. 1745.

ii Richard Sawyer born 2-Dec-1748, Amesbury, Massachusetts.

iii Moses Sawyer born 10-Apr-1751, Amesbury, Massachusetts, died Bef. 1754, Amesbury, Massachusetts.

iv Elizabeth Sawyer born 16-Jun-1752, Amesbury, Massachusetts, died BEF 1756, Amesbury, Massachusetts.

v Moses Sawyer born 18-Sep-1754, Amesbury, Massachusetts, died 12-Jul-1856.

vi Elizabeth Sawyer born 1-Dec-1756, Amesbury, Massachusetts, married _____ Hoyt.

vii John Sawyer born 16-Feb-1760, Amesbury, Massachusetts.

viii Hannah Sawyer born 12-Feb-1762, Amesbury, Massachusetts, married 10-Oct-1782, William Pecker.

ix Lois Sawyer born 28-Jan-1764, Amesbury, Massachusetts, died 12-Apr-1784.

x Syms Sawyer born 16-Jan-1766, Amesbury, Massachusetts, married 19-May-1805, Sarah Sargent, born Abt. 1766.

xi Wyburd Sawyer born 17-Jan-1769, Amesbury, Massachusetts, married 2-Nov-1790, Hannah Kelly.

xii Abigail Sawyer born 22-Dec-1770, Amesbury, Massachusetts.

41. Hannah Morse (19.William3, 4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 1719, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 18-Oct-1738, in Newbury, Massachusetts., John Darling, Jr., born 27-Sep-1716, Salisbury, Massachusetts., (son of John Darling, Sr. and Mary Page) died 7-Nov-1795, Hopkinton, New Hampshire. Hannah died 14-Jan-1803, Hopkinton, New Hampshire.


i Hannah Darling born 1-Jul-1740.

ii William Darling born Abt. 1742, Kingston, New Hampshire.

62. iii John Darling born 29-Jan-1743.

iv Mary Darling born 15-Jun-1746, Kingston, New Hampshire.

v Benjamin Bacheller Darling born 8-May-1748.

vi Timothy Darling born 9-Dec-1750, Occupation: Served as a Major.

vii Peter Darling born 19-Aug-1753.

63. viii Moses Darling born 18-Jan-1756.

ix Josiah Darling born 29-Apr-1759.

x Sarah Darling born 21-Jun-1761.

xi Lydia Darling born 15-Nov-1762.

42. Abraham Brown (20.Tristram3, 5.Sarah2, 1.William1) born 11-Oct-1707, Newbury, Massachusetts., married 12-Dec-1730, Abigail Dike. Abraham died 29-Jul-1749, Coventry, Connecticut.


64. i Elijah Brown born 2-Oct-1733.

43. Daniel Sawyer (22.Francis3, 6.William2, 1.William1) born 25-Jan-1718, Wells, Maine, married 24-Nov-1740, in Ipswich, Massachusetts., Frances Abbot, born 1721, Baptized: 12-Nov-1721, Ipswich, Massachusetts., (daughter of Arthur Abbot and Mary _____).


i Daniel Sawyer born Abt. 1742, Ipswich, Massachusetts., Baptized: 10-Jun-1743, married 24-Jan-1771, Abigail Wilson, born Abt. 1742.

ii Samuel Sawyer born Abt. 1745, Ipswich, Massachusetts., Baptized: 21-Sep-1746.

iii Frances Sawyer born Abt. 1748, Ipswich, Massachusetts., Baptized: 16-Apr-1749.

iv Joseph Sawyer born Abt. 1749, Ipswich, Massachusetts., Baptized: 3-Jun-1750.

v Abigail Sawyer born Abt. 1751, Ipswich, Massachusetts., Baptized: Sep 1752.

vi Susannah Sawyer born Abt. 1753, Ipswich, Massachusetts., Baptized: 17-Nov-1754.

vii Mehitable Sawyer born Abt. 1756, Ipswich, Massachusetts., Baptized: 10-Apr-1757.

viii Nathaniel Sawyer born Abt. 1759, Ipswich, Massachusetts., Baptized: 19-Oct-1760, married (1) 25-Oct-1784, Lucy Clark, born Abt. 1760, married (2) 19-Mar-1801, Mary Gilpatrick, born Abt. 1760.

44. William Sawyer (23.Daniel3, 6.William2, 1.William1) born 6-Feb-1706, Wells, Maine.


65. i William Sawyer born 8-Nov-1740.

45. Dr. Enoch Sawyer (25.Dr.3, 7.Stephen2, 1.William1) born 19-Apr-1723, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 30-Mar-1758, Hannah Moody, born Abt. 1730, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 23-Mar-1790, Newbury, Massachusetts. Dr. died 7-Sep-1805, Newbury, Massachusetts.


i Mary Sawyer born Abt. 1759, Baptized: 8-Apr-1759, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii Judith Sawyer born 12-Jul-1761, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 27-Apr-1830, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Sarah Sawyer born 22-Feb-1763, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv Hannah Sawyer born 26-Nov-1769, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 17-Jun-1797, Samuel Moody, born Abt. 1769.

46. Edmund Sawyer (25.Dr.3, 7.Stephen2, 1.William1) born 28-Apr-1730, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 10-Nov-1762, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Hannah Moody, born 15-Oct-1739, (daughter of Caleb Moody and Elizabeth Emery) died 1-Jul-1812, Newbury, Massachusetts. Edmund died 13-Sep-1795.


i _____ Sawyer born 1-Dec-1764, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 1-Dec-1764, Newbury, Massachusetts.

66. ii Enoch Sawyer born 6-Jun-1767.

iii Elizabeth Sawyer born 21-Feb-1772, Newbury, Massachusetts.

Fifth Generation

47. Abel Sawyer (29.Abel4, 10.Jonathan3, 2.John2, 1.William1) born 9-Jan-1744/45, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 8-May-1763, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Sarah Wheeler, born 24-May-1741, Newbury, Massachusetts, (daughter of Nathan Wheeler and Mary _____).


i Sarah Sawyer born 22-Mar-1764, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 22-Dec-1785, Moses Cheney. Her birth date is also recorded as November 16, 1765. Which one that is correct is uncertain. She is also shown to have maybe married a William Weed on October 16, 1790.

ii Nathan Wheeler Sawyer born 22-Feb-1767, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Abel Sawyer born 1-Sep-1771, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv David Sawyer born 4-Jul-1775, Newburyport, Massachusetts, married 7-Feb-1804, Rebecca Crockett. They are known to have settled in Maine.

48. Benjamin Sawyer (32.Abraham4, 12.John3, 2.John2, 1.William1) born 1739, Baptized: 2-Dec-1739, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 16-Apr-1761, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Molly March, born 7-Aug-1742, Newbury, Massachusetts, (daughter of John March and Mary _____).


i Mehitable Sawyer born 1762, Baptized: 18-Apr-1762, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii Catherine Sawyer born 1763, Baptized: 2-Oct-1763, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Hannah Sawyer born 1765, Baptized: 29-Dec-1765, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv Betty Sawyer born 1769, Baptized: 10-Dec-1769, Newbury, Massachusetts.

49. Samuel Sawyer (32.Abraham4, 12.John3, 2.John2, 1.William1) born 1754, Baptized: 19-May-1754, Newbury, Massachusetts, married (1) 23-Dec-1777, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Betty Tenny, born 31-Jul-1756, Rowley, Massachusetts, (daughter of Oliver Tenny and Betty Jewett) married (2) 30-May-1784, Lucy Perley, born Abt. 1755.

Children by Lucy Perley:

i Amos Sawyer born Abt. 1795, Hopkinton, New Hampshire, married Feb 1819, Martha (Patty) Duston, born Abt. 1795. Amos died 12-Jun-1882, Concord, New Hampshire.

ii John Sawyer born Jun 1798, died 1-Oct-1888, Concord, New Hampshire.

50. Josiah Sawyer (34.Henry4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 10-Aug-1721, Reading, Mass., married 5-Nov-1742, in Lynnfield, Mass., Hannah Gowing, born 23-Apr-1721, Lynnfield, Mass., (daughter of Nathaniel Gowing and Hannah Eaton) died 1807, Sharon, New Hampshire. Josiah died 1813.


i Josiah Sawyer born 17-Sep-1744, Reading, Mass., married 3-Sep-1767, Lydia Barnard. Josiah died 2-Oct-1829.

ii Hannah Sawyer born 24-Aug-1746, Monson, New Hampshire.

iii Sarah Sawyer born 12-Jul-1748, Methuen, Mass.

iv Nathaniel Sawyer born 16-Jun-1750, Methuen, Mass., married 13-Oct-1778, Prudence Abbott.

v Jonathan Sawyer born 30-Jun-1752, Monson, New Hampshire, married Isabel Grimes. Jonathan died 14-Mar-1812.

vi Nurs Sawyer born 24-Feb-1755, Monson, New Hampshire, died Jul 1776.

vii Benjamin Sawyer born 19-Jul-1757, Monson, New Hampshire, married Tabitha Kittredge. Benjamin died 8-Mar-1846.

viii Purseller Sawyer born 9-May-1760, Monson, New Hampshire.

51. Reuben (Ruben) Sawyer (34.Henry4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 9-Aug-1723, Reading, Mass., married 15-Nov-1752, in Reading, Mass., Sarah Bayley, born 8-Dec-1734, BRADFORD, MASS., (daughter of Nathan Bayley and Mary Palmer).


67. i Amos Sawyer born 28-Oct-1753.

ii Ebenezer Sawyer born 30-Dec-1755, Methuen, Mass., married 29-May-1786, Hannah Whittier.

iii Sarah Sawyer born 2-Dec-1757, Methuen, Mass., married 30-Dec-1783, Timothy Clark.

iv Hannah Sawyer born 21-Sep-1759, Dracut, Mass.

v Rebekah Sawyer born 23-Sep-1761, Dracut, Mass., married 15-Jan-1795, Daniel Hardy.

vi Reuben Sawyer born 21-Apr-1763, Dracut, Mass., married 12-Mar-1785, Trayefeney Messor.

68. vii Henry Sawyer born 25-May-1765.

viii Sarah Sawyer born 11-Apr-1767, Dracut, Mass.

69. ix Nathan Sawyer born 30-Aug-1769.

52. Francis Sawyer (34.Henry4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 21-Feb-1728, Reading, Massachusetts., married 22-Mar-1748, in Middleton, Massachusetts., Elizabeth Richardson, born 30-Aug-1730, Middleton, Mass., (daughter of Solomon Richardson and Elizabeth Goodale) died 1773. Francis died 31-Dec-1827.


i Elizabeth Sawyer born 8-Oct-1750, Methuen, Mass., married Joshua Pillsbury. Elizabeth died 17-Mar-1816.

ii Francis Sawyer born 22-Feb-1752, Methuen, Massachusetts., married 11-Jun-1772, Susanna Clough.

iii Molly Sawyer born 9-Oct-1753, Methuen, Mass., married 31-Aug-1773, Thamer Barker. Molly died 1843.

iv Susan Sawyer born 3-Aug-1754, Methuen, Mass.

v Molly Sawyer born 2-Oct-1756, Methuen, Mass., married 20-Aug-1789, Timothy Austin.

vi Abigail Sawyer born 15-Apr-1758, Methuen, Mass., married 9-May-1780, Samuel Clark. Abigail died 5-Dec-1855.

vii David Sawyer born 17-Mar-1760, Methuen, Mass., married 27-Apr-1787, Judith Harris.

viii Amos Richardson Sawyer born 25-Jan-1764, Methuen, Mass., married 30-Mar-1790, Elizabeth Bixby.

ix Aaron Sawyer born 11-Sep-1766, Methuen, Mass., married 5-Aug-1793, Sally Griffin. Aaron died 28-Aug-1854.

x Hannah Sawyer born 18-Jan-1769, Methuen, Mass., married 9-Aug-1792, Paul Pettigill. Hannah died 2-Oct-1869.

xi Moses Sawyer born 16-Dec-1773, Methuen, Mass., married 26-Dec-1796, Hannah Currier.

53. William Sawyer (35.William4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 18-Nov-1730, Reading, Mass., married 11-Jul-1758, Priscilla Flint, (daughter of William Flint and Susanna _____) died 20-Apr-1804, Reading, Mass. William died 26-Feb-1815, Reading, Mass.


i William Sawyer born 8-Aug-1758, Reading, Mass., married 15-Jul-1784, Hannah Upton.

ii Thomas Sawyer born 8-Mar-1760, Reading, Mass., married 19-Jul-1781, Elizabeth Darman. Thomas died 3-Nov-1818.

iii Priscilla Sawyer born 19-May-1762, Reading, Mass., married 24-Jul-1785, Daniel Flint.

iv Ebenezer Sawyer born 16-Apr-1764, Reading, Mass.

v Molly Sawyer born 24-Mar-1770, Reading, Mass., married 1-May-1789, Daniel Upton.

54. Nathaniel Sawyer (35.William4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 1737, Westminster, Mass., Baptized: 1738, Reading, Mass., married 11-Jun-1761, Jerusha Flint, born 1740, Westminster, Mass., (daughter of William Flint and Susanna _____) died 20-Feb-1824, Westminster, Mass. Nathaniel died 26-Jul-1797.


i Jerusha Sawyer born 25-May-1762, Westminster, Mass., Baptized: 5-Nov-1769, Reading, Mass., married 23-Jun-1778, Zachariah Rand.

ii Nathaniel Sawyer born 14-Feb-1764, Westminster, Mass., Baptized: 5-Nov-1769, Reading, Mass., married Jun 1786, Betsey Pierce.

70. iii Eli Sawyer born 18-Oct-1765.

iv Rebecca Sawyer born 7-Dec-1767, Westminster, Mass., Baptized: 5-Nov-1769, Reading, Mass., married 11-Mar-1788, Asa Brooks.

v Amos Sawyer born 13-Dec-1769, Westminster, Mass., Baptized: 17-Dec-1769, Reading, Mass., married (1) 11-Apr-1793, Anna Millard, married (2) 15-Dec-1796, Abigail Briant Willard. Amos died 31-Jan-1848, Westminster, Mass.

vi Dorcas Sawyer born 28-Aug-1772, Westminster, Mass., Baptized: 30-Aug-1772, Reading, Mass., married 29-May-1790, Joseph Edgell.

vii William Sawyer born 26-Oct-1774, Westminster, Mass., died 26-Jul-1797, Westminster, Mass.

viii Taymer Sawyer born 28-Nov-1776, Westminster, Mass., died 28-Nov-1776, Westminster, Mass.

ix Aaron Sawyer born 29-Apr-1779, Westminster, Mass.

x Rachel Sawyer born 28-Mar-1783, Westminster, Mass., married 16-Nov-1805, David F. McIntire. Rachel died 6-May-1837, Westminster, Mass.

55. Jonathan Sawyer (35.William4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born ABT 1739, Reading, Mass., married 15-Nov-1764, Susannah Flint, born 30-Aug-1741, Westminister, Mass., (daughter of William Flint and Susanna _____) died 12-Aug-1819. Jonathan died 5-Mar-1823.


i Jonathan Sawyer born 8-Feb-1768, Westminister, Mass., married Betsey McCormick.

ii Susannah Sawyer born 22-Feb-1770, Westminister, Mass., married 17-Feb-1792, John Jackson.

71. iii Jacob Sawyer born 15-Jun-1772.

iv Peggy (Margaret) Sawyer born 9-Dec-1773, Westminister, Mass., married Cyrus Winship.

72. v Zadoc Sawyer born 4-Feb-1776.

vi Zibah Sawyer born 5-May-1779, Westminister, Mass., Occupation: Went West.

vii Nancy Sawyer born 1-Jul-1781, Westminister, Mass., died 1801.

73. viii Levi Sawyer born 19-Jul-1783.

ix Julia Sawyer born 6-Aug-1785, Westminister, Mass., died 1803.

56. Samuel Sawyer (37.Samuel4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 27-Sep-1741, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 26-Nov-1778, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Lydia Morse, (daughter of John Morse and Clarissa Mercereau) died 3-Nov-1815. Samuel died 24-Dec-1786, Newbury, Massachusetts.


74. i Samuel Sawyer born 8-May-1781.

57. Joseph Sawyer (37.Samuel4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 14-Jul-1744, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 26-Nov-1778, in Newbury, Massachusetts, Susanna Bayley, born Abt. 1745, died 13-Apr-1805, Newbury, Massachusetts.


i Anna Sawyer born 7-Mar-1779, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 6-Aug-1807, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii Abigail Sawyer born 6-Dec-1781, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 27-Nov-1813, George Gorden.

iii Judith Sawyer born 7-Oct-1784, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 29-Jul-1807, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iv Mary Sawyer born 24-Apr-1787, Newbury, Massachusetts.

v John Sawyer born 25-Sep-1789, Newbury, Massachusetts.

58. Joseph Sawyer (38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 28-Oct-1736, Amesbury, Massachusetts, Baptized: 31-Oct-1736, Amesbury, Massachusetts, married 9-Sep-1756, in Hampstead, New Hampshire, Judith Kelly, born 17-Nov-1737, Amesbury, Massachusetts, (daughter of Richard Kelly and Hannah Bartlett). Joseph died 29-Nov-1813, Warner, New Hampshire.


i Abigail Sawyer born 31-May-1757, Hampstead, New Hampshire, married Wells Davis, born Abt. 1775.

75. ii Edmund Sawyer born 2-Sep-1759.

iii Anna Sawyer born 19-Dec-1761, Hampstead, New Hampshire, married Joseph B. Hoyt, born Abt. 1760.

iv Jacob Sawyer born 3-Feb-1765, Hampstead, New Hampshire, died 8-May-1765, Hampstead, New Hampshire.

76. v Moses Sawyer born 27-Feb-1767.

vi Sarah (Sally) Sawyer born 11-Jun-1769, Hampstead, New Hampshire.

77. vii Joseph Sawyer born 2-Feb-1771.

viii Judith Sawyer born 14-Oct-1772, Warner, New Hampshire, married John Hoyt, born Abt. 1772.

ix Hannah Sawyer born 1-Apr-1775, Warner, New Hampshire, married Mitchell Gilman, born Abt. 1775.

x Louis (Lois) Sawyer born 18-Apr-1777, Warner, New Hampshire.

78. xi Richard Kelly Sawyer born 25-Jun-1779.

59. Sarah Sawyer (38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 30-Jan-1743/44, Amesbury, Massachusetts, married 8-Feb-1769, Caleb Kimball, born 24-Sep-1748, Hampstead, New Hampshire, (son of Benjamin Kimball and Mary Eaton) died 17-Dec-1825, Sutton, New Hampshire. Sarah died 22-Feb-1832, Sutton, New Hampshire. Caleb: Caleb Kimball was one of the earliest selectmen of Sutton, and one of the largest taxpayers. He was one of a committee in 1784 to erect a meetinghouse, and served the town on various other occasions. He was associated with those who built the first sawmill at the foot of Jones' Hill, on Lane's brook. Tradition says he spent a year in town, preparing his farm, camping in the forest, before bringing in his family. He lived two years after marriage in

Hampstead, and then removed to Goffstown. His wife was a woman of strong intellect and high purpose, and heartily seconded her husband in his endeavors for advancement. No efforts were spared for their children.


i Mary Kimball born 11-Dec-1770, Sutton, New Hampshire, died 20-Sep-1848, Sutton, New Hampshire.

ii Lucretia Kimball born 7-May-1772, Sutton, New Hampshire, died 10-Jun-1852.

iii Caleb Kimball born 12-Dec-1773, Sutton, New Hampshire, died 16-May-1856, Sutton, New Hampshire. Caleb never married. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, taking part in the Battle of Plattsburg, and other engagements, and after the war he was an invalid pensioner. He died in Sutton.

iv Sarah Kimball born 23-Oct-1775, Sutton, New Hampshire, died 27-Oct-1839.

v Betsey Kimball born 29-Aug-1777, Sutton, New Hampshire, died 22-Sep-1833.

vi Jacob Sawyer Kimball born 27-Apr-1779, Sutton, New Hampshire, died 23-Jun-1827.

vii Phoebe Kimball born 21-Jan-1781, Sutton, New Hampshire, died 30-May-1862.

viii Lavinia Kimball born 26-Feb-1783, Sutton, New Hampshire, died 21-Apr-1863. Lavinis lived with her parents in Sutton until June, 1841, when she married James Pinkerton of Boscawen, and moved to that town.

ix Abigail Kimball born 10-Feb-1785, Sutton, New Hampshire, died Sep 1822.

x Ruth Kimball born 4-Feb-1787, Sutton, New Hampshire, died 12-Feb-1795.

xi Susan Kimball born 26-Feb-1789, Sutton, New Hampshire, died 2-Feb-1791.

60. John Sawyer (39.Josiah4, 16.Josiah3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 7-Apr-1745, South Hampton, New Hampshire, Baptized: 3-May-1744, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 30-Aug-1770, in Salisbury, Massachusetts, Abigail Shepard, born Abt. 1745. John died 19-Mar-1796.


i Hannah Sawyer born 25-Oct-1772, Salisbury, Massachusetts, died 11-Oct-1846.

ii John Sawyer born 25-Oct-1772, Salisbury, Massachusetts, married Hannah Perkins.

iii Jeremiah Sawyer born 19-May-1777, Salisbury, Massachusetts, married Betty Fitts.

61. Moses Sawyer (39.Josiah4, 16.Josiah3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 2-Aug-1750, South Hampton, New Hampshire, Baptized: 4-Sep-1750, South Hampton, New Hampshire, married 16-Jan-1775, in Salisbury, New Hampshire, Ann Fitz, born 20-Jan-1750/51, Salisbury, New Hampshire, (daughter of Richard Fitz and Sarah Brown) died 4-Oct-1836. Moses died 29-Apr-1821.


79. i Rev. Moses Sawyer born 11-Mar-1776.

ii Isaac Fitz Sawyer born 9-Mar-1778, Salisbury, New Hampshire, married (1) Rebecca Pettengill, married (2) Methitable Colby. Isaac died 1-Feb-1846.

iii Molly (Polly) Sawyer born 30-May-1780, Salisbury, New Hampshire, married David Pettengill. Molly died 1-Nov-1856.

iv Nathaniel Sawyer born 13-Mar-1782, Salisbury, New Hampshire, died 22-Mar-1782, Salisbury, New Hampshire.

v Nathaniel Sawyer born 10-Apr-1784, Salisbury, Massachusetts, married 12-Sep-1821, Pamela Anderson, born Abt. 1785.

vi Ann Sawyer born 21-Jun-1786, Salisbury, New Hampshire, married 22-Mar-1820, Joseph Walker. Ann died 25-Dec-1824.

vii Sarah Sawyer born 5-Jun-1789, Salisbury, New Hampshire, married Sewell Fifield.

viii Betsey Sawyer born 17-May-1793, Salisbury, New Hampshire, married 1-Nov-1815, Nathaniel G. Webster. Betsey died 20-Oct-1880.

62. John Darling (41.Hannah4, 19.William3, 4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 29-Jan-1743, Amesbury, Massachusetts., married (1) 24-Dec-1764, Phoebe Roberts, born 15-Jun-1748, Hampstead, New Hampshire., (daughter of Daniel Roberts and Meribah Davis) married (2) Abt. 1781, Hannah Roberts, born 19-Apr-1740, (daughter of Daniel Roberts and Martha Heath). John died 1830.

Children by Phoebe Roberts:

80. i Roberts Darling born 15-Oct-1765.

ii Jonathan Darling born 20-Dec-1767, Hampstead, New Hampshire.

iii Sarah Darling born 14-Feb-1770, Hampstead, New Hampshire.

iv Josiah Darling born 14-Aug-1772, Hampstead, New Hampshire.

81. v Samuel Darling born 18-Jul-1775.

63. Moses Darling (41.Hannah4, 19.William3, 4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 18-Jan-1756, Occupation: Served as a Private., married 20-Jan-1780, in Hampstead, New Hampshire., Judith French.


i Rhoda Darling born 8-Jan-1781.

ii David Darling born 1786.

64. Elijah Brown (42.Abraham4, 20.Tristram3, 5.Sarah2, 1.William1) born 2-Oct-1733, married Lydia Gary. Elijah died 15-Mar-1814, Pittsford, Vermont., Buried: Old Congregational Cemetery. This family moved from Coventry to Pittsford, Vermont about 1784.


82. i Cyrenius Brown born 30-Apr-1774.

65. William Sawyer (44.William4, 23.Daniel3, 6.William2, 1.William1) born 8-Nov-1740.


83. i Joseph Sawyer born 19-Jun-1773.

66. Enoch Sawyer (46.Edmund4, 25.Dr.3, 7.Stephen2, 1.William1) born 6-Jun-1767, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 17-Oct-1793, in Boston, Massachusetts., Judith Greenleaf, born 12-Mar-1768, Newbury, Massachusetts, (daughter of Samuel Greenleaf and Anna Bradbury) died 2-Jul-1834. Enoch died 26-Mar-1808.


i Elizabeth Sawyer born 27-Jun-1794, Newburyport, Massachusetts, married 7-Aug-1815, John Rollins, born Abt. 1794. Elizabeth died 16-Oct-1826.

ii Anna Greenleaf Sawyer born 27-Oct-1795, Newburyport, Massachusetts, married 28-Apr-1818, Amos Atkinson, born Abt. 1795. Anna died 29-Sep-1871.

iii Edmund Sawyer born 4-May-1798, Newburyport, Massachusetts, died Dec 1831.

iv Micajah Sawyer born 24-Nov-1799, Newburyport, Massachusetts, died 30-Aug-1801.

v Judith Greenleaf Sawyer born 6-May-1801, Newburyport, Massachusetts, married William Parsons, born Abt. 1801. Judith died 28-May-1835.

vi Eunice Greenleaf Sawyer born 24-Sep-1802, Newburyport, Massachusetts, died 27-Dec-1822.

vii Hannah Moody Sawyer born 21-Jun-1806, Newburyport, Massachusetts, married 2-Jun-1830, Silas Titcomb, born Abt. 1806. Hannah died 21-Aug-1872.

Sixth Generation

67. Amos Sawyer (51.Reuben5, 34.Henry4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 28-Oct-1753, Metheuen, Mass., married 8-Jan-1778, in Metheuen, Mass., Mary Morrell, born Metheuen, Mass.


i Rhoda Sawyer born 6-Jun-1782.

84. ii Lydia Sawyer born 20-Jun-1784.

68. Henry Sawyer (51.Reuben5, 34.Henry4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 25-May-1765, Dracut, Mass., married 9-Jul-1789, in Dracut, Mass., Kesiah Coburn, born ABT 1765, died 21-Jul-1847, Dracut, Mass. Henry died 14-Feb-1849.


i Henry Sawyer born 21-Oct-1789, Dracut, Mass., died 24-Nov-1791.

ii Sarah Sawyer born 2-Nov-1792, Dracut, Mass.

iii Simon Sawyer born 9-Nov-1794, Dracut, Mass.

iv Miriam Sawyer born 3-Mar-1797, Dracut, Mass.

v Mary Sawyer born 18-Sep-1799, Dracut, Mass.

vi Sybel Sawyer born 16-Jul-1802, Dracut, Mass.

85. vii Rapha W. Sawyer born 24-Oct-1805.

viii James Madison Sawyer born 9-Jun-1809, Methuen, Mass., married 12-Dec-1836, in Lowell, Mass., Dorcas A. Upton.

69. Nathan Sawyer (51.Reuben5, 34.Henry4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 30-Aug-1769, Dracut, Mass., married (1) 3-Jul-1799, in Dracut, Mass., Sally Flint, died 3-Mar-1807, married (2) 19-Oct-1809, in Dracut, Mass., Azubah Austin, born Salem, Mass.

Children by Sally Flint:

i Sally Flint Sawyer born 23-Aug-1799, Dracut, Mass.

ii Nathan Sawyer born 16-Apr-1801, Dracut, Mass.

iii Hannah Sawyer born 7-Apr-1803, Dracut, Mass.

iv James Sullivan Sawyer born 13-Jul-1805, Dracut, Mass.

v Erastus Sawyer born 28-Feb-1807, Dracut, Mass.

Children by Azubah Austin:

vi Benjamin Franklin Sawyer born 27-Jun-1810, Dracut, Mass.

vii Mary Jane Sawyer born 3-Nov-1811, Dracut, Mass.

70. Eli Sawyer (54.Nathaniel5, 35.William4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 18-Oct-1765, Westminster, Mass., married 1-Jun-1790, Ann Laws, born 18-Feb-1768, Westminster, Mass., (daughter of James Laws and Anna Danforth) died 3-Oct-1856, Westminster, Mass. Eli died 30-Jun-1841.


i Anna Sawyer born 16-May-1791, Westminster, Mass., married Levi Rice. Anna died 29-Aug-1883.

ii Polly Sawyer born 24-Nov-1792, Westminster, Mass., married Nathan Hartwell.

iii Joel Sawyer born 13-Dec-1794, died 11-Aug-1798.

iv Rebeckah Sawyer born 8-Oct-1796, Westminster, Mass., married 18-Jan-1821, Josiah Hartwell.

v Abel Sawyer born 4-Sep-1798, Westminster, Mass., married Jul 1821, Lucy Holt.

vi Rhoda Sawyer born 11-Jul-1800, Westminster, Mass.

vii Marria Sawyer born 29-Jan-1802, Westminster, Mass., married 24-Mar-1818, Joseph F. Burgess.

viii Sophia Sawyer born 30-Nov-1803, Westminster, Mass.

ix Roena Sawyer born 20-Feb-1806, Westminster, Mass., married 19-May-1831, in Westminster, Mass., John Milton Sawyer, born 11-Feb-1806, Westminster, Mass., (son of Zadoc Sawyer and Sally Kendall).

x John Laws Sawyer born 18-Jan-1810, Westminster, Mass.

71. Jacob Sawyer (55.Jonathan5, 35.William4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 15-Jun-1772, Westminister, Mass., married 25-Aug-1801, in Westminster, Mass., Mary (Polly) Rice, born ---Jun-1778, Westminster, Mass., (daughter of Rev. Asaph Rice and Elizabeth Clough).


i Mary Almira Sawyer born 2-Nov-1803, Westminster, Mass., died 7-Mar-1811, Westminster, Mass.

ii Nancy Aurelia Sawyer born 22-Aug-1805, Westminster, Mass.

iii Benjamin Rice Sawyer born 1-Jan-1807, Westminster, Mass., died 15-Mar-1807, Westminster, Mass.

iv Benjamin Rice Sawyer born 4-Feb-1808, Westminster, Mass.

v Elizabeth Clough Sawyer born 4-Mar-1810, Westminster, Mass.

vi George Washington Sawyer born 25-Apr-1812, Westminster, Mass.

vii Mary Almira Sawyer born 13-Sep-1814, Westminster, Mass.

viii Julia Sawyer born 11-Mar-1816, Westminster, Mass.

ix Susanna Flint Sawyer born 9-May-1817, Westminster, Mass., died 8-Jul-1858, Westminster, Mass.

x Jacob Sawyer born 4-Jun-1820, Westminster, Mass., died 2-May-1827, Westminster, Mass.

xi Catherine Sawyer born 17-Jan-1822, Westminster, Mass.

72. Zadoc Sawyer (55.Jonathan5, 35.William4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 4-Feb-1776, Westminister, Mass., married 12-May-1805, in Westminster, Mass., Sally Kendall.


i John Milton Sawyer born 11-Feb-1806, Westminster, Mass., married 19-May-1831, in Westminster, Mass., Roena Sawyer, born 20-Feb-1806, Westminster, Mass., (daughter of Eli Sawyer and Ann Laws).

ii Julia Ann Sawyer born 10-Mar-1808, Westminster, Mass.

iii Edwin Sawyer born 6-Oct-1810, Westminster, Mass.

iv Francis Dana Sawyer born 7-Aug-1813, Westminster, Mass.

v Franklin Sawyer born 2-Jun-1815, Westminster, Mass.

vi Henry Sawyer born 8-Jun-1817, Townsend, Vermont, died 11-Nov-1817, Townsend, Vermont.

vii Sarah (Sally) Kendall Sawyer born 3-Sep-1818, Townsend, Vermont.

viii Mary Delia Sawyer born Abt. 1822, Townsend, Vermont.

ix Augusta Sawyer born 28-Dec-1825, Townsend, Vermont.

x Henry Sawyer born 29-Jan-1828, Townsend, Vermont, died 7-Aug-1845.

73. Levi Sawyer (55.Jonathan5, 35.William4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 19-Jul-1783, Westminster, Mass., married 29-Dec-1833, in Westminster, Mass., Fanny Rand. Fanny: Fanny is the widow of Crosby Rand. Her maiden name is unknown.


i Julia Augusta Sawyer born 19-May-1835, Westminster, Mass.

74. Samuel Sawyer (56.Samuel5, 37.Samuel4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 8-May-1781, Newbury, Massachusetts, married 29-Oct-1803, Sarah Chase, born Sandown, Massachusetts.


i Lydia Morse Sawyer born 22-Aug-1804, Newbury, Massachusetts.

ii Alice Bartlet Sawyer born 2-Oct-1805, Newbury, Massachusetts.

iii Sarah Sawyer born 25-Nov-1807, Newbury, Massachusetts.

86. iv Samuel Chase Sawyer born 15-Oct-1811.

v Mary Elizabeth Sawyer born 20-Apr-1813, Newbury, Massachusetts, died 6-Mar-1818, Newbury, Massachusetts.

75. Edmund Sawyer (58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 2-Sep-1759, Hampstead, New Hampshire, married 30-Sep-1784, Mehitable Morrill, born Abt. 1764, Warner, New Hampshire.


i Anna Sawyer born 9-Jan-1790, Warner, New Hampshire.

87. ii Jacob Sawyer born 16-Jun-1794.

iii Judith Sawyer born 11-Feb-1796, Warner, New Hampshire.

88. iv Rev. Daniel Sawyer born 16-Mar-1797.

v Polly Sawyer born 2-Jan-1799, Warner, New Hampshire.

89. vi Edmund Sawyer born 23-Apr-1802.

vii Mittee Sawyer born 12-Sep-1803, Warner, New Hampshire.

viii Samuel Woods Sawyer born 27-Mar-1804, Warner, New Hampshire.

ix Dorcas Sawyer born 7-Dec-1807, Warner, New Hampshire.

x _____ Sawyer born 29-Nov-1810, Warner, New Hampshire.

76. Moses Sawyer (58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 27-Feb-1767, Hampstead, New Hampshire, married 23-Apr-1799, in Warner, New Hampshire, Lavina Kelley, born Abt. 1767.


i Lavina Bailey Sawyer born 24-Jan-1800, Warner, New Hampshire.

77. Joseph Sawyer (58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 2-Feb-1771, Hampstead, New Hampshire, married 20-Jun-1796, in Dunbarton, New Hampshire, Ruth Page, born 7-Oct-1772, Dunbarton, New Hampshire, died 18-Nov-1842. Joseph died 30-Jul-1854.


i Lydia P. Sawyer born 27-Nov-1799, Newport, New Hampshire, married Rev. John Wilcox.

ii William Sawyer born 10-May-1803, Newport, New Hampshire, died 10-Feb-1805, Newport, New Hampshire.

iii Edmund Sawyer born 22-Dec-1805, Newport, New Hampshire.

iv Laura Sawyer born 30-Aug-1807, Newport, New Hampshire, married (1) Calvin Hurd, married (2) Stoddard Tower.

90. v Joseph Sawyer born 10-Apr-1809.

91. vi Uriah Sawyer born 18-May-1813.

92. vii Dr. Langdon Sawyer born 7-Sep-1815.

93. viii John B. Sawyer born 10-Sep-1817.

94. ix Benjamin F. Sawyer born 14-Sep-1819.

78. Richard Kelly Sawyer (58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 25-Jun-1779, Warner, New Hampshire, married 21-Sep-1800, Polly Bean, born Abt. 1780.


i Jonathan B. Sawyer born 27-Mar-1806, Newport, New Hampshire.

ii Moses Sawyer born 15-Oct-1807, Newport, New Hampshire.

iii Anna C. Sawyer born 2-Sep-1809, Newport, New Hampshire.

iv Lovenda Sawyer born 6-Feb-1813, Newport, New Hampshire.

79. Rev. Moses Sawyer (61.Moses5, 39.Josiah4, 16.Josiah3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 11-Mar-1776, Salisbury, New Hampshire, married 7-Jul-1802, in Boscawin, New Hampshire, Frances Kimball, born 9-Aug-1776, Boscawen, New Hampshire, (daughter of Peter Kimball and Elizabeth Thurston) died 13-May-1854, Medford, Massachusetts. Rev. died 26-Aug-1847, IPSWICH, MASSACHUSETTS.


i Caroline Sawyer born 28-May-1804, Henniker, New Hampshire, married 5-Sep-1826, Rev. Daniel Fitz.

ii Livonia Sawyer born 18-May-1806, Henniker, New Hampshire, married Abt. 1827, Capt. Christopher T. Bayley, born Abt. 1805.

iii Cassandra Sawyer born 26-Jun-1809, Henniker, New Hampshire, married 22-Sep-1833, Rev. Jessie Lockwood.

95. iv Moses Kimball Sawyer born 7-Jul-1812.

80. Roberts Darling (62.John5, 41.Hannah4, 19.William3, 4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 15-Oct-1765, Hampstead, New Hampshire. Roberts was in Hampton, New Hampshire in 1789 and in Groton, Vermont in 1790.


96. i Deliverance Darling born 16-Nov-1785.

ii Judith Darling born 1-Sep-1787, married William Taisey.

iii John Darling born 18-Oct-1789, married Janet Brock.

iv Hannah Darling born 7-May-1791, married John Whitchill.

v Medad Darling born 5-Aug-1794.

97. vi Daniel Darling born 26-Feb-1797.

vii Ruth Darling born 18-Dec-1798, married James Taisey.

viii Sally Darling born 23-Sep-1800, married Joseph Morrison.

ix Phebe Darling born 21-Sep-1802, married Samuel Clark.

x Rhoda Darling born 7-Jul-1804, married Thomas Taisey.

xi Susanna Darling born 19-Apr-1806, married Ephraim Low.

xii Lucinda Darling born Abt. 1807, married Annual Vennor.

81. Samuel Darling (62.John5, 41.Hannah4, 19.William3, 4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 18-Jul-1775, married (1) Sarah ______, married (2) 24-Apr-1795, Catherine Welch, born 21-Nov-1778, died 21-Nov-1854, Groton, Vermont. Samuel died 10-Apr-1852, Groton, Vermont.

Children by Catherine Welch:

i Hannah Darling born 10-Mar-1796, Groton, Vermont., died 7-Mar-1829, Groton, Vermont.

98. ii Jonathan Darling born 2-Nov-1797.

iii Elnathan Darling born 2-Nov-1799, died 17-Oct-1800, Groton, Vermont.

99. iv Ira Darling born 5-Aug-1801.

v Josiah Darling born 8-Aug-1803, Groton, Vermont., died 4-Apr-1825, Groton, Vermont.

vi Aaron Darling born 7-Jul-1805, Groton, Vermont., married 1826, Judith Jenkins, born 11-Oct-1808, (daughter of David Jenkins and Deliverance Darling).

vii Nathan Darling born 4-Aug-1807, Groton, Vermont., married 16-Nov-1829, Druscilla Jenkins, born 10-Jul-1810, (daughter of David Jenkins and Deliverance Darling).

viii Eunice Darling born 14-Feb-1810, Groton, Vermont., married Rufus Goodwin, born 8-Sep-1802, (son of Benjamin Goodwin) died 6-Aug-1870. Eunice died 25-Apr-1871.

ix Hulda Darling born 11-Jun-1812, Groton, Vermont., married 24-Oct-1836, John Emery, born 31-Aug-1815, (son of Caleb Emery and Margaret Powers). Hulda died 8-Oct-1854.

x Abner Darling born 7-May-1817, Groton, Vermont.

xi Susan Darling born 7-May-1817, Groton, Vermont., married 28-Dec-1837, Ezra Benfield. Susan died 1855.

xii Samuel Darling born 26-May-1819, Groton, Vermont., married (1) Irene Page, born 24-Aug-1812, (daughter of Enoch Page and Betsey Welch) died 23-Jul-1852, married (2) Phoebe Hosmer, married (3) Elizabeth Wood, married (4) Betsy Page, born 20-Dec-1820, (daughter of Enoch Page and Betsey Welch) died 31-Jul-1865. Samuel died 19-Oct-1894.

xiii Stephen Darling born 14-Dec-1822, Groton, Vermont., married (1) 28-Nov-1844, Mary Philbrick, (daughter of Asa Philbrick and Phoebe Emery) married (2) 1850, Sarah Welch, (daughter of Daniel Welch and Alice Page).

82. Cyrenius Brown (64.Elijah5, 42.Abraham4, 20.Tristram3, 5.Sarah2, 1.William1) born 30-Apr-1774, married 12-Oct-1799, Experience Barnstable. Cyrenius died Aft. 1840. This family moved to New York early in the first decade of the 1800's, then to Pa. in the late 1820's. Date of death for Cyrenus is unknown, but after 1840.


100. i Elijah Brown born 1813.

83. Joseph Sawyer (65.William5, 44.William4, 23.Daniel3, 6.William2, 1.William1) born 19-Jun-1773.


101. i Lemuel Sawyer born 19-Jan-1797.

Seventh Generation

84. Lydia Sawyer (67.Amos6, 51.Reuben5, 34.Henry4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 20-Jun-1784, married 11-Apr-1802, in Dracutt, Mass., Joshua Colburn, (son of Job Colburn and Hannah _____). Lydia died 1-Jul-1867.


102. i Lydia Colburn born 13-Nov-1821.

85. Rapha W. Sawyer (68.Henry6, 51.Reuben5, 34.Henry4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 24-Oct-1805, Methuen, Mass., married 30-Apr-1829, in Dracut, Mass., Polly Webster.


i Alfred Webster Sawyer born 27-Mar-1832, Dracut, Mass., died 23-Jun-1833, Dracut, Mass.

ii Mary Ann Sawyer born 3-Jul-1833, Dracut, Mass.

iii Latitia Blood Sawyer born 27-Jan-1834, Dracut, Mass.

iv Francis Albert Sawyer born 9-Aug-1835, Dracut, Mass.

v Aurilla Sawyer born 15-May-1839, Dracut, Mass.

vi Lydia Ann Sawyer born 7-Oct-1843, Drauct, Mass.

86. Samuel Chase Sawyer (74.Samuel6, 56.Samuel5, 37.Samuel4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 15-Oct-1811, Newbury, Massachusetts, married ABT 1850, Martha Kimball.


i Emma Florence Sawyer born 12-May-1851, Bradford, Massachusetts.

ii Carrie Elizabeth Sawyer born 1-Oct-1855, Bradford, Massachusetts.

iii Bertha May Sawyer born 10-May-1862, Bradford, Massachusetts.

87. Jacob Sawyer (75.Edmund6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 16-Jun-1794, Warner, New Hampshire, married Apr 1820, Laura Bartlett, born Abt. 1787, Warner, New Hampshire, (daughter of Joseph Bartlett and Susannah _____) died 9-Apr-1877, Manchester, New Hampshire. Jacob died 6-Dec-1865, Manchester, New Hampshire.


103. i Joseph Bartlett Sawyer born 3-Oct-1823.

104. ii Henry Edmund Sawyer born 14-Jul-1826.

105. iii Edward Sawyer born 24-Jun-1828.

iv John Marshall Sawyer born 14-Oct-1831, Henniker, New Hampshire, married 18-Aug-1863, in Henniker, New Hampshire, Laura J. James, born Abt. 1841, Pittsfield, New Hampshire, (daughter of Winthrop D. James and Sarah _____). There are known to be six children, but the names are not listed.

106. v George Blagdon Sawyer born 28-Feb-1834.

107. vi Jacob (Fitts) Herbert Sawyer born 10-Jun-1837.

88. Rev. Daniel Sawyer (75.Edmund6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 16-Mar-1797, Warner, New Hampshire, married 21-May-1831, Nancy Johnson, born Abt. 1802, Warner, New Hampshire, (daughter of William Johnson and Rhoda Spaulding). Rev. died 24-Aug-1888, Hopkinton, New Hampshire.


i Cornelia Maria Sawyer born ABT 1832, Warner, New Hampshire.

89. Edmund Sawyer (75.Edmund6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 23-Apr-1802, Warner, New Hampshire, married 23-Feb-1836, in Harvard, Massachusetts, Rebecca Fairbanks, born 5-Aug-1808, Harvard, Massachusetts, (daughter of Amos Fairbanks and Rebecca Whitney) died 30-Mar-1878. Edmund died 20-May-1856.


i Charles Edmund Sawyer born 7-Dec-1836, married Sarah M. Willard.

ii Eliza Rebecca Sawyer born 11-Sep-1838, Harvard, Massachusetts.

iii Georgianna Frances Sawyer born 12-Apr-1841, Harvard, Massachusetts.

iv Horace Fairbanks Sawyer born 29-Dec-1843, Harvard, Massachusetts, married Ethelina _____.

v Caroline Marion Sawyer born 7-Nov-1846, Harvard, Massachusetts, died 13-Jan-1865, Harvard, Massachusetts.

90. Joseph Sawyer (77.Joseph6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 10-Apr-1809, Newport, New Hampshire, married 6-Apr-1837, in Newport, New Hampshire, Mary Colby, born 15-Aug-1812, Hopkinston, New Hampshire. Joseph died 13-Aug-1857.


i Mary Jane Sawyer born 31-Mar-1838, Newport, New Hampshire, married James Wesley Miller.

ii Augusta L. Sawyer born 31-Aug-1839, Newport, New Hampshire, married Edmund Wheeler.

iii Lydia L. Sawyer born ABT 1840, Newport, New Hampshire.

iv Andrew J. Sawyer born 6-Jul-1844, Newport, New Hampshire, married 18-Sep-1866, Marcia A. Humphrey.

v Joseph J. Sawyer born ABT 1847, Newport, New Hampshire.

91. Uriah Sawyer (77.Joseph6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 18-May-1813, Newport, New Hampshire, married 1-Jun-1837, Marilla Gunnison, born 21-Oct-1817, Newbury, New Hampshire, (daughter of William Gunnison and Polly Tandy) died 3-Feb-1859.


i Ellen Chastine Sawyer born 4-May-1838, Newbury, New Hampshire, married 1-Oct-1857, Oliver H. Parker.

ii Anna Minerva Sawyer born 9-Jun-1847, Newbury, New Hampshire, died 8-Dec-1864.

92. Dr. Langdon Sawyer (77.Joseph6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 7-Sep-1815, Newport, New Hampshire, married (1) Abt. 1840, Marcia Smith, born Abt. 1815, married (2) Abt. 1864, Sarah G. Gregg, born Abt. 1835, (daughter of Dr. James A. Gregg).

Children by Marcia Smith:

i Frank Page Sawyer born 12-Jan-1856, Springfield, Vermont.

Children by Sarah G. Gregg:

ii Helen Frances Sawyer born 4-May-1865, Springfield, Vermont.

iii Frederick Langdon Sawyer born 12-Aug-1867, Springfield, Vermont.

iv William Gregg Sawyer born 6-Jul-1869, Springfield, Vermont.

v George Thompson Sawyer born 23-Apr-1871, Springfield, Vermont.

93. John B. Sawyer (77.Joseph6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 10-Sep-1817, Newport, New Hampshire, married 19-Aug-1847, in Albany, Wisconsin, Julia Ann Copp, born 5-May-1819, Marcellus, New York, died 7-Aug-1886, Broadhead, Wisconsin. John died 3-Dec-1895, Broadhead, Wisconsin.


i Laura Sawyer born 11-Jul-1849, died 10-Mar-1939.

ii David Sawyer born 4-Nov-1851, died 1878, New Mexico.

iii Frank Sawyer born 22-Feb-1853, died 1933, CANADA.

iv Nettie Sawyer born 18-Mar-1854.

v Henrietta Sawyer born 1855, died INFANCY.

vi Langdon Sawyer born 26-Jul-1857.

vii Carrie Sawyer born 11-Oct-1859, died 26-Sep-1932.

viii William Sawyer born 4-Sep-1861, died 26-May-1884.

ix Julia Sawyer born 10-Oct-1863, died 24-Sep-1883.

x Kittie Sawyer born 18-Aug-1865.

xi Charles Minor Sawyer born 19-May-1867, Broadhead, Wisconsin, died 15-Feb-1924.

94. Benjamin F. Sawyer (77.Joseph6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 14-Sep-1819, Newport, New Hampshire, married 24-Apr-1844, Lois Minerva Gunnison, born 13-Nov-1823, Goshen, New Hampshire, (daughter of Samuel Gunnison and Elizabeth Williams). In 1870, this family moved to Napa City, California.


i French Albert Sawyer born 30-Jan-1846, Newport, New Hampshire.

ii Lydia Sophira Sawyer born 30-Apr-1848, Newport, New Hampshire, died 5-Jan-1865.

95. Moses Kimball Sawyer (79.Rev.6, 61.Moses5, 39.Josiah4, 16.Josiah3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 7-Jul-1812, Henniker, New Hampshire, married 7-Oct-1844, in IPSWICH, MASSACHUSETTS, Caroline Kimball, born 30-Oct-1819, Boscawen, New Hampshire, (daughter of Benjamin Thurston Kimball and Mary Kilburn) died 21-Jul-1904, Portland, Maine. Moses died 7-Jan-1875.


i Mary Frances Sawyer born 25-Jul-1845, Henniker, New Hampshire, married 7-Oct-1869, Edward B. Cook.

ii Louisa Kimball Sawyer born 25-Aug-1847, Henniker, New Hampshire, married 16-Jun-1870, Charles S. Chase.

96. Deliverance Darling (80.Roberts6, 62.John5, 41.Hannah4, 19.William3, 4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 16-Nov-1785, married David Jenkins.


i Judith Jenkins born 11-Oct-1808, married 1826, Aaron Darling, born 7-Jul-1805, Groton, Vermont., (son of Samuel Darling and Catherine Welch).

ii Druscilla Jenkins born 10-Jul-1810, married 16-Nov-1829, Nathan Darling, born 4-Aug-1807, Groton, Vermont., (son of Samuel Darling and Catherine Welch).

97. Daniel Darling (80.Roberts6, 62.John5, 41.Hannah4, 19.William3, 4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 26-Feb-1797, married Mary/Lizzie Taisey.


i Phoebe Darling married Chester Darling, born 29-Jan-1821, Groton, Caledonia County, Vermont., (son of Jonathan Darling and Mary Rhodes).

98. Jonathan Darling (81.Samuel6, 62.John5, 41.Hannah4, 19.William3, 4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 2-Nov-1797, Groton, Caledonia Co., Vermont., married Mary Rhodes, born 17-Jul-1795, (daughter of Oliver Rhodes and Martha Pratt) died Aft. 1880, Wisconsin. Jonathan died 10-Apr-1856, Wisconsin.


i Charlotte Darling.

ii Josiah Darling died 1860.

108. iii Chester Darling born 29-Jan-1821.

iv Lucia Darling born 12-Mar-1824.

v Marcia Darling born 12-Mar-1824.

99. Ira Darling (81.Samuel6, 62.John5, 41.Hannah4, 19.William3, 4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 5-Aug-1801, Groton, Vermont., married 28-Oct-1833, Ethelinda Page, born 1814, (daughter of Moses Page and Dolly Bennett) died 1880. Ira died 14-Jan-1886.


i Lydana Darling born 22-Jun-1839, married William Merrill Welch, born 27-Aug-1838, (son of Medad Welch and Abigail Hosmer). Lydana died 2-Nov-1862.

100. Elijah Brown (82.Cyrenius6, 64.Elijah5, 42.Abraham4, 20.Tristram3, 5.Sarah2, 1.William1) born 1813, probably Monroe County, New York., married in PA., Jane E. Teall. Elijah died 1895/1901, Huron County, Michigan.


109. i John Pember Brown born 1837/38.

101. Lemuel Sawyer (83.Joseph6, 65.William5, 44.William4, 23.Daniel3, 6.William2, 1.William1) born 19-Jan-1797.


110. i Thomas Sawyer born 4-Apr-1825.

Eighth Generation

102. Lydia Colburn (84.Lydia7, 67.Amos6, 51.Reuben5, 34.Henry4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 13-Nov-1821, married Paris B. Shippee, born 1824.


111. i Alice Bennett Shippee born Jan 1861.

103. Joseph Bartlett Sawyer (87.Jacob7, 75.Edmund6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 3-Oct-1823, Warner, New Hampshire, married Rachel C. Barnes, born 5-May-1835, England., died 30-Dec-1900, Manchester, New Hampshire.


i Mary D. Sawyer born 16-Jul-1865, Manchester, New Hampshire, died 26-Dec-1896.

ii Sarah A. Sawyer born 18-Aug-1869.

104. Henry Edmund Sawyer (87.Jacob7, 75.Edmund6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 14-Jul-1826, Warner, New Hampshire, married 27-Nov-1851, in Candia, New Hampshire, Julia A. French, born Abt. 1830, Candia, New Hampshire, (daughter of Jacob French and Lydia Eaton) died 27-Nov-1875.


i Julia Lillian Sawyer born 1-Oct-1852, Francestown, New Hampshire.

ii William Henry Sawyer born 29-Dec-1854, Great Falls, New Hampshire, died 24-Sep-1855, Great Falls, New Hampshire.

iii Edmund F. Sawyer born 9-Sep-1858, Concord, New Hampshire, married Mary E. _____.

105. Edward Sawyer (87.Jacob7, 75.Edmund6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 24-Jun-1828, Warner, New Hampshire, married Frances Everett, born Jul 1838, Merton, Massachusetts.


i _____ Sawyer born Abt. 1865, Merton, Massachusetts.

106. George Blagdon Sawyer (87.Jacob7, 75.Edmund6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 28-Feb-1834, Henniker, New Hampshire, married 1859, Anna A. Lord, born Abt. 1837. George died 19-Sep-1903, Wiscasset, Maine.


i Anne L. Sawyer born Nov 1860.

ii Edith A. Sawyer born Sep 1865.

iii Helen F. Sawyer born May 1867.

107. Jacob (Fitts) Herbert Sawyer (87.Jacob7, 75.Edmund6, 58.Joseph5, 38.Edmund4, 14.Samuel3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born 10-Jun-1837, Henniker, New Hampshire, married 9-Mar-1864, in Rollingsford, New Hampshire, Mary Lizzie Wentworth, born Abt. 1839, Somersworth, New Hampshire, (daughter of William T. Wentworth and Lucinda Rich).


i Henry Buckland Sawyer born 28-Apr-1871, married 28-Apr-1906, Georgia P. Pope. Henry died 14-Apr-1950.

108. Chester Darling (98.Jonathan7, 81.Samuel6, 62.John5, 41.Hannah4, 19.William3, 4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 29-Jan-1821, Groton, Caledonia County, Vermont., married (1) Phoebe Darling, (daughter of Daniel Darling and Mary/Lizzie Taisey) married (2) Abt. 1840, in Groton, Caledonia County, Vermont., Sallie Emery, (daughter of Caleb Emery and Margaret Powers) married (3) 7-Sep-1842, in Lickng County, Ohio., Hester Cooley, born 18-Dec-1823, possibly in Ohio., (daughter of James Cooley and Hester ______) died 25-Dec-1873, Wisconsin.

Children by Hester Cooley:

i Grace Darling born 1-May-1844, Ohio.

ii Kirk Darling born 23-Sep-1845, Ohio., died 9-Oct-1918.

112. iii Jane Darling born 26-Mar-1849.

iv Oliver Darling born 31-Dec-1850, Wisconsin.

v Frank Darling born 31-Jul-1853, Wisconsin., died 27-Dec-1891.

vi Asa Darling born 18-Jan-1855, Wisconsin.

vii Ada Darling born 20-Jul-1856, Wisconsin., died 25-Apr-1864.

viii Jonathan Darling born 22-Sep-1858, Wisconsin.

109. John Pember Brown (100.Elijah7, 82.Cyrenius6, 64.Elijah5, 42.Abraham4, 20.Tristram3, 5.Sarah2, 1.William1) born 1837/38, probably Pennsylvania., married 30-Dec-1869, in Chicago, Illinois., Catherine Gerhart. John died 9-Dec-1925. His Civil War papers say he was born in Sodus, New York in 1840. He never knew his age because he was apprenticed to a sail maker at an early age, but his brother Charles was born January-1840, per the 1900 census. The year of John P's death, he wrote in his diary that he was 88 years old on his birthday. Catherine: of Rhein-Pfalz, Germany.


i Jane Brown.

110. Thomas Sawyer (101.Lemuel7, 83.Joseph6, 65.William5, 44.William4, 23.Daniel3, 6.William2, 1.William1) born 4-Apr-1825.


113. i Wilbur Sawyer born 1861.

Ninth Generation

111. Alice Bennett Shippee (102.Lydia8, 84.Lydia7, 67.Amos6, 51.Reuben5, 34.Henry4, 13.William3, 3.Samuel2, 1.William1) born Jan 1861, married Charles Henry Perkins, born 1853.


i Howard Elisha Perkins born 9-Sep-1890, married Annie Duhaime, born 12-Jan-1890.

112. Jane Darling (108.Chester8, 98.Jonathan7, 81.Samuel6, 62.John5, 41.Hannah4, 19.William3, 4.Ruth2, 1.William1) born 26-Mar-1849, Dane County, Wisconsin., married 8-Apr-1866, in Bangor, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin., Gotthelf Wilhelm Wenzel, born 30-Dec-1825, Boolen, Germany., (son of Henry Nicholas Wenzel and Magdolin Hough) died 17-Apr-1909, Farmington Twp., LaCrosse Co., Wisconsin. Jane died 27-Feb-1932.


i Grace Wenzel born 17-Mar-1868, married ______ VanEman. Grace died 14-Oct-1961, Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

ii Hester Wenzel born 10-Nov-1869, married ______ Ott.

iii Adeline Wenzel born 8-Oct-1871, Bangor, Wisconsin., married 1887, John Peters. Adeline died 26-Mar-1970, Melrose, Wisconsin. Adeline lived to be 99 years old and she left 253 direct descendants according to a newspaper article from Melrose, Wisconsin.

iv Magdalene Wenzel born 27-Feb-1874, Burns Valley, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin, married 22-Aug-1902, ______ Radcliffe. Magdalene died 18-Jun-1967.

v Ida Ione Wenzel born 10-Oct-1875, died 18-Aug-1894.

vi William Chester Wenzel born 30-Mar-1877, Burns Valley, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin, married 20-Dec-1905, Emma Harmon. William died 18-Jun-1962.

vii Emil/Elim Wenzel born 17-Mar-1879, died 7-May-1915, (DROWNED).

viii Albert Oliver Wenzel born 4-Jun-1882, married 27-May-1920, Mary Ann Cooper, born 5-Dec-1896, Little Falls, Monroe County, Wisconsin., (daughter of Rollin Wilford Cooper and Anna Nordick) died 18-Feb-1967, Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Albert died 22-Nov-1979, Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

ix Claude Ethelbert Wenzel born 4-Dec-1883.

x George Wenzel born 6-Feb-1886, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin., married 28-Dec-1911, Louise Harmon, born 1887, died 1968. George died 8-Jun-1978, Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

xi Irene Ruth Wenzel born 11-Aug-1888.

xii Charles Wenzel born 5-Mar-1891.

xiii ______ Wenzel born 16-Jun-1893, died 24-Oct-1894.

113. Wilbur Sawyer (110.Thomas8, 101.Lemuel7, 83.Joseph6, 65.William5, 44.William4, 23.Daniel3, 6.William2, 1.William1) born 1861.


i Roscoe Sawyer born 1-Apr-1881.