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The Institute of Our Lady of Mount Carmel was founded in Italy, by Mother Maria Scrilli, known as Sister Maria Teresa of Jesus in 1845 in the town of Montevarchi. Originally, the main purpose of the Institute was of the ‘leading souls to God’ through prayers and through the apostolate of educating children from their tender years until their adolescence.

In time a new dimension was added to their apostolate, when Co-foundress, Maria Mosca, Known as sister Mary of Jesus, was inspired to serve the Lord through serving the sick and the aged. In many of our homes, Our sisters have become close to those who suffer. The sisters are known for their warm, generous and compassionate care for all those who are suffering.

In addition to educating children and caring for the sick the sisters also do social work and pastoral work. In response to the Church’s invitation to spread the Kingdom of God among the nations. Our Carmelite Sisters have opened houses in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Ceska, Poland and India in addition to the many houses that continue to operate throughout Italy and Philippines.

In later years, the need arose to extend the work of the Order to include in homes for the aged.  Our sisters providing a climate of family warmth and loving care to the elderly. They assist aged people in their medical, spiritual and basic human needs.

The sisters also serve in the neighboring parishes through the liturgical ministries as lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and leaders of song.  They also provide religious education for the youth.  Their ministry also includes visiting homes, reciting the Rosary with families and sharing the Word of God through Bible Study.
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Sisters of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
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