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|| Om Shri Navadurga devyai namah ||
|| Shri Ganeshaya namah ||
|| Om namo bhagwate vasudevaya ||
|| Om Namah Shivay ||
|| Pranam to Sarva Devi /Devata ||
|| Paramhansa Shri Sadgurunath Siddharudh Maharaj Ki Jai ||
|| Parampujya Gurudevata Shri Kalavati mata ki Jai ||

With the blessings of God, this is just my humble service to our Kuladevata.This is a Personal Page on my Kuladevata and not an official Site of the Temple. The information specific to Shri Navadurga of Redi-Vengurla , has been taken from the " Devasthan Information Book " compiled by Shri Madhav Pandurang Gawaskar (ex-Manager of Devasthan).I appreciate his efforts to collect the information about the history of Goddess from various sources & other Mahajans of Goa , without which this site would not have been possible ! I am grateful to him and the Devasthan for compiling such a valuable document !

I would also like to thank Shri Vitthal Govind Gawaskar ( Manager , Navadurga Devasthan ), managing committee members ,& all the Bhakta Mandali (Devotees) who have helped me in one or other way to make this happen !

Thanks to Yahoo-Geocities for providing free Web Space for this site.

Thanks to Shri Avinash Shenai from Vengurla for providing some superb photographs on Vengurla.

I am & will always be grateful to my Parents Shri Gopalkrishna Dwarkanath Gavaskar & my late mother Sau. Neela Gopalkrishna Gavaskar for their good Sanskars /blessings & Inspiration throughout my career!!

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These pages have been designed & maintained ( Site-Owner ) by Girish Gavaskar.This is a non-commercial and non-profit oriented website.The information provided on this site is just out of hobby & interest in the respective fields.It is a humble service to the Kuladevata.

The purpose of these pages on the Web Site is for General information on the Kuladevata and links to various Religious & other interesting Sites .While every effort is made , the owner is not responsible for any inaccuracies or changes.
The use of any of the information or links on this site is on as is basis and without any warranty or guarantee of any kind , either express or implied.The Owner is no way responsible for the contents of the sites whose links have been provided here and may not / does not necessarily agree with it. Any postings made to Personal's / Other links are subject to this agreement and to the terms posted on the respective link page.

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