The Konkan region of Maharashtra is divided into 6 districts - Mumbai, Mumbai Suburban,Raigad,Thane, Ratnagiri, & Sindhudurg.
In the naturally rich & beautiful Konkan Region of Maharashtra , lies the Sindhudurg district near the Goa border with a total area of about 5207 Sq. Km and has about 743 villages.

The nearest airport is at Dabolim-GOA.

Important Stations in Sindhudurg are 1)Nandgaon Road 2) Vaibhavwadi Road 3) Kankavli 4) Sawantwadi Road 5)Kudal 6) Sindhudurgnagari.

Just few years back ,it has been declared as a Tourist District by the Government. It is situated on the south-west coast line of Maharashtra. & surrounded by Arabian Sea on the west.On the east are the ranges of Sahyadri. Towards the north is the Ratnagiri district , while Goa is towards its south. Sindhudurg has a huge coastal line of approx. 121 kms.

National Highway 17 passes through this area. With 7 railway stations, a 105 Km stretch of Konkan Railway line passes through this district. It has good road and rail links with Goa and Mumbai.

There are 8 Tehsils (Talukas ) in this district namely ---Devgad ,Vaibhavwadi ,Kankavli ,Malwan , Kudal ,Vengurla, Dodamarg & Sawantwadi .
Seven rivers flow in this district . Important rivers are 1) Terekhol 2) Gad 3) Devgad 4) Karli 5) Vaghotan.

The people of Sindhudurg District mostly speak Malvani, though Marathi and English are also spoken.

Cities in the district include Sawantvadi, Kudal, Oros, Kankavli, Devgad, Vengurla and Malvan. Smaller towns include Nerur, Katta, Kalse, Banda and the hill resort of Amboli.

Sindhudurg has lot many tourist attraction spots / temples as well as historical places .Among them are ---the famous Sindhudurg Sea-fort at Malwan built by the Great Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj & other forts like Padamgad , Sarjekot , Rajkot . Nivti , Bharatgad and Bhagwantgad .

At a distance of 7 kms from Malwan is "Tarkarli " beach .Dhamapur lake , near from Malwan has become an attraction now.Malwan is also famous for its Sea-shore ,Cashew nuts and the Jatra (Annual Festival) of BharadiDevi at Aangnewadi- Masure.

In Devgad region ,major attraction spots are– the Seashore, Vijaydurg Sea fort , & Kunkeshwar temple ( Shiva , about 15 kms from Devgad ) .

Sawantwadi is famous for its Wooden Toys , Narendra Hill , Moti lake,Palace,& Amboli hill station (Hiranyakeshi,Mahadevgad point,Shirgaonkar point,Sunset Point & Nagartas waterfall).

Great Saints like Shri Satam Maharaj of Danoli, Shri Raul Maharaj of Pinguli, Shri Tembeswami of Mangaon ,Shri Bhalchandra Maharaj of Kankavli belong to this Sindhudurg district.

In & around Vengurla , there are lot many places to see like its clean & beautiful Sea-shore , Sagareshwar (Shiva)Temple , which is built in the Sands , Shri Mauli Devi Temple at Shiroda & Redi , Shri Navadurga Temple ,Shri Redi Ganesh Temple (with only two hands) , Shri RamPurush Temple & Swayambhoo Shiva Temple at Redi . Also Shri Vetoba & Shri Sateri Devi Temple at Aaravali-Shiroda , the Shiroda Sea-shore ,and Shri Vetaleshwar Temple at Ajgaon are worth visiting among the others.
Rameshwar (Shiva) Temple is the Gramdaivat of Vengurla.Also there is a beautiful temple of Sateri Devi in Vengurla.

Shiroda has a historic importance that the Salt Satyagraha of 1930 took place here. Salt is still produced here in plenty. Soil in this Konkan region is very different ,with rich greenery everywhere and a pleasant atmosphere.

Forts in Sindhudurg District:
Sindhudurg , Vijaydurg , Yashwantgad, Nivti,Gagangad , Santoshgad , Mahadevgad , Raangna
Ghats in Sindhudurg District:
Fonda , Gaganbaawda
Beaches in Sindhudurg District:
Redi, Shiroda,Velagar,Sagartirth,Mochemad,Sagareshwar,Baagayat,Waayangani,Kondura,Kaalvi Port,Khavne,Nivti,Bhogwe,Devbaug,Tarkarli,Malwan ,Chivla,Aachra,Taambaldeg,Mithbaav
Creeks(Back Water)in Sindhudurg District:
Famous Waterfalls in Sindhudurg District:
Amboli ,Naapane, Naagartaas
Dam in sindhudurg district:


Places of Interest in & around Vengurla :

  • At Vengurla & Redi:

    1. Rameshwar Temple - Ancient Gram Devta ( God Shiva – main god of the city ) of Vengurla. Very near from Vengurla S.T Bus Stand.This is a very big temple , very beautiful & worth visiting.
    2. Shri Devi Navadurga Temple,Kanyale-Redi,Vengurla - Originally from Goa.Worth visiting.Beautiful Idol of Navadurga.Ancient Gram Devta of Kanyale-Redi,Vengurla. Very near from Terekhol fort,Goa.Click here for Navadurga Website

    3. Vengurla Port & Harbour– Once upon a time , a very busy sea port in this area. It still has a light house.Sagar Guesthouse is nearby.A very beautiful view of the Sea can be seen from here. Also Terekhol river & Goa border are visible.
    4. Ubhadanda Beach & Sagareshwar Temple --- This beach is about 3 kms from Vengurla. Has golden sand , pleasant breeze .It is very clean without any pollution. On the sea shore itself is the Temple of Shiva. Worth visiting.
    5. Sagareshwar Temple Entrance

    6. Mochemad - at a distance of about 8 kms from Ubhadanda , very beautiful sea shore and greenery. Nice beach . On the way from Vengurla to Redi , from the hill top , the beach can be seen below. Huge Rocks are also an attraction here.
    7. Vengurla Market – Main market place of the city with many shops. Crawford Market.During May – June , you will find fruits available in plenty and very cheap also . Nearby is the fish market. Cashew nuts / Mangoes available in plenty . Famous for " Khaja " , a sweet dish prepared from joggery.
    8. Shiroda / Aaravali - can be called as twin villages with a major market place at Shiroda. Sunday is a special day for marketing here. Sea shore is very near. Shiroda is at 8 kms from Vengurla towards Redi.
    9. Shri Vetoba Temple & Shri Sateri Temple at Aaravali - Both are in Aaravali . Have lot of religious importance in this region. Many devotees here . Worth visitng. The idol of Shri Vetoba's idol is very huge . People offer bunch of bananas to this god. Also some offer big Chappals (so called Kolhapuri ) .It is believed that this god wears these chappals during night and walks around Aaravali. Next day morning if you see the chappals , you get an impression that they were worn earlier.
    10. Shri Sateri Temple at Parabwada ,Vengurla - one more goddess Sateri Temple in Vengurla at Parabwada.
    11. Dutch Wakhar(Godown),Vengurla - Dutch traders & British rulers had Vengurla as a commercial centre around 1665.
    12. Redi Ganesh Temple – This god Ganesh was found in the mines of Redi. It came in the dream of a worker who works in the mine , and asked him to search for him in the mines. When the mines were dug , this Ganesh idol was found underneath . It is a huge idol with only 2 hands. Also a big mouse ( vehicle of Ganesh ) was found there near it. Redi Sea shore is very near from here. Nice view.
    13. Shri Mauli Temple of Redi- Goddess Mauli is the Gram Devta of Redi region. Has a huge ancient temple.
    14. Shri Mauli Temple of Shiroda- One more temple of goddess mauli at Shiroda , very near from Shiroda market.
    15. Shri Ram Purush Temple - One more ancient temple at Kanyale -Redi worth visiting .This also belongs to many Goud Saraswat Brahmins , among others.
    16. Swayambhu Mahadev Temple at Redi - This is a Swayambhoo (emerged from land on its own) Temple of lord Shiva.
    17. Purnadasbaba Upaskar Maharaj Samadhi & Shri Vitthal Mandir at Ubhadanda ,Vengurla - Saint at Ubhadanda .Beautiful Vitthal (Vishnu ) Temple worth visiting.
    18. Redi Port & Fort Yashwantgad -- Again a major sea port of this region . Redi called Redipattan earlier , was /is a famous mining area . Maharashtra state ends here and from Terekhol starts the Goa border , towards the south. Redi is at a distance of 20 kms from Vengurla.
      Yeshwantgad fort is said to have lot of importance during days of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj but lies unattended now.

  • Around Vengurla :
    1. Malwan City – At a distance of about 56 kms from Vengurla by Road. Malwan is a major sea port . Famous for its sea fort " Sindhudurg " built by our great Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj . Worth seeing. There are 2 beaches nearby – Malwan beach & Tarkarli beach ( 7 kms from Malwan ). Dhamapur lake at a distance of 15 kms has become a tourist attraction. Towards Masura , at a distance of 15 kms is yet another famous Goddess Bharadi at Aangnewadi , whose Jatra is held annually .
    2. Raul Maharaj Math at Pinguli -- located at a distance of 25 kms from Vengurla towards kudal. Very peaceful , clean , & beautiful Math .
    3. Shri Raul Maharaj
    4. Shri Tembe Swami Math at Mangaon --- Another famous Math worth visitng for Tembe Swami’s birthplace and God Dattatreya Temple . Located at 25 kms from Vengurla towards Sawantwadi.
    5. Shri Tembe Swami
    6. Kunkeshwar Temple & Vijaydurg Fort --- Located on the Mumbai –Goa Highway along the Sea coast. Famous for its Shiva Temple & the Jatra.
    7. Kudal & Sindhunagari --- Sindhunagari (Oros) is the capital of Sindhudurg district. Kudal is the old capital. Very near from Pinguli.There is a Lakshmi Narayan Temple at Walawal & Kaleshwar Temple at Nerur, very near from Kudal
    8. Parule --- at about 26 Kms.Adi Narayan Temple (Sun Temple), Bhogwe beach & Nivti Fort are nearby.
    9. Goa -- Goa border is very near from Redi . By road , at 10 kms is the famous Terekhol fort & River. One has to cross the river in ferry boat which carries four-wheelers also. On the other side is the Keri village of Goa. From Keri , Panaji is at 76 kms , which can be covered within 1 to 1 ˝ hours. On the way there are many beaches.

    It is possible to visit Goa in one day from Vengurla.


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