With he advent of I don't get as many of these questions, but hopefully this FAQ will help a bit anyway. Please understand, if you email me with a question that is answered here I may not reply--I don't mean to be rude, but I get a lot of these emails:

1. Q: Do you know how to get me in touch with Sammy Terry (Bob Carter)?

A: No, sorry.

2. Q: Do you know where tapes of old Sammy shows or other Sammy memorabilia can be purchased?

A: Here is the ordering info for the two programs that can be purchased (read very carefully--I am not affiliated with Producer's Plus and not responsible for any errors made when ordering--I put this here just so you guys have the info):

"Sammy Terry's Scare-a-Thon with Night of the Living Dead"
(VHS only--this is the first half of the special from 1999)
Send a check or Money order for 19.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling ($23.95 total) to:

Sammy Terry Scare-a-thon Video
c/o Producers Plus
P.O. Box 17194
Indianapolis, IN 46217

"Sammy Terry Scary Tales"
(VHS or DVD--this is the show broadcast in October 2003) Send a check or Money order for 19.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling ($23.95 total) to:

Sammy Terry Scary Tales
c/o Producers Plus
P.O. Box 17194
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Also, a number of very nice pieces of authorized Sammy Terry merchandise--t-shirts and posters--can be obtained through the official site,

As for vintage shows, currently there is no legal venue that I know of to obtain vintage tapes--I am not personally in a position to distribute these tapes, sorry. Of course, there are fans out there who have tapes for trade (no, I don't have a list of these). Be warned: shows for sale on Ebay and other sources are pirated and the quality of reproduction is notoriously bad. Bob Carter receives no remuneration for these pirated shows--these guys are ripping off both him and their customers. I realize it is nevertheless tempting to buy these tapes if you don't have the shows, but buyer beware.

3. Q: Will Sammy ever return to the airwaves?

A: I used to think this was unlikely, but thesedays it seems possible--keep letting WB4 know how much you enjoyed Sammy Terry Scary Tales--there is a move afoot to bring our favorite ghoul back to the airwaves on a regular basis.

4. Q: Do you have a list of upcoming Sammy appearances?

A: No, but go to have all the info.

5. Q: Why isn't this site updated more often/Why didn't you answer my email?/why isn't my fan memory posted yet?

A: First, I apologize for not getting to these things in as timely manner as I sometimes should--procrastination is one of my biggest faults. I only ask you to understand that this site is an advocational enterprise (hobby) and unfortunately, lately especially, my vocation (job) has demanded more time of me. But for those with patience I will get to these matters--even if a year or more late (hopefully less of that in times to come)--JDM.

6. Q: Are Sammy Terry and Janie married?

A: Yes, and Popeye was the best man. But seriously, if you mean are Jane (Janie) Hodge of "Popeye and Janie" and Bob "Sammy Terry" Carter married, I'm afraid not.

Okay, now if your question still isn't answered feel free to email me at

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