Ty Reis's page

To sum up my life since high school...

After high school I went to work with my step dad doing construction, after that I moved to Missouri, and started a dairy, and was a welder in a steel pant.

Upon moving back to California I got my class A licence, and I am now driving for Lindeman Brothers. Recently I married the women of my dreams (Hydee), and our baby girl (Caylynn) is due any day now.

I am a truck driver and do alot of work for Teichert Construction. I sing country music in my spare time and I am currently trying to start a country band. We're also currently moving to a 23 acre ranch where my wife and I are going to put a house,to raise our family.

What is my favorite memory of high school?: My favorite memory of high school is all the time I had to spend with my friends, and all the good times we shared.