The Furry Persecution Myth

Jews, Christians, Moslems and people of other religions have martyrs. People who are truly persecuted and sometimes even killed for their beliefs and practices. For some, furry is also a religion, but, unlike other religions, the persecution, nine times out of ten, is completely imaginary, and the result of various psychological paranoias and complexes. Fans of the furry genre have this idea that they're `being persecuted for being a furry' when in actuality, there are other, more realistic reasons why they deal with seemingly discriminating people.
First, a clarification: persecution normally involves death. Discrimination, on the other hand, is what fans of the furry genre are actually claiming when they claim `persecution.' However, not even that bit of information can protect this myth from surviving scrutiny, for discrimination normally involves one or more of the following: gender, race, religion, physical disability or sexual preference. The point of this article is not to discuss those types of discrimination, but to instead `unfluff' the types of discrimination that really don't exist. The types of discrimination that comes from just being plain weird and unfriendly or antisocial.

"They fired me because I'm a furry!"

Really, now. Let's go down the checklist and see for certain whether it was the fandom's fault:

"They won't hire me because I'm a furry!"

"Disney won't hire me because I'm a furry!"

Everybody and their momma wants to work at Disney. Next `persecution.'

"They won't accept my art because I'm a furry!"

Is the artwork in question appropriate for the client? (I.e. if they're a flower company, are they pictures of flowers instead of naked human beings with cat heads? If it's a religious place, are the pictures PG-13 or nicer?)

"They think I have a `thing' for animals just because I'm a furry!"

The fandom doesn't have anything to do with it. Every time you pastiche human reproductive organs on an animal body, someone is inevitably going to ask you if you have a `thing' for animals. 1