"Vale": Golden Sun

(Posted April 30, 2003) Yeah, long time since this page got updated. Well, not much new except the newer Triad E-mails. Oh, you probably noticed the navigator bar on the left hand side of the screen! I figured it was easier to navigate using that than scrolling up and down. There's also the advanced version, which has all the subcategories beneath each link! Convienent or what?

On a less light note, Royal Swordsman has proven to be a major pain in the butt again. I know he was involved in the removal of myself and Village Idiot's latest work, "The Not So Silver Screen." It was removed under the premise of "Not a Story". Regardless, I'm not one to go down in defeat, so TNSSS will be posted here at Triad Sanctuary. Check it out sometime. It will be updated periodically.

(Posted March 1, 2003) Hey there again. The page's news hasn't seen updates with the growth of the site. I'm glad to report several new "Ask Triads" are up and that the site now has background music in all of the main pages. Also, three game reviews are now up. "Triad's Current Fics" is the next new section to be posted, "Fellow Authors" will probably the one after that. Triad Orion signing off.

(Posted January 28, 2003) Well, this is the first day the site has been activated. Not everything is up and running yet. Most of the other sections will be up soon (hopefully), and you can get a more full experience here. I hope to get some polls up and some more pictures. Well, whatever. Right now, only About Triad Orion, About Triad's Muses, Ask Triad Orion, and Submit Stuff are active.

Anyway, the next thing to be up is likely Triad's Current Fics, followed by some Game Reviews, and maybe the muse pages. We'll see.

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