Gigie's Snoopy Corner

Gigie's Snoopy Corner

April 23, 2004

Charles M. Schulz
Nov. 26, 1922 - Feb. 12, 2000
The man who started it all

Updated Mar. 08, 2006 :

Hi, my name is Gigie Samonte and this is my personal Snoopy Page. First of all I would like to thank some folks whose websites I've come upon and have inspired me a great deal in my collection and in my interest to learn a little about HTML so that I could put up this page. To Phil for his Snoopy PVC's and to Marc & Lisa for their Australian Snoopy Page.

My first snoopy collection was the Snoopy World Tour 1 of Mcdonalds in the Philippines where I'm from. I think it was in 1999. But there's nothing much to collect so I kind of lost interest. Until we came to Singapore, where there's Hallmark stores everywhere. Plus the inspiration I've got from those collectors out there. So here I am, going gaga over snoopy again.

As of Mar. 2006 I have 419 snoopy items.

Hope you will enjoy your visit to my Snoopy Corner. Please feel free to let me know what you think about this page by signing my guestbook. Thanks for dropping by.

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