Geraldine Jeanne Lin
This site is only temporally... I might update it to make it permanent but that's not for sure... yet. So enjoy it while it last and try not to steal some of my works here. If you want to borrow some of my things, please send me an email telling me that you borrow them. Thanks! ^^

My hobbies and interests include writing, reading, surfing the net, drawing, playing arcanes games (and not DDR). I would like to travel Europe one day when I'm able to afford it and become a publisher also.
My best friends are Marie France and Cassandra. Although I don't see Cassandra that much I still consider her as my best friend. Rock on you two!!!^^

I have two older sisters and not brother (pouts) As in this moment, I am attending Dawson College and is soon to end my second semester at Dawson.