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Gigi at a premiere
Looking much cuter than a button :)

Chiana in 'Durka Returns'
That first look

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Gigi is a lovely lady:
and that applies to her personally and in appearances. This page is a tribute to the joys of Chiana and to Gigi for being such a dear!

it can't be said nobody said so:
More Chiana and better Chiana, Farscape creators! Chiana is a unique star of her own, so let's see her star shine! It will be a major hit.

This site is on hiatus for an indefinite time
I don't know if I'll update it in future. You can email me, and if you keep the email I have updated, I could email you if I begin updates. I refer everyone to GigiEnthusiasts. A thank you to everyone who's visited and enjoyed the Gigi and Chiana. Gigi's Chiana is one of the most brilliant creations to ever grace the screen. David Kemper and the people driving Farscape made some amazing things with her, but as it went along, ultimately made it into pretty small thing. Now Gigi's Chiana is the greatest shure-fire hit being wasted today. There. Somebody's said it.
Enjoy the Gigi and Chiana everyone, may the Chi always be with you!


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