India's one and only Gigolo Service - G's�

India's one and only online Gigolo Service�.

The dude - He's cool with/as his cucumber ....SATISFACTION Guaranteed.

. Not too much to say about him, Meet him once and you'll definately want to meet him again.

The Second Dude - He's the man with the plan ...He's THe SANNDMANNN

Looks can be decieving and so is he. The guy who works over time most of the time.......heh.

For security reasons we will not be able to post our pictures....Any one for any questions, commments or orders, feel free to mail. We do not provide for gay sex and encourage safe sex. And all the guys who mail wanting to be a part of us please dont bother wasting your precious time, get a life and find yourself a good looking girlfriend, fools. TALVIN

Make it as hot as you

Mail us !

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