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This site is under HEAVY constuction. So please bare with me until I update my site to provide a full , complete website to handle your needs.

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Welcome to my web-site. I am a student from Sri Lanka whose doing my A/L's.You may wonder what my site is all about. Well, I will tell you.

This site gives small concise notes about "Computer Studies" for Advanced Level students who are following the EdExcel 2 year Course.

What I have basically done is :

  1. Gone through each topic and summarized them.

  2. Made little, little notes to add to them.

  3. Changed the format to help the user understand the contents in a more user-friendly manner.

  4. Designed a menu so that the different topics can be covered separately.

This site would also help O/L students who are thinking about their A/L courses. It would be a hard decision when it comes to choosing the right course for you. But It is up to you to decide your course and not anybody else! So go through this site and get to know what this course is about, and then decide whether you would want to take it for your A/L's. As I told you before, the decision rests in your hand! 

If there are any queries that bothers you, then don't hesitate to inform me. I will be glad to help you out! E-mail me and I will reply to your queries within a week!

My site is not perfect! So notify me if there are any corrections that have to be done to my site.  Are you satisfied with the design of my site? If not, give me some tips to improve it.


Computer Architecture Databases Files Data Representation Assembly Language Algorithms
Programming in Pascal Data Communication Networking System Software Programming Concepts Peripherals
Applications of computers Social implications of computerisation Project A/L Past papers Paper 1 A/L Past papers Paper 2 Glossary

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