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  • My Biogaphy

    From the first day of infantry i have loved and enjoyed this game. Well here is how it all started:
    It all started one day when i was looking around the internet for some game to play. I usually played Shockwave games or java games. I searched around the web when i came upon a game called Arc. I registered and downloaded it. It was some type of little arc ships fighting around. I played for about 2 months and decided to look for another game. On march 1st 2001 I went to AOL search and type "Free Multiplayer Game". As I continued my search for a better game I came upon a game called "Infantry". I clicked on the link and it took me to Infantryzone. I checked the screenshots out and thought it looked awesome. I saw that it said it was a free multiplayer game. I registered for that and downloaded it. As i was downloading the client, I was like "That was fast". I thought I had downloaded the whole game. So I found out that i needed to download different zone to be able to play. With my first alias as "ViperSniper)(" I decided t download Ambush. It seemed cool, but not fun enough. I was looking for a type of war game. I decided to download Skirmish[Mechanized]. I read the information for it and it sounded cool. When it was done downloading I started looking around. Speccing people and I didnt know how to join the game. My first question was "How do i go in the game?". Some person said press f12, so I did. I saw that it said "Press f12 to join game" at the top of the screen. That was the very first thing I learned. So I pressed it and all of a sudden Infantry just closed all the way. There was something wrong so i tried again. I tried and tried, but it didnt seem to stay open. It kept closing the program. I was pretty mad, so I decided to reformat my whole computer. After reformating my whole computer and downloading infantry all over I tried it out. It worked! then I played and played for a while. I was a newb at that time so i was sniping by then. I played for three months and i wanted to try some new class out. As i tried out for grenadier, I was no good at it. I kept getting killed all the time. Then one day my cousin came over to my house and wanted to play on the computer. I told him about Infantry and he decided to play it. He couldnt think of any aliases, so I gave him ideas. I told him "Robocop?, Superman?, GIJOE?, ASSESINO?" He decided to come out with Assesino. So he played and liked the game. Two days later i thought if i should make a practice name for infantry. Since back then they kept track of kills and deaths. Well I decided to use the GIJOE alias. One of the ideas I gave my cousin. I tried different GIJOE's, but they were all taken. I decided to put ~ in the GIJOE. This is the moment when G~I~JOE came upon infantry. I played as a Marine and I liked it alot. I only used G~I~JOE as a practice name and since I did good I decided to keep this one. I played for 3 months and i started to know people and talking to them. I got a better understanding of Infantry and knew how to play it better. I changed my controls and other stuff to make gameplay better. I joined my very first squad called "Hitmen". It was owned by someone called "Hitman". It only lasted for a while since no one was ever one. I became better and better everyday and improved some skills. I didnt even know how to strafe at the time. So I ran in circles and attacked the enemy liked that. Some person told me how to strafe and thanks to that person i learned another thing. After playing for 8 months i got to join some good squads such as Silver Beret, Cidium Fatum, Kamikaze Midget Ninjas, and other ones I cant remmember right now. It was fun being in those squads 4 sure. Now after all this time I met alot of friends and people and tought newbs new things so they could some day become a great player. Right now I am in an awesome squad called "Suicide Medics". Thanks to them I have a squad and more friends on Infantry. This sure has been an awesome year of playing infantry. Thank you all infantry players.

    Copyright 2001, G~I~JOE, All Rights Reserved.