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  • Tournaments Page

    Hey welcome to the Tournament Page. I havent been working on anything anymore since P2P. I myself am not paying. I dont want to spend all day playing Infantry. If I dont pay I can stop myself from playing :P. Have fun playing payers!

    Click (Right here) to email me if you have any questions about the tournament. The tournament will not be anymore. Sorry for those who were looking up for it. You can check the first tournament by clicking on the weeks. Have fun :P.

    Sign Up(No Point :P)


    Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5

    I have also added the Player Charts so you can see how many Wins or losses does a player have. Click on Player Charts to go to the Charts Page.

    Player Chart


    1.The only class we will be using is Marine

    2.We will be holding this Tournament in Battle of Kliest's Ridge.

    3.You start when I (G~I~JOE) says GO. If you dont listen and just start shooting around it will automatically cost you a point loss.

    4.When the match starts you can use all weapons. (Law, Hand Grenade, Shotgun, Combat Knife, Assault Rifle).

    5.When a player kills the opponent the player will earn a point. When the player gets 3 points he wins the duel.

    6.No macros are allowed when fighting or it will be a foul and counted as a point loss.

    7.If some one doesnt show up for the dueling match, and if the other player does, the player that did show up will win automatically. We will wait for 10 minutes, but if the player does not show up then it will cost him a loss.

    Those are all the rules I have made.


    Thank you for joining.

    Copyright 2001, G~I~JOE, All Rights Reserved.