The face of adolescent Jesus Christ

Blessed by His Holiness Pope John Paul 11nd

    The theme I am proudly presenting is "Christ's Unknown Life" which is not referred to in the Holy Bible. The idea struck me in  October 2000 as a divine calling.  My next step was to complete the "unknown Face" and the Divine Expressions of the Christ in his teenage.

    By the inspiration from that Holy Thought I felt that I must finish the unique painting as early as possible. My ambition fulfilled on 10th January 2001. The picture was officially released on 17th January 2001, with a Divine Touch.

 To be frank, a celestial bliss was forcing me to complete the picture, while I am working with the holy idea ; I was totally immersed in the mind of Christ. I thought at that moment I was very near to my God, even now. My mind is filled with the spiritual love of Christ.

 After completing the painting, I found that some miracle is truly happening in me. For example my chronic back pain is cured. That wonderful experience is now leading me to the sanctum sanctorum of my god.

 Now I would like to say one more thing. This is strictly a novel feeling. I strongly believe  this is the one and only one painting of Jesus Christ Adolescence.

 In the Holy Bible we can see Jesus Christ at the age of twleve,  just before his secret life.

 That sacred unknown period was my inspiration. The wonderful feelings about that unknown period encouraged me to give a new face of Christ. With the humble work of art I made it. My Ambition is to send this original painting to His Holiness John Paul 11.

 News of this Painting has been  already published in the leading  news papers,(including Internet Editions) and  periodicals in India, USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.The Hindu-India's National News Paper, July 11, 2001), The Hindu Internet Edition (, July 18, 2001), Mathrubhumi Daily (31 March -2001), Mangalam Daily (February 15, 2001),  Deepika Daily (12, March-2001), Deshabhimani Daily (April 10, 2001) and Apna Desh (February 11, 2001)  Malayalam Pathram published from USA     (February 28, 2001), Kerala Express published from Chicago, USA, Mangalam Weekly International, Deepika Daily Internet Edition ( June 28, 2001), Resmi (Fortnightly) pulished from Germany, World Malayalai Journal-Australia & Newseland.

Released by International  News Agencies,

Indo-Asian News Service, IANS on 2oth October 2001.

Press Trust of India, PTI on 17th November 2001.

United News of India, UNI.

Associated Press, AP.

This was also relayed throughout the globe by leading Indian TV channels mainly Asianet, Kairali,Surya etc..

I had sent copies of the painting to important personalities througout the globe. Some responses are mentioned below.

 Hon. Indian President K R Narayanan has appreciated my gesture and has extended his good wishes for my endeavors.

The British Prime Minister Hon. Tony Blair has thanked me for sending him the copies.

United Nations' Secretary General Kofi Annan's view is reflected in the organisation's reply. "We are touched by your thoghtful words and by the generosity of your gift of the painting of  "Jesus Christ Adolscnet". Such a work cannot fail to inspire anyone working towards the goal of world peace":.

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To View First Ever Painting of "Adolescent Jesus Christ" During his Unknown Years


1.Photo of Original Painting (Oil on Canvas)

Newspaper Clippings

English National Dalies

1.Times of India, Bangalore, dated 19-11-2001

2..Deccan Herald, 19-11-2001

3.The Telegraph,19-11-2001

4..The Indian Express, 03-01-2002

5.The Hindu:(India's National English Daily), Dated 11-07-2001

Regional News Papers

1..Deepika Daily Dated 12-03-2001

2.Mathrubhumi Daily Dated 15-02-2001

3.Mangalam Daily Dated 15-02-2001

Photo of the Artist

4 Manglam Weekly, International 21-03-2001

5. Deshabhimani Daily, Dated 10-04-2001

6. Malayalam Pathram(USA), Dated 28-02-2001

7.Malayalam Pathram,USA, Dated 14-09-2001

8. World Malayali Journal, Dated  30-04-2001

9..Deepika Daily on Internet, Dated 28-05-2001

10..Malayala Manorama on 17-11-2001

Feedback About the Painting

1  His Holiness Pope John Paul's Blessings

2. Mr. Coffe Annan-UN Secretary General.

3.Mr.Tony Blair -British Prime Minister

4.Hon. K R Narayanan-Indian President

Click here for some of the Direct Internet Links about the Artist and Painting

1. The Hindu-India's English National Daily

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3.Kalakeralam- (b) ,,

4.Deepika-Kerala's First Daily

5.Weblokam-The Ultimate Malayalam Portal

6. Times of  India, by IANS

7.Times of India by PTI

Artist at the Workshop


Because of Popular Demand I have Printed Copies of the Original. If you are interested in having copies, Please
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