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You out there!  The one with the mouse.  Do you know what a Bitbrain is?

If you're asking what a Bitbrain is, you might be a Bitbrain. If you found this page without having to ask nine people for help, you might not be a Bitbrain. A Bitbrain needs everything to be (using the Bit analogy) either ON or OFF, 1 or 0, black or white.  The guy who made a right turn from the inside lane and caused you to spill your coffee all over yourself this morning is probably a Bitbrain (among other things). 

Sure.  Everyone has those brief moments that might qualify as "bitbrainish", but these are just brain farts.  The true Bitbrain stumbles blindly from one ignorant situation to the next without ever realizing it.  If you'd like to learn more about Bitbrains, follow the link in the column on the left of this window and read the outrageous Bitbrain Chronicles.  If you have a story of your own that you think qualifies, e-mail it to me & I'll consider adding it.

Who I am, What I do, etc...

If you're still here, I suppose you're one of those internet freaks who goes around reading personal home pages, hoping to find something weird, kinky or nekkid.  You probably hang out in chat rooms, don't you?  Whatever.  I don't have anything kinky or nekkid here, and probably not anything too weird anymore.   All the stuff that qualified for weird when I was weird is tired and pedestrian these days.  Heck, I don't even have any piercings or tattoos.

Somehow, I ended up with the title of "Manager, Integration Technology and Support" for Ingram Micro (the world's largest wholesale distributor of computer technology products and services).  Strange thing is that I never thought I had any interest in computers.   Maybe it was those early computer classes that put me off.  Programming a TRS-80 in BASIC.  Learning Pascal on a Commodore-64 (that's 64KB of RAM, not 64-bit processing).  Writing absolutely useless little programs on a VAX using Fortran77 (yes, that means the version of Fortran that was released in 1977).  After all that, all I can do is scroll my name across the screen using three different programming languages. 

When I'm not at work being the computer guy, I'm being dad to Megan, Stormy and Will and husband to Jody.  I play a 7 piece mahogany Ludwig drum kit when I feel like being loud.  With a little luck, I'll be able to play in a band again some day.  I'm not flashy, and I don't have any expectations of making a living at it.  I just play because it feels good.

I am also a certified scuba diver.  My dive instructor was none other than the leader of the Rocket Boys from October Sky, Homer Hickam.   Scuba is like a portal to another world.  When you drop beneath the surface, all the world's troubles vanish.  Back in the late '80s and early '90s, I would dive just about anywhere.  My buddies and I experienced visibilities from 1 foot to unlimited on consecutive dives.  We dove inlets, bays, jetties, rivers, lakes, quarries, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf Stream and springs.  If it was liquid H2O we were in it.  You can read a page from my dive log if you follow the link to Turtle Dive.

This page was last updated on 04/22/00.

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