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Croeso i Gilfach
Martin John ratat@hurontel.on.ca
Hi, my name is Martin, I was born in Gilfach Goch, Wales, and grew up in Gilfach. My wife's name is Molly, she was also born in Gilfach, her parents were the managers of the Gilfach Hotel. We both attended Abercerdin Secondary Modern School in the early 50's, We have 2 sons, Antony and Gethyn, and 5 grandchildren, Dylan, Tyler, Caitlin, Amanda and Trevor.I am retired from Engineering design, with most of my time being spent as a draftsman.
Gilfach Goch, is the small coal mining valley on which the author Richard Llewellyn based his story "How Green was my Valley". Much has changed since then, and the valley is green once again.We emigrated from Gilfach to Canada in 1969, and did live in
Goderich , but now live in Mitchell Ontario, having lived the previous 10 years in the beautiful town of Deep River, Ontario. My interests are current affairs, gardening, and I collect Canadian postage stamps.
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Dangerous when disturbed
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Naiscoot Lake...Our cottage for 15 adventurous years.
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