Uchuusen Cosmo Carrier is another game with a twist on the genre. This is a menu based shooter with elements from different types of games. Because it's menu based the game somewhat resembles a turn based RPG somewhat like some famous RPG's like the Final Fantasy 1-3. Also the game has a futuristic approach and is somewhat of a 3rd person prespective much like some jet plane simulation games like Aces Iron Eagle 3 and Top Gun. The most blatant flaw of the game is that while you are surfing the menu you are still getting fired on and take damage. If this flaw was eliminated, this game would become a much more enjoyable game in my opinion.

  This game was programmed by Jaleco in 1987. This game is pretty decent at this time in famicom development. There is 2 versions of this game that was dumped for use on PC's. The orginal version is mapper 78 that is the Irem 74161/32 PCB. The other version is the mapper 6 FFE(Far Front East) F4XXX. For this translation patch the mapper 6 version will be used for compatibility reasons.

 And so the story goes that you have been pulled into a gravity well in 1999 and transported to the future where some aliens have taken over the solar system. Your job is to search the entire solar system for the 6 parts of the planetary missile. Your search will include asteroids,moons, and even some of the planets. In order to land on any of these described above you must scan first and then land your ship. And then that's where the fun begins, you grab your mecha suit and fight anything that comes your way.

Here is some screen shots for your viewing pleasure.

  You can download this 25% translation patch Here. Updates will continue once I start working on this game again.

  Also I have managed to rip the NSF from this game. However you will notice that the music in the NSF does not quite sound right so I have identified the NSF as incomplete. Uchuusen Cosmo Carrier.