Heritage is a play by email role playing game. This campaign is set

in Stellar Dust © a complete story line extending from 2021 till 2201.

Heritage 2021-2089 From Mars to the new Sun

Darkness 2090-2180 Other suns exploration

Redemption circa 2180 Interstellar Wars


Once listed in the game, email me a wish list of what character you'd like

to play in the game; you may also have a look on the Characters database

and pick up a Non Playing Character position.


Campaign's rules: Gurps ( V.3 + Compendium )

Campaign's timeline: 2030-2080 AD

Campaign type: Military-Scientific-Exploration

Technical Level: TL 8-TL 9

Campaign's base worlds: Earth-Mars-Asteroids



Turns are twice a week. For the duration of one week, players may post emails stating their characters' actions and inquiring about the situation. Details of interest to only one player or

two players or a player and a non-playing character may be resolved through private email between the game master and the players.

All posts should be headed with [Character name] and a subject. There is no restriction

on the postings, there could be on the first or third person or be in a diary form.

All off-game posts, dealing with things not directly related to the game's proceedings,

should be labeled with an additional [OOC], standing for out of character.

Posts dealing with game management are labeled with an additional [ADMIN].

The game master is the only one who uses this label. Posts marked thus should be read immediately, since they may contain critical information.

If you think the game master is wrong or you have feedback concerning the game, approach the game master with a private email.