Jan 2010

China launches his space station

Mar 2010

Orbital infrared telescope launched

Jul 2010

Jihad conducts by charismatic leader Ali Kemal

Sep 2010

Reinforcement of American presence in Central America

Oct 2011

Bio organs patents manipulation of human genome in fetuses


Korea reunification treaty

Jun 2012

Russian-American Open space Treaty

Sep 2012

Bio engineers create synthetic human tissue

Dec 2012

New laser launch system operational in Cape Canaveral


Civil unrest in China. Chinese Army imposes martial law

Mar 2014

Japan forms an economic union with Malaysia and Philippines

Jun 2014

ESA starts building a new launch facility in Dakar

Feb 2015

China launches a lunar manned program

May 2016

Ali Kemal unifies Irak and Syria and creates Islamic Unified Republic

Oct 2016

Aerospace Consortium launches an orbital factory

Nov 2016

ESA research team develops a fusion drive prototype

Apr 2017

United States government reforms bio genetic laws

May 2017

Border incidents in Saudi Arabia. US reinforcements deployed


Second gulf war. American-Russian coalition intervention

May 2018

Chinese manned Mission lands on the moon


ESA/NASA probes launched to explore the inner asteroids and Jupiter moons

Nov 2018

United States space orbital defense network completed

Feb 2019

American-Russian mission to the moon. Construction of Tsiolkovsky station

Jul 2019

Border incidents in Muslim republics of Russia

Jan 2020

Fuel crisis. US oil strategic reserves begin to decline

Mar 2020

Second Chinese mission on moon ends in disaster

Jun 2020

ISS benefits from a life-extension program

Jul 2020

Assassination of Ali Kemal ; Islamic Republic tears to pieces by Civil war

Sep 2020

US military intervention in Central America. Tensions with Brazil

Jan 2021

Australian launch facility constructed near Melbourne

Mar 2021

Aerospace Consortium opens an equatorial launch facility in Quido, Ecuador

Jun 2021

Russian-American Mission on Mars. After a six months journey, nuclear vessel Icarius reached the red planet. Six astronauts were landed on the surface for a 90 days scientific mission.

Sep 2021

United Nations space treaty of Helsinki. Mars colonization project is launched

Oct 2021

China-Taiwan Union. Japan signs a military pact with Russia and India

Nov 2021

Russia launches a development program in Siberia. Tensions with China

Jan 2022

First experimental fusion drive produced by Europe-Japan consortium

Jan 2022

New Republic of China launches a Mars colonization program

Apr 2022

Lunar mining operations started in Iridium crater

Aug 2022

Major earthquakes hit California and Japan

Jul 2023

First operational laser weapon

Aug 2023

Bio engineers create functional organs for implant

Oct 2023

Indian Ocean incident. Chinese submarine destroyed.

Nov 2023

US retreats from Central America. The operation is considered a major disaster

Feb 2024

Memorandum of Nairobi on Global Warming and Ecological effects

Mar 2024

Puerto Rico becomes 51st United State


Earth population reaches 8.2 billion

Jun 2024

Aerospace Consortium announces a station in lunar orbit by 2030

Sep 2024

Ares fusion drive vessel leaves orbit of Earth...