Proven and clinically formulated remedy to effectively treat the symptoms of ADHD Without the side effects of psychiatric drugs.
An all natural product to safely relieve symptoms of ADD/ ADHD. Safe for children.
Evelyn C. Mayuga, Occupational Therapist, wrote to us saying......
   "I am an independent distributor of Reliv food supplement products. These products are 100% derived from organic botanical sources. The parents who have discovered these products for their children who were on medication for ADHD are greatly thankful for the company for having provided the answer for their family's source of crisis. There is one particular story of a nine-year old boy from Calgary, Alberta in Canada who was classified as a severe behavioral problem in school which escalated to the home setting, with him not being able to relate with his siblings. Consequently, he tried to burn the furniture in his home that sent his parents searching desperately for answers to their son's medical problems.
    He has been on the Reliv products for three years now and last year, he was able to catch up with his academic level in school. Just looking at him now and how well he is doing will not give away any clue that he once suffered so much from the ADHD syndrome.
    The Reliv products are manufactured in St. Louis, Mis. and have been in the market for 11(eleven) years. Most of their products have a patent on the formulation and approved by the US FDA. I can assure you that there is nothing similar in the market. It comes in powder form that you mix with either milk or juice and can be consumed by infants as well. This makes the product easily absorbable and assimilated by the body which responds accordingly at the cellular level. It is safe, and has been proven that it works!
  Recently, they have introduced a new product specifically designed to augment the health and development of growing children aged from infancy to pre-teens. It contains the natural nutrients needed in developing the brain cells (nervous system) and the balanced formulation of the essential vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, herbs and other nutrients that are needed to have healthy, functioning cells in the body."
Debbie Weiss - Maryland Heights, MO
Debbie's 12-year old son Daniel, had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), in the first grade. Daniel did better in school for the few years that he took one medication, but he developed mood swings and severe headaches. While on another medication, he started feeling that his hands were always dirty and chewing his knuckles until they were raw and bloody. Debbie couldn't stand to see him suffer with these symptoms and discontinued all drugs last year. Daniel's report card was full of C's and D's. She started giving Daniel Reliv NOW nutritional supplement. The results were quick and dramatic. He brought home his best report card ever: five A's and three B's.
"He doesn't have mood swings anymore. He's a healthier, happier kid. He feels better about himself. He asks me to make shakes every morning. When I heard those grades, I almost cried. Finally - with no medication and no side effects."  (Reprinted from Reliv Lifestyle magazine)
Debbie King - Warwick, RI
Having a 4 year old diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) was tragic for Debbie. "Since Ryan was our only son, we used to think his hyperactive behavior was normal for boys,"; she recalls. "After he was diagnosed with ADD by a neurologist and we were advised to start him on medication, we felt hopeless." The couple decided to give Ryan Reliv Now and Reliv Innergize when he developed scarlet fever as a result of the strep viruses he continually fought. "His immune system was shot, so I thought the products would give him a boost," Debbie recalls. "I had no idea how they would impact his ADD." Four months after taking the products, Ryan's teacher said he no longer needed to be in special classes. (Reprinted from Reliv Lifestyle magazine)
  "Ryan's in 6th grade now and has been a straight A student all through school," she says. " In the past two years he has placed in the top 90th percentile in national aptitude tests and he's never sick." Debbie adds, "Everyone I know has a child or knows someone with ADD. We can help these kids - Ryan is proof."   (Reprinted from Reliv Lifestyle magazine)
Kevin and Dorey English - Spokane, WA
Dorey was depressed lethargic and did little more than sleep most days. She lacked the energy to give the proper time and attention to her son, Steven, who was diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Prone to violent outbursts and abusive behavior, Steven was shunned by relatives and labeled a troublemaker by his teachers. "He lacked the focus to write his first name, recalls Dorey, "His kindergarten teacher had pretty much given up on him." Within days of starting both herself and Steven on Reliv products, Dorey's energy level "shot through the roof" and her veil of despair lifted. Steven will complete second grade at the top of his class. He enjoys the company of his family and friends - and vice versa. He joined the Cub Scouts, and both he and Dorey joined softball teams! "We have our family back, and I'm the mother I always wanted to be!" (Reprinted from Reliv Lifestyle magazine)
Don and Janice Grant - Hilton, New York
"It was scary," says Janice of Hilton, New York. Her son Donald who was 11 at the time, suffered from attention deficit disorder. His doctor put him on Ritalin like other kids with ADD. After a year on the medication, Donald got worse.          "Donald began having nightmares and developed insomnia," Janice recalls. "He got very thin and suffered anxiety attacks. His development just stopped." Her husband Don heard about Reliv and got their son started on Reliv Now and Reliv Innergize nutritional supplements. In three months, Donald started improving. He development sped up, he was more alert, and stopped having nightmares. Within eight months, his doctor took him off Ritalin. "He was a changed person," Janice relates. "His development caught up and he's now a happy normal child. We are so pleased with the Reliv products."  (Reprinted from Reliv Lifestyle magazine)
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