Paid to click on banners and links program: GossipAsia has partnered with online merchants to provide its members a rewarding surfing experience. A GossipAsian can earn up to US $20 on a daily basis for visiting online merchants. When a member of clicks on a text link or a banner advertisment he/she is paid $0.05 per click.

We will also pay our members 25% of what their referrals earn. A GossipAsian can earn an unlimited amount as referral commission. Suppose a member has 10 friends who sign up as his/her referral, then he/she can earn up to $1050 a month.

Potential income (Paid to click on banners and links program):

A member can earn up to $20 a day for 30 days in a month. Therefore a members' monthly earning potential is = $600

Plus a member is entitled to earn a 25% referral commission (25% of $6000) = $1500

Therefore a member can earn $600 + $1500 = $2100 if he/she can persuade just 10 friends to join GossipAsia as his/her referrals.

* The $6000 denotes the personal monthly earning potential of ten members. ($600*10)

So a member can earn up to $ 2100 if he can persuade 10 friends to join GossipAsia as his/her referrals. Suppose a member can persuade more than 10 friends he/she can earn a greater monthly remuneration.

Surfbar enables a GossipAsian to earn $0.30 per hour for up to 150 hours a month plus an unlimited amount as referral commission.

You: $ 0.30 per hour

Direct Referrals: $0.04 per hour

Extended Referrals (1): $ 0.04 per hour

Extended Referrals (2): $ 0.04 per hour

Extended Referrals (3): $ 0.04 per hour


GossipAsia does not permit its members to spam in order to generate referrals'. We may terminate a members' account if he/she has spammed in order to generate referrals'. All spammers should be reported to


GossipAsia accepts members from all countries in the world. However payment shall be made in US dollars or Indian Rupees only.

GossipAsia will payout its members once every ten days. However a member must have a minimum balance of $100 in order to request a check. (A member can earn upto $100 every ten days even if he/she does not have a single referral).

We however charge a processing fee of $3 per check mailed.


We at GossipAsia are paid by our merchant partners $0.08 per click generated from our site to their site. We share $0.05 with the member who generates the click. We pay the referrer of that member 25% of $0.05 = $0.0125 and still make a profit of $0.0175 per click originating from our site.

* Some merchant partners' pay as high as $0.45 per click originating from our site while other pay as less as $0.03 per click. However the average payout works out to $0.08 per click.


When can I start earning ?

You can start earning once 30,000 members have joined GossipAsia. We will notify you by email as soon as we reach that magic figure. You will need to Login using your email address and password combination to get credit for your clicks. Our Login section shall be ready shortly. ( We estimate that we can attract 30,000 members within a span of 45 - 60 days ).

Total members as on 08/22/2000 is 54,205.

I have 5 members in my family can they all join Gossipasia ?

Only 4 members' per household can join GossipAsia.

Will I be paid to read emails ?

Yes you will be also be paid to read emails from our merchant partners. Just sign up for our paid email program. We will share 80% of the revenue generated by our paid email program with our members.

You earn 20% referral commission for the paid email program.

GossipAsia has tied up with Postmaster Direct for the paid email service.

Will my stats be tracked in real time ?

Yes your stats as well as your referral stats will be tracked in real time.

Are you limiting the number of members ?

Yes we have decided to limit the number of members to 100,000.


Request your friends to enter your email address in the "Referrers' email Address" column in the sign up form. Incase your friend does not enter your email address in the Referrers' email Address column you shall not earn any commission. A member can not change his referrers' email address once he/she signs up.

We shall be tracking your referral stats and you shall be able to view your referral stats once our Login section is up and running.

However you can start referring your friends immediately ! We assure you that you shall get credit for each and every referral.


Webmasters click here if you want to integrate our sign up pages with your existing site ! We will prefill the Referrer's email column with your email address thereby ensuring that you get credit for all your Referrals.


1.) You agree to hold the owners, sponsors, co-branders, affiliates, partners and employees of harmless from any type of financial claim or any other claim whatsoever under any and all circumstances, regardless of who is at fault. This includes, but is not limited to, any claims of harm, injury, damage or loss, whether directly or indirectly related to: your response to offers by merchants, advertisers and/or links featured on

2.) You agree to recieve periodic emails from

3.) is subject to the jurisdiction of the Bombay High Court (Bombay, India).

4.) We reserve the right to change/modify this agreement at any time.

If some doubts persist as regards and its policies please don't hesitate to send us a note at . You queries shall be answered to within 72 hours. Please understand that we may not answer emails which request information already listed on our site.

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