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What do they pay? Well this is hard to believe but for the month of November past their payout rate per click was .9c. And if you find that astounding their projected click rate for Jan./2001 is .12c/click...or $1.94/100 stated on the site.......AMAZING.

This may not sound like much to you but after using this program you can earn 2500 pts in as little as 25 days. Not only that.....the program allows you to sign up 4 members of your household thereby quadrupling your income.

Lets do the math.....Let say you accumulate 3500 pts in one month. Multiply that by 4 (household accts)...that equals 14,000 pts/month.

Going by Jan. pay/click rate that equals earnings of $271.60. Now that's EASY MONEY.

This is only the tip of the also get credit for the people you refer into their program. Now that $271 increases to who knows.

Is that it?...No....They are about to release an adbar that pays down to 7 levels....Yet another way to earn with just this one program.

They also have other avenues of earning money with their program. i.e. Paid To Read Email....Pay to sign up for offers.....Action clicks.....etc...etc.

Do they pay? They sure do.....I have already received 1 check and I've only just begun. 

Like I said before this is undoubtably the easiest money I've ever earned and for doing what I do anyway. I just click on a banners for 15 mins, twice/day and I receive fantastic money at the end of the month. Their only requirement is that you stay on the advertisers site for 20's that simple. If you need any help or have any questions you can contact me at .

For all the info on this program...FAQ....Additional Info...Referral Center...etc follow this link to the signup form.
! is undoubtably the #1 Paid To Click program on the net today. Their payout rate is unequalled in the Paid To industry.

**** SPECIAL NOTE ***** is one of two Fantastic programs. GossipAsia is the mother of and promises to be even better than is slated to launch by the end of February/2001.This program will be a Paid to click/surfbar program as well. Joining this program is a must if easy money is what you are looking for. Check out the details at the address below and MUST have a referrers email in order to join. The URL  is as follows.......
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