By David A.Darbro, M.D.

April 11, 1996


My acquaintance with Reliv began in July of 1995. Several months of hands-on-use of these products in my practice have convinced me of the worthiness of these formulations. Indeed, I have witnessed many extraordinary, unexpected and incredible changes in people’s lives over the months since I introduced these products into my practice. It all began with the improvement in my wife’s nightly heartburn distress, which accompanied her Lupus. Within 10 days of taking the product, Susan found she could sleep comfortably through the night lying flat on her back. She was no longer awakened by the uncomfortable burning in her chest, which had forced her to sleep sitting up in a chair night after night. After Susan began getting results with the product, I began to notice the results in my own health. I observed improvements in calcium and cholesterol metabolism as well as with my dental hygiene. These changes were documented by blood measurements and dental check ups.


In addition, I have witnessed positive progress in the health status of nearly 300 patients since July of 1995. Some of the cases are unbelievable. When I received a frantic telephone call from a concerned woman from chapel Hills, North Carolina asking advice about what to do about her husband, I was not aware that what was going to occur in this young man’s life would provide me with a remarkable case history documenting the value of the use of balanced nutrition with a critically ill patient. Karen told me about her husband Charles, who at 30 years of age, lay in a hospital bed in a coma, with severe liver failure and viral pneumonia in both lungs. His life hung by a thread as each breath was artificially driven by a respirator. As if that wasn’t enough, he was rejecting his transplanted kidneys, and hemorrhaging in the process. His doctors offered his wife no hope.


This man’s likelihood for recovery was next to nothing. After hearing this story, all I could think of was to pray and ask for Divine guidance. I didn’t know what else to do. Let me tell you, prayer offered Karen and myself great comfort during this difficult time. Because of improvements I had witnessed with some patients with kidney and liver problems from my practice, I recommended the balanced nutrition present with the Reliv formulas to Karen. She asked me to send her the product. I truly did not know what was going to happen. I knew, however, there was no way these formulations could harm him. After feeding her husband Reliv formulations initially through his stomach tube, this man, contrary to all odds, in four months recovered to the point that he emerged from his coma,  his pneumonia resolved, his liver began functioning normally again, and the hemorrhaging stopped. I am happy to report that Charles was released from the hospital, and the last time I spoke with him, he was fully conscious, lucid, and walking about with a walker. I might add that he is thankful to his Creator for his unprecedented recovery.


Now isn’t that an amazing case? The doctor in Chapel Hill, bless their hearts, call Charles their miracle case. Yet, the fact remains that the very best efforts these well trained and highly skilled physicians could marshal were unable to reverse Charles downhill slide. He didn’t turn around until Reliv formulations were added to his stomach tube. I don’t think Charles would be alive today if it weren’t for the skills and guidance of the Intensive Care staff of the fine hospital in North Carolina, but I also don’t think Charles would be alive if he had not received the balanced Reliv supplementation either. When a man is literally snatched from the jaws of death by nutritional means, one becomes aware of the powerful positive influence these formulations can have on distressed cells, tissues and organ systems to return them to health.


Then a patient came to me because she has been advised by her doctors that she needed a liver transplant – she decided to use Reliv’s balanced nutrition instead. After 3 months of supplementation, her liver was 98% restored to health documented by serial blood studies. Would this have occurred spontaneously without the use of balanced nutrition? I seriously doubt it.


Then there was an urgent call for help from 88-year old lady whose husband was in the hospital. Both legs were infected with drug-resistant hospital staph imbedded deep in the bones, in fact, the osteomyelitis had spread to both legs. The doctors advised bilateral above-knee amputations. His wife refused to sign the operative permit so her husband was discharged from the hospital and sent home. Balanced nutrition was initiated and within 3 months, one leg was totally healed and only the remnant of a small ulcer remained on the other leg. After the first of the year, this fine old gentleman died quietly in his sleep. The wife is grateful that her 87 year-old husband came to the end of his life as a whole man with both leg attached.


Then a wheelchair patient came to me for consultation because she had developed an ulcer on one of her buttocks. She had spent 46 of her 76 years in a wheel chair because of polio. Her plastic surgeon recommended buttock removal because of the depth of the infection. She decided to see what balanced nutrition would do instead. I am happy to report after 3 months of supplementation, her backside is now healthy. Surgery was not required.


These are but a few of the stories, which have convinced me that balanced nutrition works. But how does it work? That question spurred me into thinking about possible rational reasons why people on Reliv are getting such fantastic results. I was never taught in medical school to consider using balanced nutrition as a weapon in my arsenal against chronic degenerative disease. During medical school and specialty training in Family Medicine, there was no mention that proper nutritional supplementation could bring about these sorts of dynamic changes in the lives of the people I just told you about. Thirty two years later, I now know the truth. It is apparent that balanced nutritional supplementation is a necessary requirement for health to exist in cells and tissues. 


Allow me now to share my thinking with you to explain why Reliv works when other formulas have tried but haven’t produced results. The model I am about to share provide a rational, understandable means for interpreting the results people are experiencing all over the world with these products.


The model I favor is simple and usable. The Reliv formulations provide the body with tools. Not ordinary, commonplace tools, but tools of the highest quality. Imagine a rusty old saw. It won’t work very well, will it? It requires a lot of effort and time. A rusty saw, in fact, drains a person’s energy and will eventually drag him into exhaustion. In contrast to a rusty saw, imagine the finely tuned, highly polished, well sharpened saw which requires such little effort that even a child can use it to cut through a 4x4 with ease. With these beautifully balanced instrument even an exhausted and worn out housewife can put it to good use. In other words, this fine precision tool facilitates the doing of work that needs to be done.


I believe that Reliv provides the body with a bountiful tool shed of all sorts of exquisite instruments of the finest quality which the “physis” (that’s what Hippocrates called “the doctor  within” .. in other words, that tendency for healing that resides within each one of us) can use to restore order, balance, and function in cells, tissues, organs and organ systems.


Which tools would prefer your cellular workmen use? Would you have them back away with crude saws made with dulled barbed wire stretched carelessly over a rusty metal blade, or would you think it better to provide them with well designed, highly polished, sharpened instruments carefully designed for discerning craftsmen? Dr. Ted Kalogris, a world class scientist, working from a wheel chair, spent 10 long years studying healthy human tissue, searching to find what “it” was, that made human cells healthy. He was driven by his father’s admonishment “to be ashamed die until he had benefited mankind.” He spent those 10 years with the dream in mind that an ideal formula of nutrients existed which cells could use to bring about the healthy state. If he could discover and then duplicate that elusive blend, then it could become the key to open the door to wellness for unwell cells.


The Reliv formulations spring from the dedication, perseverance, determination, and hard work of this octogenarian who believes the formula was Divinely inspired. In essence, Dr. Kalogris discovered the proper balance between 72 different minerals, vitamins, cofactors, amino acids and herbs which human tissues of all sorts can use to attain an improved healthy state.


These many inter-relationships give cells and tissues a wealth of fine tools which can be used as instruments to rebuild, restructure, and restore order to the physical components comprising the cell. When these components aligned correctly and rightness is attained, cells can then function as they have been designed. Form and function are always interrelated. Proper form must exist before proper function can occur.


A 3-legged chair won’t support you nearly as well as a 4-legged chair will. Thus, the Reliv formulations, developed by Dr. Kalogris and Dr. Hastings, represent a storehouse finely crafted tools which cells can use to effortlessly and naturally accomplish the imprinted instruction imbedded in their DNA blueprints. These instructions tell the cell what the concept of health is. The cell’s job is to accomplish the mission of establishing the healthful state in reality. When concept is brought into reality and health is attained, the cell accomplishes what it is designed to do.


The ratios of the 72 components in Classic make up a huge number of permutations and combinations, which represent and provide myriad of tools of quality for our body to use. Please allow me to explain this concept a little more fully. Consider “Mineral A.” It by itself is a tool. “Vitamin A”, forms yet another tool. Combine “Mineral A” with “Vitamin A” with “”Herb A”” and we have yet another tool. Combine those with Amino “Acid A” and we have yet another tool. When we consider “Mineral B” we have a complete other tool all by itself. Now when we combine “Mineral B” with “Mineral A” we have another tool and so on. A mathematician could figure out the number of combinations better than I could. Suffice it to say, it could amount up to tens or hundreds of thousands. Quite frankly, this thinking expands my mental envelope and boggles in mind. It is reassuring to know that Dr. Kalogris’ brilliant work is protected by a U.S. government patent. This means that the Reliv formulations are unique and in a class by themselves. In my opinion, Reliv is the gold standard against which all other nutritional supplements are to be measured.


Whether the cell needs a well balanced hammer which even a child can use to drive a 10 penny nail into a hardened walnut board, a screwdriver which is so well designed that arthritis hand can painlessly use it to firmly attach screws to sheet metal, or an exquisitely designed key which effortlessly opens a massive door which is locked shut, it doesn’t really seem to matter. Reliv provide cells, that have any capacity for healing left in them at all, with what they need in a form they can use to bring about the changes which are necessary to attain health. The point is simply this, “Give cells the tools they need and they will take care of themselves.”


As a progressive physician with 32 years experience under my belt as a family physician, I understand the principle that the less I do to interfere with the workings of the “physician within”, the better off the patient is. It is humbling to realize that the given “physis” which resides within each patient is a whole lot smarter than I am, and also knows what to do to restore health much better than I do.


These products work because they provide the “doctor within” with what he needs to restore order and bring balance back to cellular living. As a consequence, tissues, organs and organ systems begin to function as they were designed, and health is restored.


This is what Dr. Ted’s great dream of Nourishing Our World is all about. Let’s give it all we’ve got to fulfill that dream, by optimistically sharing these remarkable formulations with everyone who has ears to hear the truth that it is possible to improved one’s health condition by means of balanced nutrition. The simplest and the best way I know to accomplish that tall order is with the formulations given us by Reliv International.