Follow the links on this page to download the necessary forms for Camp Gilboa Summer 2002. To open the forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most computers come with this software loaded. If you need a free copy go here to download Adobe acrobat reader.

Here are the forms:

Download Here

Registration Form

To sign up to camp for Gilboa summer 2002.

Download Here

Medical Form

Medical information. Signed by a physician. Can't go to camp without it!

Download Here

Emergency Card Information Form

Authorization to treat In the event of a medical emergency. Also includes your insurance information for non-emergency treatment. Can't go to camp without it!

Download Here

Camper Information Form

Information filled out by the parent/guardian about the camper. Can't go to camp without it!

Download Here

Parent Handbook

Information handboo about camp. Address, What to bring. Parents day, etc.

Download Here

Madatz Application Form

To sign up for Madatz at Gilboa summer 2002

Hope this helps you in getting the necessary forms for camp this summer. If you need additional information or forms please don't hesitate to call Jill or Zohar @ (818)347-8389.

Have a great summer everyone.