This is a KA Cooper 2hp. Cooper Australia imported these engines from Stover USA and re-badged them with there own badge. The picture shows how I got this engine. It was complete but stuck solid before restoration.
My KA after restoration. The engine was originally black so I kept it that way. The wheels I have used on the transport are from two old hand trolleys I found. I used them because of the similar pattern holes to the flywheels of the engine. This was my first hit n miss engine and runs really well. ENGINE No. KA167703 built around 1924-25.
A 5hp Lister Junior B. Engine number 263021. This is the engine as found. It was complete but had no compression.
My Lister after restoration. The engine needed very little work to get it running. The engine is also badged with Bagshaw Bros S.A. who were the South Australian Agents for Lister at the time. The engine was built around 1947-48. This engine design originally came out as a Lister A type engine about 3hp. It was available as a tank cooled or hopper cooled version.
Before restoration of my 2 stroke Petter Patent Oil Engine, S type, 5hp at 600rpm made in Yeovil England.  Engine number 205990 dated around 1930.  The transport did not come with this engine.


This engine was pretty much complete with only a few minor things needing to be manufactured. The piston was seized tight and took some 6 to 7 weeks of soaking to get it free. Remarkably I only needed to give this engine a complete strip down, clean, hone, new gaskets and re-assemble to get it going. In saying this it still took 8 months to restore. By far my biggest restoration job to date.
The "BLACKSTONE" OIL ENGINEThis is my latest acquisition. 6.5hp Blackstone oil engine.  Number 73168 dated around 1909This is a friend of mine removing the oilers and badges before we left the engine sitting on the trailer during the sale we went to.
The Blackstone at its new home; my shed. The engine was originally mounted on a concrete base in a shed in South Australia. The fellows who found this engine new of a transport that was solid enough to carry the weight of the engine so placed the engine on it when it was removed from the shed. 
The restoration has started and to date I have shortened the transport to a more appropriate length.  I have mounted the original muffler to the transport, reconditioned the fuel pump and had the carby welded. Pulled the governor apart and cleaned it all up and I am now in the process of cleaning up the bearings and side shaft gears.  The engine is in quite good condition overall. It is free and with a little more work I should have it running
Fuller and Johnson 3hp Model K.  Engine number 64540 dated around 1918.  I have not started to restore this engine but will update the pictures once its done.
Perhaps my rarest engine: 1911 Andrews designed HORNSBY STOCKPORT EngineNumber  36312,   rated at 7.5hpThis design is known as the inboard side shaft where the side shaft actually goes through the main body of the engine. The hole it goes into is better seen in the second picture. This engine is about 90% complete and will no doubt be my biggest challenge.
I was a happy chap the day I picked it up.  We were just about to load it.
My father and brother in-law at the front of the trailer look like they may catch the bug. The previous owner (John) holding the flywheel. It took some lifting to get it on I can tell you.
Another job for a rainy day is this Moffat Virtue shearing plant. This machine came from a farm not far from where we live and had been in the family for many years. It also can with the over head gear not shown in the photo. Basically complete apart from the down tubes and hand pieces for shearing sheep. The transport and frame work are all factory original.

It is a 2.25 hp engine    Number 3381 dated around the late 30's