I should probably call this lot Carmels Relic's. Carmel bought this Massey Harris cultivator at a clearing sale we went to, to buy engines. Its in really good condition and it seems to fit in well around our home. This started the collecting of other various farm type gear.

Carmels favorite, the Hay Rake
We call this our horse drawn mower. The seat is off a Massey Ferguson tractor.
This is our dam scoop. I have been told the proper name is "Tumblin Tommy" I dont know if this is true. It would have been quite a dangerous peice of equipment to use in its time. It was often used for cleaning the silt out of farm dams.
The silly plough, we have a few of these. I recently saw a guy using one being dragged behind an old steam engine at a display. After watching that, I wonder who is silly, the plough or the guy trying to hold onto it!

This is a sulphur blower. These were used to blow sulpher over the grape vines in the area before the more modern sprays etc came on the market.
Although not horse drawn we have a liking for most old farm related equipment.

This is a set of ASCO wool scales bought from a farm clearing sale not so far from home. They are solid cast iron and still work really well. They were made in Sydney Australia

I recently bought this old feed grister. I plan to restore this and run it behind an engine at some stage.

This is part of our out side seating arrangement. We have collected a few tractor seats and thought they would look good painted up instead of the conventional garden setting