Welcome to Wales and the unofficial Gilfach Goch website. Gilfach Goch is a small village in South Wales, it is set in a mix between industrial and rural Wales. Gilfach was intensively mined from the turn of the century until the early 1960's when the last pit was closed, the valley has since been restored to a green and pleasant land.

After the reclamation, Gilfach Goch was visited in 1973 by Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, and a reception was held in his honour at the Rugby Club. There are now many walkways and foot paths through the village and it's surrounding mountains which makes Gilfach a interesting place to visit. Less than 30 minutes drive from Cardiff, our capital city. Since the final reclamation in the late 1990's Gilfach has been restored to a beautiful village bearing no scars from its industrial history.



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