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We sell a HUGE varity of swords, weapons, self defence and training supplies. Plus, we have toys for kids big and small.

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Highlander Sword set (black) 3-pc. Highlander Sword set (red) Medieval Dragon Sword Red Scabbard 6 pc. Letter Opener Sword Set Sword of Duke Black Knight Apocalypse Rider Darkside Sword Bamboo Sword Ninja Blade Ninja Sword Civil War Foot Officer's Sabre Chinese War Sword Hercules Sword Dragon Talon Sword Talisman Dagger 3pc. sword set w/ stand (blue) 3pc. sword set w/ stand (green) 3pc. sword set w/ stand (black) Black 3pc Dragon Tachi Sword Set Red 3 pc Highlander Sword Set 3-pc. Green Shogun Katana Sword Set 3-pc. 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Letter Opener Sword Set Shogun stand Universal lockout kit Atomic Clock Deluxe Atomic Clock Spy Ear Self-Powered Radio 12 V Impact Wrench Makita Drill Set Desktop Clock/Calendar & Penholder Neon Night Light Range Finder Pocket Binoculars KGB Spy Binocular 10 x 50 Camouflage Binoculars 16 x 50 Camouflage Binoculars Illuminated Magnifier 4 American Flags 10 Car Flags 3ft x 5ft Flag and Pole Combo+2 Car Flags TWO 3ft x 5ft USA Flags Antenna Flags Car Flags Shadow Slayer Kraken Dagger Atlantis Dagger Round Table Dagger Ultima Dagger Eagle Pride Dagger Horus Dagger Belt mount stinger Knight's Dagger Odyssey knife Fossil Hunter The Fang Isis dagger Leviathon Bruce Lee Wall Scroll #4 Special force(no coating- straight) -BT Special force Special force(no coating-serrated) Arm/leg mount stinger Dragon Lord Belt/boot stinger Stargate