Romancing SaGa 2 Save state hacking
v1.5 by Gilhide
for ZSNES save states.
All of these are for the first character, just increase the hundreths place by 1 for each character; fc21 to fd21 for character 2, fe21 for character 3 and so on.  And as far as I know you have to change both of them.  I'll add more as I find them.  But most of the rest you can guess.

char 1
fc21 hp
fc23 max hp
fc25 lp
fc26 max lp
fc27 mp
fc28 max mp
fc29 ap
fc2a max ap
fc2b Sword Level
fc2c Axe/Hammer Level
fc2d Spear Level
fc2e Bow Level
fc2f Martial Level
fc30 Fire Level
fc31 Water Level
fc32 Wind Level
fc33 Earth Level
fc34 Light Level
fc60 weapon equip 1
fc61 weapon equip 2
fc62 weapon equip 3
fc63 weapon equip 4
fc64 armor equip 1
fc65 armor equip 2
fc66 armor equip 3
fcba hp
fcbc max hp
fcbe lp
fcbf max lp
fcc0 mp
fcc1 max mp
fcc2 ap
fcc3 max ap
fcc4 Sword Level
fcc5 Axe/Hammer Level
fcc6 Spear Level
fcc7 Bow Level
fcc8 Martial level
fcc9 Fire Level
fccA Water Level
fccb Wind Level
fccc Earth Level
fccd Light Level
10234 Inventory item 1
10235 # of inv. item 1
10272 inventory item 32
10273 # of inv. item 32

Item codes in RS2
00 long sword
01 Goblin Sword
02 Steel Sword
03 Worm Slayer
04 Harmonia Sword
05 Scimitar
06 Specter
07 Flame Sword
08 Splasher Sword
09 Obsidian Sword
0A Phantasm
0D Dragon Sword
0C Rusted Sword
0D Wind God
0E Great Sword
0F Claymore
10 Zweihander
11 Seiryu
12 Triple Sword
13 Cross Sword
14 Chidori
15 Day Blade
16 Moonblade
17 Hautclair
18 Tatsumitsu
19 Vorpal Sword
1A Bastard Sword
1B Katana
1C Battle Axe
1D Braud Axe
1E Ladyhawk
1F Vicking Axe
20 Tourmaline
21 Great Axe
22 Vorpal Axe
23 Amethyst Axe
24 Amethyst Axe
25 Destroyer
26 Mace
27 Battle Hammer
28 Silver Hammer
29 Tumbler Rod
2A Sledge Hammer
2B Skull Rod
2C Amber Mace
2D Sage Rod
2E Liberty Rod
2F Holy Buster
30 Club
31 Komulune Hammer
32 Long Spear
33 Trident
34 Glaive
35 Halberd
36 Diamond Spear
37 Shy
38 Ranseur
39 Obsidian Spear
3A Sapphire
3B Water Spear
3C Gae Bolg
3D God Spear
3E Old Spear
3F Old Spear
40 Fleuret
41 Rapier
42 Epee
43 Rob Omen
44 Cutlass
45 Estoc
46 Soul Saber
47 Ruby Rod
48 Irolina
49 Silver Flail
4A Long Bow
4B Compound Bow
4C Wing Killer
4D Hardened Bow
4E Grim Reaper
4F Star Heaven
50 Elder Bow
51 Large Bow
52 Large Bow
53 Dart
54 Bone Dart
55 Ha Ri
56 Ha Ri
57 Claw
58 Claw
59 Claw
5A Claw
5B Claw
5C Claw
5D Claw
5E Potion
5F Hi-potion
60 Face Mask
61 Open Helm
62 Greek Helm
63 Closed Helm
64 Lion Head
65 Cap
66 Mighty Helm
67 Iron Will
68 Headband
69 Straw Hat
6A Spike Helm
6B Water Helm
6C Magic Hat
6D Rabbit Ears
6E Rainbow
6F Strong Helm
70 Leather
71 Rigid
72 Brigandine
73 Elven Skin
74 Tiger Armor
75 Rabbit
76 Alligator
77 Old Leather
78 Iron Armor
79 Steel Armor
7A Silver Mail
7B Alloy Armor
7C Harmonia
7D Dragon
7E Galadriel
7F Heat Scales
80 Mage Robe
81 Jewel Robe
82 Star Robe
83 Moonbeam
84 Sun Robe
85 Twilight
86 Avalon Robe
87 Sage Robe
88 Protect
89 Lamellar
8A Sweat suit
8B Plate Suit
8C Heavy Suit
8D Combat Suit
8E Harmonia
8F Hydra Suit
90 Glove
91 Gauntlet
92 Vambrace
93 Master Glove
94 White Glove
95 Mitten
96 Strong Glove
97 Pot Holder
98 Leather
99 Steel
9A Silver
9B Quick Silver
9C Rubber Sole
9D Magic Boots
9E Sandals
9F Feather
A0 Doublet
A1 Gi
A2 Protective
A3 Strong
A4 Power Band
A5 Prima Tutu
A6 Insulating
A7 Snow Shawl
A8 Silver Ring
A9 Cat's Eye
AA Star Stone
AB Demon Ring
AC Spirit Ring
AD Candy Ring
AE Nibel Ring
AF Merrow Ring
B0 Kris Knife
B1 Rabbit's Foot
B2 Somon Ring
B3 Pretty Ring
B4 Pretty Ring
B5 Pretty Ring
B6 Pretty Ring
B7 Pretty Ring
B8 Pretty Ring
B9 Pretty Ring
BA Pretty Ring
BB Pretty Ring
BC Pretty Ring
BD Pretty Ring
BE Pretty Ring
BF Pretty Ring
C0 Great
C1 Metal
C2 Steel
C3 Obsidian
C4 Gold Shield
C5 Dragon
C6 Mirror
C7 Paladin
C8 Leather
C9 Buckler
CA Metal Guard
CB Harmonia
CC Target
CD Earth
CE Will Guard
CF Wonder
D0 Life Potion
D1 Life Potion
D2 Life Potion
D3 Ether
D4 Mid-Ether
D5 Hi-Ether
D6 Old Potion
D7 Emperor Drink
D8 Relax Herb
D9 Fresh Herb
DA Forest Spirit
DB Mystic Perfume
DC Passion Perfume
DD Panacea
DE Recovery Stone
DF Forest Spirit
E0 Earth Stone
E1 10 Crown
E2 Feather
E3 Small Stone
E4 Small Stone
E5 Small Stone
E6 Small Stone
E7 Small Stone
E8 Small Stone
E9 Small Stone
EA Small Stone
EB Small Stone
EC Small Stone
ED Small Stone
EE Seashell
EF Grimoire
F0 Stone Boat
F1 Wind Maker
F2 Eggshell
F3 Seagull Nest
F4 Lake Water
F5 Merman Medice
F6 Ice Seed
F7 Moon Comb
F8 Devil Stone
F9 Mole Pot
FA Horn
FB Flute
FC Bassoon
FD Conga
FE Guitar


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