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January 16, 2003- Can U dig it?! SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA??!!!!!!!??!!!! I hate to admit it but for a time there I got really departed from DBZ. I didn't have time for it and today with finals coming I don't know if I will again for a while. But something came to me. What do I like about haveing a site for DBZ about? (Sure that's not the best syntax but o well) THE ANSWER IS, MUSIC VIDEOS! DBZ music videos are totally reeking of awesomeness. Plus there is only one site you can go to find any quality ones. That would be Well truth be told I have about 5 music videos of dbz that are pretty good if i do say so my self. All i need is a distributor with some decent bandwidth and probably a branch off this site. We're through the looking glass people. Only time will tell. Ill be working on this. PREPARE FOR MY MUSIC VIDEOS (I know i have some up now but Yahoo wont let me distribute them darn it.) TTYL! -Gill

November 16, 2002- Can U dig it?! SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA??!!!!!!!??!!!! I'm back and better than ever, I think. Well i give it all thx to you guys or girls and or both that keep coming to my site and making the counter come up. I've been gone for quite a while doing homework hehehe. Among other things like looking into college and such. I do not plan to update everyday and I can not garuntee updating every week either, my schedule is just that filled. Wells I Must be going now. I have to go deul. Till next time. Your pal, Gill.

April 26, 2002- Finally and I do mean finally I have finished my second music video. It's My Life by Bon Jovi is the music. It took me OVER A YEAR to finish this one. I think it was because of all the editing and the fact that school is so frustratuing. You can really tell that this video took long because it's like a timeline of my skills. You start out ok but it gets better and better. Well I will be uploading it soon so be prepared.

January 23, 2002- Jello and welcome to the newly added sounds. Hope you like them. Ya kno, believe it or not, since I have put up my sounds, a lot of people who use Geocities have e-mailed me and asked how I can add the sounds without overflowing my allocated data transfer. It's simple and here's how:

  1. First download the music you want.
  2. Convert the MP3 to WAV using Music Match Jukebox.
  3. Open that WAV music in the sound recorder that is located in your accessories.
  4. When it's open, (in the sound recorder window) go to Files then Properties.
  5. Click the Convert Now.
  6. Where it says PCM, click on that scroll bar and choose MPEG Layer-3.
  7. Push OK
  8. Now you have an incredibly smaller music file that will keep your Yahoo Geocities Site up and running.
  9. Have Fun.
Cya Soon!