Welcome to the Gillian Norris Forever web site! This site was created in October of 2000 by members of the Gillian Norris Page Club at Yahoo! Clubs. At that time Gillian had been absent from the Lord of the Dance troupe for six months. No one knew what had happened to her. Her fans, fearing she would never return, created this tribute site to honor Gillian and her work with Lord of the Dance. We created an On-Line book where fans could write a short message to Gillian, in the hopes she might one day read them. In January of 2001 this entire web site was printed out and combined to create a Tribute Book, with the intention that the book could somehow be delivered to Gillian. The book was given to Bernadette Flynn in Munich in April of 2001. Bernadette mailed the book to Gillian. Low and behold several months later Gillian, to the delight and relief of her fans, turned up in the show "Ragus" performing in Ireland in July and August of 2001! One of the club members who attend two of her performances in "Ragus" asked Gillian if she had received the book. She had indeed! Success! We hope you will enjoy looking through this web site at the pictures, comments, and artwork from Gillian Norris fans. If you have anything to contribute, please let us know!

       Please, if you wish to have your voice counted, you can do a number of things here:
       Sign the Best Wishes book
       Contribute a photo to the photo section (we are especially looking for photos of Gillian with her fans!)
       Contribute art work or a poem.
        This is YOUR page, so please feel free to pay tribute to this talented dancer in any way you'd like.
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                Created on October 29, 2000 by the members of the Gillian Norris Page.
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